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Proving the Apostles are Sent by God

We know that foolish Christians will not go any further to test their apostles, if they test them at all. But regardless of their foolishness, there must be adequate reasons to believe the apostles are who they say they are. If Christians are willing to look past an apostle's lack of education and qualifications because they were sent by God, and are unwilling to test them based on the acceptance of that God's teachers know more than others, then you must know if they were really sent by God in the first place. If you do not take this extra step, then know that you quite possibly might be following someone who only claims to be sent by God, and not someone who actually is. So how do you know if someone is truly sent by God? What could convince others that they are actually sent by God and not just someone claiming to be? This is not an easy thing to do unfortunately, but there are certain things that we should be able to expect from such a teacher that claims to be sent by the almighty lord.

For starters, someone who finally provides the evidence, and is able to scientifically verify the truth of the Bible and that God is real in the first place is a very good indication that this guy is truly an apostle, because they would have done something that no other so-called man of God could do before, and if we now know that the Bible is true, and that God is real, then such a person definitely deserves our attention. Has this ever happened? Has any "apostle" been able to scientifically prove the Bible and God? No, of course not. If God is really sending these persons to teach everyone about them, and to convince them that he's real, then surely he'd equip his "sent ones" with the means to do this. Providing persons with scientific evidence is an obvious way to accomplish such a goal, and yet, no apostle can do this. So what does this mean? Either God is unwilling to to provide this information, and would rather see his creations in Hell, or he is incapable of doing so...or, that there's just really no such thing as an apostle. So if no apostle has such evidence, then how else can we know if someone is an apostle? Well, there are definitely characteristics that we could look for or expect from anyone who claims to be sent by God.

Before we get into specifics of what to look for in a true apostle, we should first explain what kinds of characteristics would show this. Basically, if someone is claiming to be sent by God, and especially if they do not have the proper credentials to teach, and make the claim that God's annointing is the only credential that they need, then we need to find certain characteristics that somehow show that God has indeed sent them. Basically, an apostle such as this should have characteristics that somehow show a connection to the god that they claim sent them. Otherwise, if they do not display such characteristics, and we have nothing that connects them to their god, then we have no reason to believe that God sent them at all. So what are these characteristics? Well for starters, one characteristic would be an awesome knowledge of the Bible and other religions; but of course, this is not yet enough to verify a true apostle, and many apostles who do not have this knowledge are able to get around that with their lame excuses that God has told them what true knowledge is, and what you might believe you know about the Bible is all wrong. So then, what other characteristics can we look for?

First, we would like to believe that someone who calls themself an apostle who was really sent by God would be able to do a much better job in turning non-believers into believers. If an apostle truly has with them the Holy Spirit and a special annointing from the Lord, then surely such a teacher should have very little problems in convincing atheists, heathens, and even Christians who are weak in their faith that God is real, and that the Bible is true. While there is no question that many of these scam-artists are able to acquire converts in their religion, the fact that Christianity is dying, and atheism is growing, shows that these so-called apostles are not doing a very good job. Certainly, if any person was sent as a special teacher by God, such a person would be able "create" many more Christians than any one has so far.

We also think that if someone was really sent by and annointed by God, that such a person should show signs of divinity. Doesn't that sound reasonable? After all, God has sent you; God has annointed you. You have the power of the Holy Spirit flowing through you. God wants you to teach the whole world about him and to save souls, so why wouldn't he equip you with special divine powers? So what would we look for exactly? Well for starters, all of the Christians love prophecy. Can your apostle prophesize? Can they accurately predict future events? What about other forms of divine knowledge? Can they tell you what you had for dinner last night without being there? Can they perform miracles? Christians love miracles. Can they heal persons who are sick? Can they grow back lost limbs? Can they perform any other supernatural feats like shooting fireballs out of their asses? Especially for Pentecostal apostles, like Arsenio Ferriol, do they have any of the Pentecostal gifts that they love to teach about? We already mentioned healing. Can they speak in tongues? No doubt they already have the "gift" of preaching; but what else can they do to prove their case?

To be honest, we're not sure that we even know exactly how such persons can prove that they were sent by God. We don't have all of the questions that need to be answered, but what we do know is that if God is real and he did send an apostle to teach the Holy Bible, which is God's word, then obviously he would be able to make his apostles convincing to others; and not just the easily deceived, but the skeptical too. If someone cannot portray any such characteristics or do anything that shows some sort of connection to their god, then there are no sufficient reasons to accept such a person as an apostle. Of course, even when such persons do attempt to portray such characteristics, you still must view these attempts with a skeptical approach. There are a lot of good con-artists out there who are professionals at tricking others into believing that their claims are real. Be careful.

But the truth is, no apostle portrays any such characteristics. They are nothing but humans like you and me. The difference is that they are scammers trying to scam persons like you and me. What excuses do they have for not having these characteristics? Perhaps one might tell you that they are unnecessary for an apostle, that it is not the apostle's role to perform miracles or bring persons together, that they are only here to teach the Bible; And what we have is just another excuse that doesn't really satisfy anyone with a normal mentality. Persons want to see such things from such Godly leaders. And if they are unable to deliver, then despite the excuses, there should be serious doubts as to whether these persons are actual true apostles sent by God.

Unfortunately, Christians preach that you just have to have faith, and they end up believing in what they want to anyway. Or, they get fooled by pseudoscience, mistakenly believing that real science supports their beliefs. Or, it is taught that God wants you to find him without proof. That way, apparently you end up wanting to find him more. An apostle like the 4th Watch's might tell you to just follow him, the Apostle, and you will find out on your own through his teachings that he is an apostle sent by God. But in our opinion, he's just trying to get you in his church long enough to program you, and then you might truly believe in their apostleship. In such a case, instead of trying to first prove the Bible, apostles try to prove themselves as Biblical teachers first. Once followers believe that such persons are true apostles, they will accept everything the apostles say, which includes the Bible being true. You see, such teachers like the 4th Watch apostle create an illusion that projects the Bible as being truthful, even though they've done nothing to scientifically prove this.

But for anyone claiming to be an apostle, we would seriously like to ask you why God chose you to lead his church. What is it about you that God finds so attractive? Was it just a random selection by God, or do you apostles contain a special something that the rest of us don't have? Are you perfect? Are you sinless? Are you sexy? Does God think you have a sexy ass and that's why he chose you? Many apostles never have an answer to this, and most Christians never even bother to ask them.

Now, if all of that wasn't enough, some of these supposed apostles take a step even further and claim that not only are they apostles, but they are the only apostles, and that their religion is the only true religion. For these apostles, you have to be a member of their church in order to achieve salvation. In other words, the only way to go to Heaven and avoid Hell, is to be a member of their church, and only their church.

If such a case was true, and that there was indeed only one true apostle, then you would have to seriously think about how this affects such a teacher's requirements. If God is not sending out multiple apostles who are equal to each other in their "divine" knowledge and/or ablities, which all apostles should portray in order to carry out God's will, including the extremely difficult task of spreading his word, and teaching about him, while saving as many souls of the world for Christ as possible, then it is reasonable to think that this one sole teacher must be a complete or near-perfect master in all of these characteristics.

Of course, no one in the history of the world could do all of these things. Of course, there are no apostles in the world, and anyone taking the extra step to claim that they are the only apostle is especially wrong; But superstitious persons will believe anyway. These kinds of persons have to believe in something. So with so many Biblical teachers claiming to be the one and only true apostles, how can we really tell the real apostles from the fake apostles? Well, any such teacher who claims to be the only apostle should debate other apostles so the world can see who's left standing. There is another thing that can help to clarify the matter. As mentioned, Christians sure love their prophecies. If you are claiming to be the only one true apostle, can you verify this Biblically? Is there a prophecy in the Bible that specifically points you as this true apostle?

But look; if any of you are considering believing in such nonsense, you need to ask yourself a very important question. If you actually believe in God and the sacrifice of Jesus and the message that he brought to humanity, ask yourself what is more important; the message, or the one who preaches the message. If you believe in the same message that multiple teachers are teaching, then why would God care so much as to who you learned it from? He wouldn't.

The 4th Watch Apostle

While such scammers can be anyone from any place and of any race or sex, there has been a recent surge of "prophets" and "apostles" rising in the Philippines. We love the Philippines. The majority of our organization is Filipino; But unfortunately, the Philippines is plagued with religious stupidity, dominated by Christian and Muslim fundamentalists and radicals. The most dominant in the Philippines is the Catholic church, another demented church organization, but that's another story. The point is, with so much religious influence, and some might say control, it should be of no surprise that many persons would make the claim that they are an apostle, and start a church, successfully scamming hundreds of persons into believing them, often taking their money and gaining personal and political power, along with fame. As such, there have been several cults that have sprung up in this otherwise mostly beautiful country.

Arsenio Ferriol

The 4th Watch apostle is one of those many Filipino apostles. Of course, his name is Arsenio T. Ferriol. Though Arsenio Ferriol cannot properly demonstrate his apostleship, that does not stop him from calling himself an apostle. He has fooled many naive and weak-minded individuals into believing that not only is he an apostle, but that he is the only true apostle of the Christian faith. So let's take a closer look at this man and see if he is really what he says he is; that is, an apostle, and only apostle.

The 4th Watch apostle makes many bold claims, but if Arsenio really is an apostle sent by God, then surely he should be able to verify all of the claims that he makes. Nobody should follow this man unless he is able to do this. We can't just take his word for it, and we have a right to demand verification. Yet not surprisingly, to this day, Arsenio Ferriol has not produced any evidence at all, nor has he done anything to verify that he is a true apostle. The only way he has been able to convince anyone of anything is through the programming carried out by his cult. He has no scientific evidence whatsoever that in any way verifies any of the claims that he makes. Further more, the 4th Watch apostle says that that every thing he says and teaches is completely Biblical, yet many of his teachings are not even backed up by the Bible either; And for the claims that are Biblical, he has no scientific evidence to give us any reason to believe in the Bible and God in the first place.

Further more, can the 4th Watch apostle answer why we need an apostle to begin with? No; the Bible does not say that we do, and he has failed to show where in the Bible it does. He has tried, and his followers have tried to justify this teaching by cleverly trying to interpret the Bible to suggest that a living apostle is needed in a true church of God, but that's just not what the Bible teaches. But forget about the authenticity of the Bible for a moment. Anyone who even considers Arsenio Ferriol to be an apostle must take a good look at this man and realize that he does not even have the qualifications necessary to be called an apostle in the first place.

It is interesting to note that while he makes the claim of being a true teacher sent by God, to teach the Bible exactly the way that it was meant to be taught, this guy does not even speak the original languages that the Bible was written in, including Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. Mr. Ferriol is Filipino, growing up in Filipino culture, learning Filipino languages. Most Filipinos grow up learning multiple languages, usually at least three, but usually none of which are the original Biblical languages. Most Filipinos at least learn Tagalog and English. Since Spanish is so well embedded in Filipino languages, even if they are not taught Spanish, many Filipinos can understand a significant amount.

While we cannot say for certain how many languages Arsenio knows, the chances are good that he knows at least three; But we also know that when you learn multiple languages, the ability to master one of those languages decreases. So already, to understand perfectly, on the level that an apostle should, three additional languages, which would be the original Bible languages, in addition to the several languages he already knows, would be a major task. This is near impossible for anyone other than a genius, and while we call the Apostle a genius due to his great ability to scam his victims, he is no actual genius. He is not even close. So even if he was to learn these languages now, he would be no master at any of them. But it goes way beyond just understanding the original languages. Not only must he be able to understand all three of these languages fluently, but he'd have to understand the culture back then too, and also the way that languages have changed over time.

Further more, Arsenio Ferriol knows nothing of science, which is important for a person in such a position to know about. Science helps to determine the truth of his claims; And with science, a grand knowledge of history is also just as important. But Arsenio Ferriol is no scientist or historian. He is just a very clever con-man who found a way to scam others out of their money for his own glory. Additionally, this guy preaches the Bible and Christianity, claiming that it is the only "true way", yet how much studying has he done on other religions? Has he mastered the Qur'an? Did he study Greek Mythology? Did he read up on Hindu? Has he kept up to date on Scientology? Of course he hasn't. He can't claim to know the truth if he hasn't studied the other supposed "truths" out there.

Now, we have no doubt that the 4th Watch apostle does know a lot about the Bible. Many persons in this world do, and it is not unreasonable to believe that Arsenio's knowledge of the Bible is anything less than impressive; But you have to remember that this man is claiming to be an apostle, someone sent specially by God. Such a teacher and leader of a true church of God requires more than simply a person who attended Bible School and got passing grades. A true apostle should be a master Biblical scholar, but Arsenio is definitely not, considering some of his unorthodox Biblical teachings, such as the teaching that a living apostle sent by God is needed in a true church, the rejection of the trinity, and the notion of the fourth watch.

So let's recap. Arsenio Ferriol who calls himself an apostle does not speak any of the original languages in the Bible. He did not study the culture that gave birth to these languages, and he did not study how these languages have changed over time. He does not understand science and does not have sufficient knowledge of history, or any religion other than his own. Plus, even with an impressive knowledge of the Bible, his unorthodox teachings indicate that he still has a lot to learn. All of this makes it clear that he lacks the required qualifications to be worthy of actually being called an apostle, which means that his teachings and apostleship cannot be trusted.

If the 4th Watch apostle was really serious about spreading his "truth" to the world, then he would allow himself to be tested by other experts. This way, he can prove his knowledge. Yet to this day, Arsenio Ferriol has never been properly tested, or demonstrated in any practical way that he is who he says he is; a true apostle sent by God. We have not seen any debates with scientists or other religious scholars, though we do see his followers doing this kind of stuff for him, perhaps because he is a coward, unwilling to face those who he knows he cannot persuade to join his cult. Losing a debate would mean losing followers in his cult, which means losing profits as well.

But we already know that Arsenio tries to get around the qualifications and tests by stating that God tells him everything he needs to know, and that his knowledge, coming from God, is already true and that any contradicting information coming from other experts is incorrect; But if he is going to insist that he is an apostle, then he should have certain characteristics that somehow visibly connect him to God. As an apostle of the world, we would think that he would be able to convince many more persons than he does that the Bible is true and that God is indeed real. Among these, Arsenio should have little difficulty in convincing atheists and persons of different religions that his religion is the one true religion, but Christianity continues to decrease despite his best efforts, and atheism continues to rise. We would also believe that a true apostle would be able to unite several different peoples with different cultures, yet he can't seem to get past his own Filipino heritage, and many of his followers are actually made of his own family. This has constantly been one of his cult's biggest challenges. It's really pathetic when you think about it.

And we want you to think about it. A true apostle should be able to reach out to and convert many different persons of different races and nationalities, yet this has been very challenging for him. He just can't seem to appeal to others outside the Filipino community. Just look at his membership. Go to any 4th Watch church, and you will see nearly all Filipino faces. Filipinos are a beautiful people, but when you walk into a 4th Watch church, you might for a moment believe your'e on a South Pacific Island somewhere. Oh sure, you'll be able to spot a white person here and there, maybe a black person once in a while, but the 4th Watch church will for the most part seem like a club made exclusively for Filipinos. That doesn't sound like a true church to us.

In addition to that, any true apostle should be able to trust and rely on many persons other than his own family to manage the cult. You have your Ferriols and Medinas and other family members running the most important aspects of the cult, from the Apostle's son who is the head pastor, to various bishops and smaller pastors who are all related to the Apostle. Of course, we are not saying that he does not have anyone outside his family helping him to run it, but when you really look at it, this doesn't seem like a true church to us, but more like a family run business, and so the Apostle must not be doing a good job as God's true teacher.

Arsenio Ferriol

So does Arsenio show any characteristics of divinity? No, he absolutely does not! He boasts about being an apostle, a man sent by the almighty God, but he cannot perform any supernatural feats, he cannot perform any miracles, he cannot successfully prophesize, heal anyone, and does not contain anything supernatural-wise that would connect him to God. One thing we find interesting is that the Pentecostal 4th Watch Apostle who teaches the Pentecostal gifts does not actually have any. Really? The apostle; the man sent from God does not have any of these gifts? Well, it's very possible that Arsenio claims to, but does he really? We already mentioned that he can't heal, but what about the others? It might seem that he has a gift for teaching, and though he is good at convincing many persons of the things that he teaches, it is all done through deception and trickery; plus he is teaching lies and falsehoods, so he is not a good teacher. So can he speak in tongues? Again, he might claim to, but he has never been able to prove this, and let's face it; nobody can really do this.

So the next question we have for Arsenio Ferriol is why did God choose him and not someone else. Why not someone who is obviously much more qualified than him? Does Arsenio claim to be perfect? Is he sinless? Of course he is none of these things. Saying otherwise would just be silly, but what does the Apostle say? Actually, we do not know. We read once online that Arsenio claims to never make mistakes, but we also had a 4th Watcher tell us that he admits he's human and does make mistakes. We do feel that saying that he's perfect is a stretch even for this guy, but other cult leaders have made that claim before. At this point, we don't know what's true. We tried to obtain a criminal record for Arsenio Ferriol, but it is very difficult to obtain such information in the Philippines. Though we view his actions in the cult to be criminal and immoral, seeing how successful he is, and how socially acceptable he is, we very much doubt he has any record of official crimes.

Now, like several of his fellow scam-artist apostles, Arsenio makes the extremely bold claim that he is the one and only true apostle in the whole world and of the one true church, his church of course. Even if you hear the same message of the gospel from someone else, if you didn't hear it from the 4th Watch Apostle or one of his approved teachers, then you are still not saved. You must belong to his church, you must give money to his church, and you must recruit others for his church. What a scam. No doubt this is to stop competition from other competing apostles. If he was to teach that there are other apostles out there, then that would take a huge cut out of the potential profits of his business by other churches who have their own naive followers; But also, it helps to glorify him even more. After all, the more unique you are, the more special you are, and he wouldn't want to share his power with others.

We should let you know that there are some 4th Watchers who claim that this is not entirely true. While they all believe that the PMCC 4th Watch is a true church, some say that they are not the only church. However, we really do believe that the 4th Watch does teach that they are the only true church, or at least they purposely try to give that impression. Additionally, regardless of whether or not they are the only true church, they do hold the belief that if you learn the true gospel of Jesus Christ, you will still go to Hell if you do not learn it from an apostle of or an approved teacher of a true church. You can learn more about the oneness of truth doctrine by visiting here.

Talking about true apostleship, it has to be asked; If you believe in the same message that multiple teachers are teaching, then why would God care so much as to who you learned it from? He wouldn't; And considering the fact that we already know that Arsenio is not even qualified to teach the Bible in the first place, we shouldn't be worried about learning it from him.

But this shakes things up a bit. The 4th Watch takes things even further. Since Arsenio claims that not only is he a true apostle, but the only true apostle, he's going to have a lot more expectations to live up to. This would mean that not only would he have to exhibit all of the qualifications, features, and actions that this article stated that every apostle should, but Arsenio Ferriol would have to be a master at all of them. Arsenio Ferriol, if he's really the only apostle, would have to exhibit all of the qualifications we talked about, and exceed the usual expectations of a regular apostle.

Take the Bible for example. We're positive that all of us can agree that any teacher of the Bible must have a significant amount of knowledge of that subject, and anyone claiming to be an apostle must be a master of it. However, we wouldn't expect any Biblical teacher to be perfect. Such a teacher might occasionally forget what verse number a Biblical verse is. They might even occasionally forget a word or two. They might even once in a while make a mistake in their interpretation of a verse; But Arsenio Ferriol, the 4th Watch apostle, makes the extremely bold claim that he is the sole authority on the Bible. Remember, the Holy Bible is the main source of all Christian knowledge. If someone is going to have the nerve to tell you and the world that they are the sole authority on the Bible, and that only they or those who they approve can teach it, then they better portray absolute perfection, or pretty darn near perfection, when they teach it. This is because, if you shut out everyone else from teaching the Bible, claiming that they don't know as much as you, and everyone needs to know the Bible in order to go to Heaven, and you are the only one who can transfer this knowledge, then there is no way getting around it; You have to be a grand master of Biblical knowledge. This means there can be no excuses for misinterpretting anything.

And then we have the languages again. Now for most persons, you do not need to know multiple languages to learn about the Bible. Even having a fundamental understanding of one should be enough for most of us to understand as much as we need to. But again, Arsenio Ferriol is making the extremely bold claim that he is the sole authority on the Bible, the source of all Christian teachings. If this is true, and he is the only one who can teach the Bible, then he needs to know all three of these original languages, and he needs to be a master of them all. If you don't know all of this, but you go around telling everyone that you're the sole authority on the Bible, then these are things that you just can't get away with.

This also goes for science, history, and knowledge of other religions. Any sole apostle of the world must have an extreme amount of knowledge of how science works in order to verify their claims, as well as history, and to understand the other thousands of religions out there if such a person can honestly make the decision that their religion is the only right one. If you cannot say that you meet these expectations, then you can't be God's only apostle. Sorry. That's just the way the world works.

And consider this; Since Arsenio is the only true apostle, he has to take on the extremely difficult challenge of converting all of the non-believers of the entire world! Such an apostle, who is alone in the world, can't be happy about winning the souls of justa few, because he alone is entrusted with winning souls world-wide. Yes, he can teach others and appoint them to teach also, but this right to teach only comes from the Apostle himself, and building the church, and training teachers take time. Even now, his church is so small; he better hurry up and appoint a million new pastors if he even hopes to save a fraction of the world; because if he doesn't, just think about all of those stubborn atheists and other non-believers who are dying everyday and going to Hell.

Arsenio Ferriol

But if Arsenio is going to do this, he's got to find a way to get beyond his Filipino heritage, and start saving souls of persons of other races, nationalities, and cultures! As mentioned, the PMCC 4th Watch would first seem like an exclusive club for Filipinos to the casual observer. A serious question needs to be asked here. Why did God appoint Arsenio Ferriol, a Filipino, as the only apostle, when about the only souls he can win for Christ are other Filipinos? Is God racist? Americans aren't good enough for God? When you think about it, the whole idea about there being only one true apostle is just silly. If God did exist, surely he'd want all peoples in the world to go to Heaven, not just one. Yet, this perhaps remains Arsenio's biggest challenge since he started his apostleship. You will find very few other races/nationalities in his church. We might give Arsenio some credit for trying. After all, his cult has penetrated many countries, and he has established churches in many areas dominated by a non-Asian populace, but no matter what church you go to, and no matter which country you are in, almost everyone you see will be a Filipino. 4th Watchers just have to realize, despite what they want to believe, the 4th Watch is a Filipino church. They might reach out to other peoples and even have some other peoples in their churches, but you cannot deny that the religion is majorly dominated by the Filipino people; And since God decided to only appoint one person as his true apostle, it appears that only Filipinos are being saved. At this rate, by the time the world really does end, Christ just might call Heaven the "Republic of the Philippines II".

Apostles should also be willing to debate other apostles as well. After all, if different apostles from other religions claim that their religion is real, then obviously not everyone is correct. This is what debates are for. Then, others can see who is right and who is wrong. If someone really is an apostle sent by God, then by the end of the debate, everyone should be standing by this particular person's side.

One thing we would ask is if there is a prophecy that specifically points Arsenio as the one true apostle over the other possible apostles. Some 4th Watchers have implied that there is indeed a prophecy in the Bible which does this, and this wouldn't be surprising, as many apostles love to interpret prophecies in the Bible as foretelling about themselves; But as of now, we have not been able to confirm that there is an actual prophecy that the 4th Watchers go by that actually foretells this. When we learn more about it, we will post it here. Though, if there is such a prophecy, you can bet that it does absolutely nothing to establish Arsenio as this one true apostle, but that probably won't stop his followers from seeing it that way.

But despite how absurd these claims are, and despite all of the excuses, the truth remains that Arsenio Ferriol and everyone else are anything but apostles. Quite frankly, Arsenio Ferriol is a nobody. But of course, plenty of persons fall for his trickery, thinking that he knows what the Bible says and means. Of course, that is exactly what a cult leader wants you to believe. He can come up with all of the excuses that he wants to, and he will always have persons who are foolish enough to believe him; But normal persons like us are not fooled. We're just too smart for that; But we have to give Arsenio credit, as he has done a very good job of deceiving his people and scamming them. Maybe we should start our own cult. After all, we've been learning from the best.

Our Questions to the 4th Watch Apostle, Arsenio Ferriol

So, if we were to ever meet the Apostle, this is what we would ask him. In total, we have forty-eight important questions for him:

  • Can you back up your claims?
  • Can you prove your claims scientifically?
  • What evidence do you have that supports your claims?
  • Does the Bible support your claims?
  • Why must we learn the Bible?
  • Can you prove the Bible scientifically with supporting evidence?
  • Can you prove God scientifically with supporting evidence?
  • Why do we need a teacher?
  • Why do we need a teacher sent from God?
  • Why did God make the Bible so complex as to require a special teacher?
  • Why must we always have an apostle?
  • What qualifications do you have to teach the Bible?
  • What are your credentials?
  • Can you understand the original languages of the Bible, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, and speak them fluently?
  • Can you accurately translate the original languages from the culture of the time to our language according to our current culture?
  • Are you a historian?
  • Are you a scientist?
  • Do you understand the scientific method?
  • How much knowledge about the Bible do you have?
  • Can you name every significant character and event in the Bible?
  • Can you name all of the known authors of every Biblical book?
  • Have you studied the Qur'an or any other religion besides Christianity?
  • Did you go to a credible school?
  • What college degrees do you have?
  • Who did you study under?
  • Did you learn under a credible master?
  • Would you be willing to subject yourself to a legitimate test?
  • Would you be willing to debate other experts?
  • How can we know that you were sent by God?
  • Shouldn't you be able to convince more non-believers?
  • Why is Christianity dying if you are really a special teacher sent by God, guided by the Holy Spirit?
  • Why have you not been able to convince a significant number of persons outside your own family, nationality, and heritage?
  • Do you have any characteristics of divinity?
  • Can you perform any supernatural feats?
  • Can you perform miracles?
  • Can you successfully prophesize?
  • Can you heal?
  • Do you have any Pentecostal gifts?
  • Can you speak in tongues?
  • Why did God choose you to be an apostle?
  • Are you perfect?
  • Are you sinless?
  • Do you have a criminal record?
  • How do we know that God made you the only true apostle?
  • How masterful are you in all of these divine characteristics?
  • How can we tell the real apostles from the fake apostles?
  • Would you be willing to debate other apostles/prophets/religious leaders?
  • Is there a prophecy which specifically foretells your apostleship?


But here is everything that we can say for sure.

Can Arsenio backup his claims? No, he can't. Can he prove his claims scientifically? No. What evidence does he have that supports his claims? He doesn't have any evidence. Does the Bible support his claims? No, it doesn't. Why must we learn the Bible? We don't. Can he prove the Bible scientifically with supporting evidence? No, he can't. Can he prove God scientifically with supporting evidence? Again, he cannot.

Why do we need a teacher? We don't. Why do we need a teacher sent from God? We don't need a teacher at all. Why did God make the Bible so complex as to require a special teacher? He didn't. The Bible was written by humans who didn't know what they were doing. Why must we always have an apostle? We don't.

What qualifications do you have to teach the Bible? He has very few qualifications, insufficient to make him an expert Bible teacher. What credentials does he have? We're not sure at this time, but we bet they're nothing impressive. Can he understand the original languages of the Bible, being Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, and speak them fluently? No, he can't speak any of these. Can he accurately translate the original languages from the culture of the time to our language according to our current culture? No, he can't even speak the original languages.

Is he a historian? Of course not. Is he a scientist? Absolutely not. Does he understand the scientific method? If he did, he wouldn't believe in God. How much knowledge about the Bible does he have? He probably has a lot, but this is insufficient to be called an apostle. Has he studied any other religions and learned them at least almost as much as his own? Of course he wouldn't bother doing this.

Did he go to a credible school? We are uncertain at this time where he went to school, but it was probably a Christian-based school which taught very little reason and common sense. What college degrees does he have? Again, we do not know what degrees, certificates, or licenses he has, but they're probably of very little value. Who did he study under? Did he learn under a credible master? We have learned a few details about a possible teacher of his, but we are still looking into this.

Would he be willing to subject himself to a legitimate test? He hasn't so far, so we doubt he ever will. Would he be willing to debate other experts? Probably not.

How can we tell if he was sent by God? We can't. Shouldn't he be able to convince more non-beleivers? He should, but doesn't. Why is Christianity dying if he is really a special teacher sent by God, guided by the Holy Spirit? Simply, he's not an apostle. Why has he not benn able to convince a significant number of persons outside his own family, nationality, and heritage? Because he is not a good teacher.

Does he have any characteristics of divinity? He absolutely does not. Can he perform any supernatural feats? No, he cannot. Can he perform miracles? No. Can he successfully prophesize? No. Can he heal? No. Does he have any Pentecostal gifts? He probably claims to, but we doubt it; And though is good at convincing many persons of his teachings, this is all done through deception and trickery; plus he is teaching lies and falsehoods, so he is not a good teacher. Can he speak in tongues? No, because nobody can.

Why did God choose him to be an apostle? Simple; He didn't. Is he perfect? Absolutely not! Is he sinless? We would have to say definitely no. Does he have a criminal record? Unverified. How do we know that God made him the only true apostle? He's not an apostle at all. How masterful is he in all of these divine characteristics? Remember, he has no such characteristics. How can we tell the real apostles from the fake apostles? We can't. They're all fake. Would he be willing to debate other apostles? We believe that he has before, but it's easier to debate persons who are as crazy as you are. Is there a prophecy which specifically foretells his apostleship? We heard there was, but no one has showed us in the Bible where it is. More than likely, it's just a very vague prophecy which can be interpretted in any way a supposed apostle wants it to be.

Arsenio Ferriol the Cult Leader

So in concluding this piece on the Apostle, we ask why do 4th Watchers fool themselves, or allow to be fooled by this man? Why do they believe in him so strongly and why do they accept him as their teacher?

Conversing with a 4th Watcher

As you have seen, we do not necessarily need a teacher and Arsenio Ferriol is no apostle, let alone the sole apostle of the world. But it is routine among 4th Watchers when talking to others about religion, that everyone needs a teacher, and of course that teacher must be their apostle, Arsenio Ferriol. We already know from this discussion that none of that is true, but what is a good way to react to such nonsense claims? How should one reply when a 4th Watcher says that to you?

Well, your responses depend on if you're an atheist or a Christian who believes in the Bible. First, if you're an atheist or you don't believe in the Bible, you can simply tell the 4th Watcher that nobody needs a teacher unless they're very serious about learning it as an object of interest, or if they want to be an expert for scientific reasons, or to teach it to others.

When the 4th Watcher tells you that the Bible must be learned in order to go to Heaven and avoid Hell, you can simply tell them that they must first prove that the Bible is true and that God is real in the first place. Here, they might either run away, call you a fool, or actually try to prove these things to you. Of course, they won't be able to, so you already know that they'll be stuck.

However, if you allow them to continue, and if you want to educate them further, then you can also tell them that any teacher must be qualified and meet the basic requirements that we discussed. If they bring up Arsenio Ferriol, kindly let them know that he does not meet these requirements and is thus not qualified. Any mention about him being sent by God will have no meaning to you, as they will have to first prove the Bible and God first which they won't be able to do.

Now, if you are a Christian, or if you actually believe in the Bible when a 4th Watcher tells you that you need a teacher, then simply tell them that while you might agree, you already have teachers that teach you. If they mention to you that such teachers must be sent by God, whether you agree with that statement or not, tell them that in any case, a teacher must be qualified and meet the requirements to properly teach the Bible.

If they tell you that the teacher must be Arsenio Ferriol, tell them that he would have to prove that he is the only one worthy of teaching and remind them that the Bible does not mention that only he is worthy. If they ask you to come to their church to learn from him and see for yourself, tell them to come to your church first and first learn from your teachers.

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