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spacer Part 1: Introduction

Chapter 1: Regulations

Section 1: Intro

Section 2: General Regulations








The Nature of Facts, Beliefs, and Opinions






Third Party Resources

Section 3: Terms of Use

User Conduct



Agreement to the Terms of Use

Section 4: Miscellaneous


Chapter 2: Cults

Section 1: What is a Cult

Section 2: Identifying a Cult

Section 3: Legality of Cults

Chapter 3: The PMCC 4th Watch Cult and the Truth Project

Section 1: The PMCC 4th Watch Cult

Section 2: The PMCC 4th Watch Truth Project

Part 2: The PMCC 4th Watch

Chapter 1: Doctrine of the PMCC 4th Watch

Section 1: Basic Beliefs

Section 2: The Holy Bible

Section 3: Deityship

Section 4: Leadership

Section 5: Apostleship

Section 6: Fellowship

Section 7: Oneness of Truth

Section 8: Salvation

Section 9: Creation

Section 10: Metaphysics

Section 11: The Apocalypse

Section 12: The Fourth Watch

Section 13: Tithing

Section 14: Prayer

Section 15: Ethics

Section 16: Science

Section 17: Geology

Section 18: Medicine

Section 19: Females

Section 20: Sexuality

Section 21: Homosexuality

Section 22: Environment

Chapter 2: Practice of the PMCC 4th Watch Cult

Section 1: Promotion

Section 2: Initiation

Section 3: Training

Section 4: Psychological Programming


Mind Control



Programming in Action

Section 5: Devotion

Section 6: Worship

Section 7: Miscellaneous Practices

Holy Communion

Speaking in Tongues

Secrecy, Mystery, and Deception

Chapter 3: Membership of the PMCC 4th Watch Cult

Section 1: Overall Membership

Section 2: God

Section 3: Leadership

The Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol, the Cult Leader

The Head pastor Jonathon Ferriol

Congresswoman Abigail Faye Ferriol

Section 4: The Followers

Section 5: Membership Summary

Chapter 4: Unbiblical Features of the PMCC 4th Watch Cult

Section 1: False Prophet

Section 2: The Fourth Watch

Section 3: Female Equality

Section 4: A Spherical Earth

Chapter 5: Miscellaneousy of the PMCC 4th Watch Cult

Section 1: Gossip

Section 2: Feelings

Section 3: Summary of the Cultic Features of the PMCC 4th Watch

Section 4: Refuting the 4th Watch Apostle

The Apostle's Claims

The Importance of the Bible

Scientific Verification of the Holy Bible and God

Importance of a Teacher

Qualifications of a Teacher

Proving the Apostles' Qualifications

Proving the Apostles are Sent by God

The 4th Watch Apostle

Our Questions to Arsenio Ferriol


Conversing with a 4th Watcher

Section 5: The Word and Surer Word Magazines

Section 6: Maranatha Christian Academy

Section 7: Conclusion on the PMCC 4th Watch Cult

Section 8: PMCC 4th Watch Locations

Part 3: Watchers of the 4th Watch

Chapter 1: About Us

Chapter 2: Personal Experiences with the PMCC 4th Watch Cult

Section 1: Personal Experience 1

Chapter 3: The Official Anti-PMCC 4th Watch Poem

Chapter 4: Miscellaneousy of the Watchers of the 4th Watch

Section 1: Testimonies from Victims

Section 2: Contact Information

Part 4: Miscellaneous

Chapter 1: After Thoughts

Section 1: For Victims

Leaving a Cult

Coping With Detachment


How to Get Involved

Section 2: Religious Alternatives



Chapter 2: Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter 3: Dialogues

Section 1: Inactive Dialogues

Arguments and Remarks


Reaction to the Official 4th Watch Poem

Response to the Official PMCC 4th Watch Poem by Elaine Medina

Our Response

Section 2: Active Dialogues

Active Dialogue Regulations and Terms of Use

The Forum

Quotes from the 4th Watch Cult Members

Quotes from Arsenio Ferriol

Quotes from Jonathon Ferriol

Quotes from Maritess Ferriol

Quotes from Various 4th Watch Cult Members

Chapter 4: News

Chapter 5: Miscellaneous

Section 1: Articles

Section 2: Mail

Hate Mail

Love Mail

Section 3: Resources


Section 4: Friends

Section 5: Credits
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Chapter 4: Miscellaneousy of the Watchers of the 4th Watch

Section 1: Testimonies from Victims

All the testimonies from the members of this project are all embedded into the project itself. But here is a place where we can have more personal specific testimonies from anyone who has ever been victimized by the 4th Watch cult. As time goes by and our community grows, we will add testimonies to this section.

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spacer They showed me love, they showed me kindness. Then they taught me to hate and to abandon reason. And hate I did, but I hated the cult, and I abandoned them, because love and kindness would not allow otherwise.

-Ex 4th Watcher, USA
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spacer The 4th Watch is disgusting. I believe in God but they are not the true church. All they care about is money. I've given them thousands of dollars over the years while I was a member and even after I left, they keep coming to my door and always asking for money. Their apostle is rich and I'm broke.

-Ex 4th Watcher, Canada
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spacer My friend's parents are members of the 4th watch and they literally HURT him to convince him anything about the church. Like he complains to me about how he busted his lip today after expressing his thoughts against the church and his mom slapped him and punched him in the face.

He said they're forbidden to go to this site and are always monitored about it. So he can't submit his testimonies. as a concerned friend, I thought it would be right to do it for him.

-Concerned Friend
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spacer I believe you guys are doing a great job exposing this cult, and I hope you reach out to people to keep away.

May God bless you always.

-Ex-4th Watcher, Australia
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Section 2: Contact Information

For victims, ex-members, and concerned citizens: Do you have a personal experience you'd like to share? Has the 4th Watch affected your life somehow? Do you have additional information you'd like to give? Are you an expert of cults?

This project is not only a project of the few who have initially created it. We encourage all of you to get involved and help us spread the word to the world about the ugly truths of the 4th Watch cult. In actuality, we are all watchers of the 4th Watch. If you have any information that you would like to add to the project, please contact us and let us know what it is. It is very important that we keep this project alive and continue to warn the public on the dangers of this particular cult.

For 4th Watchers: Are you pissed? Do you want to strangle us? Would you like to send us death threats? Or perhaps you would simply like to remind us that we're going to Hell? Or maybe you have an issue with the accuracy of some of our content?

If you are a 4th Watcher, we would love to hear feedback from your organization about our project. Whether it's to inform us that we have incorrect information or to just call us nasty names, send us an email! We would appreciate it.

We also take questions. So if anybody has a question for us pertaining to ourselves or the 4th Watch, just go ahead and send us your question. Or if anyone would simply like to leave a comment, any comment at all, whether it's a compliment, critique, or piece of advice, please contact us.

Everyone is also invited and encouraged to visit our active dialogue piece where you can participate by leaving comments yourself and reading comments from others. This is where you can debate and ask questions for others to help you.

Any email or information in an email that you send us may be published onto our site. If you provide a testimony or personal experience with the 4th Watch and do not wish to have it published, or if you have requests such as not to publish your name, just please let us know, and we will honor such requests.

Our e-mail address is

You can e-mail us by filling out the fields below and pressing "send". Thank you.

Your Name:

Your E-mail Address:

Are You a 4th Watcher

Nature of Question or Comment:

The Subject:

Your Question or Comment:

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