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We've all heard about brainwashing before, and it is the most common technique used by cults to program their victims. We particularly don't like the term "brainwashing", as that term implies a cleansing of one's mind. A more accurate term would be "brain replacing". This is because brainwashing involves erasing certain knowledge from one's mind and replacing it with new knowledge. The term "thought reform" is often used instead. For cultic purposes, victims who are brainwashed have been programmed to no longer believe in what they once did, but instead to believe in what the cult wants you to believe. Brainwashing is a necessary tool used by the 4th Watch in order to fully train you as a member.

So how is brainwashing done? It is not easy but there are many techniques. We are going to go through all the ones we have identified. First, brainwashing is most effective and easiest to accomplish when cult members prey on the young and the weak minded. Members specifically look for these persons first, because they know that they are vulnerable to these kinds of programming attacks.

anti-religious picture

The brainwashing begins with its most basic of techniques, and that is to actually start teaching the victim the things that the cult wishes to teach them. For the 4th Watch, examples would include the belief that the leader is God's one true prophet, that the Bible is literally true and is the word of God, and that the earth is only 6,000 years old. This is mainly done with an attack of lies and the use of non-reasoning, as explained previously. Basically, cultic brainwashers will not only lie to their victims, but they will attempt to use logical fallacies to help make these lies seem truthful.

While brainwashing, to help demonstrate that their views are correct, the cult will often exploit positive and negative experiences to strengthen their teachings. For instance, if the 4th Watch is attempting to teach you that Jesus always listens and answers your prayers, they might have you listen to several persons who have had positive experiences with praying. Or, they might do a prayer with you where you ask for something simple, like a sunny day. And when it becomes sunny, they will tell you that the prayer has worked. If the sun doesn't come out, they'll probably say that it is God's will and that he has a better plan for you. As for an example of negative experiences, suppose they are teaching you that if you do not worship God every day, bad things will happen. Then, they have members tell you stories about things that have happened to them when they forgot to worship. If you are experiencing a bad day, they will use that as evidence of you not worshipping properly. All of this helps to reinforce the ideas that they are trying to instill on your brain.

To help make such exploitation more effective, members will give what are called "testimonies". Testimonies are the reflections by members of their experience in life since being part of the cult. Testimonies are very effective because you are hearing the "results" of being in the cult, which of course are always positive, from your peers, which often render as "proof" of the positivity of the cult. It is easy for someone to simply tell you that the cult is good for you, but to actually hear true stories of members' experiences greatly helps to enforce that assertion. Testimonies become even more effective after the cult members have befriended you and have earned your trust, because now what they say about their experiences in the cult is much more believable. After all, they are your friends, and your friends wouldn't lie to you would they? But testimonies are not only effective with new members, but they help reinforce existing members as well. The 4th Watch constantly encourages its members to give testimonies in the church, and it is no wonder why.

Now, remember that the point of brainwashing is to erase what the individual thinks and believes and to implant new thoughts and beliefs. Along the lines of these exploitations and testimonies, 4th Watchers often attempt to accomplish the erasing and implanting of thoughts and beliefs by "remaking" the individual. This is attempted by doing what's called a "history rewrite", in which the 4th Watch slowly begins to implant false beliefs about one's life into their mind.

What better way to do this than to have the individual state to themselves what the cult wants them to think and believe? And remember the saying if you say it or hear it enough times, you will believe it? That is the principle behind this technique, a very special type of testimony known as a "false confession". After the individual has heard testimonies from others and has gone through basic training, the cult will aggressively encourage the individual to give their own testimony, the false confession, in which the individual recites statements that the cult instructs them to say. Such statements will include whatever the cult feels like implanting in their brain at the time. Such examples might include stating that the 4th Watch is the one true church and that the apostle has been truly sent by God. The individual reaffirms these statements in prayer and worship. The repetition is powerful enough, but just hearing it from your own self creates an illusion of it being real. After all, it is coming from your own mouth. Eventually, the individual might actually believe it.

4th Watcher

In many cases, false confessions are used to break down the individual and make them even more susceptible to brainwashing and other methods of programming. This is often done by the member telling itself negative aspects about themself and their life. Usually, the individual is made to admit that they are a bad person, a sinner, and is worthless. They are often made to say that before they met Christ, they were lost, and that by finding Christ, they are now full of joy.

Brainwashing is also made more effective and is easier to do when applying other programming methods such as dependency and conformity. Dependency makes the victim easier to brainwash because it finds itself depending more and more on the 4th Watch for all of its knowledge. With conformity, everybody does everything the same, and therefore, if everyone believes what the 4th Watch believes, then the brainwashed victim will tend to believe it all too. Dependency and conformity are further explored after this piece on brainwashing. And of course, if one can control another's mind, this makes it very easy to brainwash them too. Therefore, mind control is also a method that helps brainwash victims.

Brainwashing relies on constant repetition of everything that is being taught to the individual. The 4th Watch encourages and pushes its members to go to church not once a week, but just about every day. Church sessions usually last for about three to four hours, often times with multiple sessions in one day, and you are expected to go to all of them. In addition to this, they often have Bible studies even outside of church. In addition to all that, they will often visit your home if you don't go to church or attend a Bible study, and of course they bring the donation box with them. And whenever you go, you are subjected to the same forms of brainwashing that we have just described.

It makes sense that if the cult is trying so hard to retrain your mind, it isn't going to want outsiders messing with their work and interfering with the progress. This is why as a 4th Watcher, you are encouraged not to be in close contact with non-4th Watchers. Remember that 4th Watchers believe that only 4th Watchers are going to Heaven, so even if an outsider is Christian, they are still bad news. 4th Watchers are encouraged to have limited contact, interaction, and relationships with non-members of the cult. No one is actually confined to the church, but not adhering to this policy is frowned upon.

This idea of avoiding "outsiders" is made obvious after you leave the cult. So many of the persons in the cult who you thought were your friends, and all of those persons who love bombed you in the beginning, will now ignore you and shut you out when you are no longer a member. A fellow ex-4th Watcher shared his own experience in relation to leaving the cult and losing the friends he had there. It all started with him questioning one of their strange teachings. Here is what he said:

table section spacer table section
spacer I mentioned it to other members, the only response I would get is ignorance, with a smile, some said Im loosing my faith, and some had an open mind. Then I got a call from my girlfriend, who asked if I wanted to attend her church called Hislife City Church, and I accepted. The night before the convention finished.. My Pastor walked over to me, and stated these exact words "you must not attend your girlfriends church, you must not" and I asked why?.. and she replied "Because they are not Gods true Church, they will brainwash you into believing false teachings, only believe the Apostle, because he is sent by God, and he speaks truth. So dont let your girlfriend's friend's teach you false beliefs and teachings".

I laughed at her and said, for a pastor you shouldnt be judging those who work with you in serving God.. by the way she didnt feel very holy in my opinion.. I always got an nevrous feel about her, and she looked more crazy.

And to this day, ever since I left 4th Watch, the friends who I had, are no longer my friends anymore, because they are told to have friends who are follow 4th Watchers because they make better friendships.
table section spacer table section

One helpful way to ensure the successful brainwashing of potential victims, is to have plenty of group enforcement. Group enforcement is a big part of conformity, but it specifically helps with brainwashing because your peers constantly pound everything they teach into your head.

4th Watcher

One last way that the 4th Watch attempts to brainwash you, is to send you on retreats to meet with other members of churches around the world. We've all heard how cultic groups such as Am-way create gatherings in which they chant and act like cultic fools. In the 4th Watch, they have their annual camps, conventions, and parties. Here, you are subjected to the same exact brainwashing techniques, but now it is on a grander scale because you have group reinforcement on a much larger level. Of course, these trips are expensive and you have to pay for them yourself. Don't expect the church to pay you for any of your expenses. In fact, when you go to any of these events, you are expected, and sometimes required to give even more money.

And of course, let's not forget that the 4th Watch will repeat each and every one of these techniques over and over again in order to brainwash you, and they will not stop. Only when you become an official 4th Watch slave, will the brainwashing slow down, but it will never stop. It just keeps getting worse and worse. One day after years and years of brainwashing, you become nothing more than a mindless zombie.

Mind Control

We're sure everyone has also heard of mind control. Unlike brainwashing, the term mind control is accurate. Mind control is the ability to control what persons think and do. It is actually the most powerful weapon that a cult leader can have. With mind control, the cult, especially the cult leader, has the ability to control its members in anything they think or do, making them believe in the ridiculous and making them do ridiculous things, all for the church. This of course, usually consists of believing that the cult leader was sent by God and to give the leader money.

Like brainwashing, achieving mind control in your victims is not easy, and is perhaps the most difficult programming technique to accomplish. But just as there are with all programming techniques, there are several ways to try and control one's mind.

As with the previous technique, mind control is achieved by first preying on the young. This is actually pretty easy on younglings, because they are children and children do what adults tell them to. Here, the victims unfortunately do not even have a choice. As a child grows, even with its mind developing and becoming stronger, it is often too diluted with mind control attacks and the child rarely grows to become a normal person. By the time it grows, it is already accustomed to all the beliefs and doctrines of the church, and the victim might not ever know that its mind is being controlled by the cult.

One of the best ways to control the minds of others is to properly brainwash them. Brainwashed victims are much easier to control because they are easier to deal with because they believe in all the same things as the cult does. If you are a mind controlling cult leader, it is far easier to control individuals of those who agree and love you. Additionally, it is easier to control those who are dependent on the cult. Therefore, dependency also plays a role in effective mind control. Again, if you are a cult leader, it is easier to perform mind control when they rely on you for everything, because they are left with few choices than to carry out your will. Conformity also makes it easier to perform mind control. When everybody acts and behaves the same way as the cult, achieving mind control is not as difficult because they are already in a cooperative state.

4th Watcher

There is an interesting technique of mind control that is often deployed on purpose, but is often a result of many of the other various methods of programming. This particular technique implants the idea into members' heads that God is their master, and that there is a war going on in the world, and between Heaven and Earth, between good and evil, and that Satan is the master of evil. Christians often have this delusion in their head that there is this huge war going on, that they are the "warriors, or soldiers of God". This is often an idea that is implanted through brainwashing, and once a cult member feels this way, they are no longer regular persons, but "militants in a Christian war for the battle of God and his goodness".

Here, cult members are made to feel like they have something to fight for, which keeps them under the impression that their life has a special purpose, which would normally be good, except that the purpose is a delusion, and such a purpose has often lead to violence against others who don't share their view. All too often, Christians are made to feel that anyone who isn't with them is against them, and when Christians believe that they are in a war, that creates some very dangerous possibilities. But it also helps to keep them under control of the cult leader. As long as they feel that they are warriors in a war for God, and as long as they feel that their leader was sent by God to lead them, then they will pretty much do what the leader says.

4th Watcher

An interesting way that the 4th Watch tries to control your mind is with a method that seems harmless, but to educated persons who understand the ways cults work and how they employ programming techniques, we know better. So what technique are we talking about here? Quite simply, singing. Singing ? But how can singing possibly be used to achieve mind control ? It's actually very clever.

Think about it. The very first thing that 4th Watchers do before they do any preaching or praying, is get together and sing songs. What's good about music is that everybody responds well to it. The first thing it accomplishes is that it brings everybody together. They usually start out with very upbeat and catchy music and end with a slower more emotional song. Starting with an upbeat song gets them fired up, ready to engage in church activities. This is very important in getting the members to do the will of the cult. But it is around here when the true technique of mind control begins.

You see, when cult members sing, they enter a new psychological state of mind. They become very emotional, even at times, crying while they sing. Members are actually encouraged to cry while singing. This is because this deep emotional state opens the mind to suggestion. And this is how mind control is achieved through singing. Singing helps to create a hypnotic state of mind for everyone who sings.

Some members are even given shakers and other such instruments that strengthen this hypnotic state and helps put everyone into a slight trance. While you are in this kind of state, what do you think you are singing? You are singing various messages that the 4th Watch teaches which are embedded into the songs that they select. The lyrics are not merely pleasant words in a song, but hidden commands that in such hypnotic states, are more opened to being believed by weakened and fragile minds. Of course, the members are encouraged to not only listen to but to sing along with the songs. Singing messages is more effective than just listening to or saying them. Singing works because not only are you in a suggestive state to begin with, but the melody and lyrics are easier to remember and thus are more easily embedded into the minds of those participating in this mind control exercise.

Further more, the lyrics are often repeated, as music allows you to do this without sounding like a weirdo, and this constant repetition only helps to further inscribe those messages into the brain. And as the music employs harmony, the congregation of the church mimics the harmony of the music. This already makes everyone conform to the church, which helps make controlling minds much easier to do. The 4th Watchers will sing about four songs before the actual preaching begins. They often end with a deep and emotional song. They start with an upbeat song to get them started, but they end with an emotional song to keep their mind in an emotional state in order for the hypnosis to remain. By the time the singing is over, they are still in that state of mind. They have already been programmed somewhat, but now, anything that happens afterwards is a bonus.

And while this hypnotic state is still fresh in your mind, guess what is the first that thing they do. That would be tithing of course! After you have just gone through a deep emotional phase and are left in a slight hypnotic trance with thoughts about loving God and giving to God, you are then treated to your suggestion with a five minute talk from a preacher who orders you to give money, which in that case, a donation bag gets moved down the congregation. It is actually very clever.

You see, whenever you sing at a 4th watch church, you are being programmed and don't even know it! Plus, no one ever thinks of singing as a brainwashing technique. Even rational atheists are not aware of this. The 4th watch might tell you that it's all for the lord, but the truth is, this is for mind control. Now, chanting, singing, and crying can all be used for direct brainwashing as well, but in the 4th Watch, we believe they use it for mind control more than for brainwashing. However, once they start producing their own songs and praise their apostle in those songs, we might change our mind. It is possible that the only reason why they don't do so now is because they only sing songs that are commercially available.

The 4th Watch cult also pushes its members to cry. Yes, the pastors actually tell the congregation to cry when you pray. This achieves the same thing that singing does, as it puts you into a deep emotional state which makes your mind vulnerable to brainwashing and hypnosis. It is common to see 4th Watch members cry while they sing and pray. Crying can help members get more into the hypnotic mood of the songs they sing, and singing can help make them cry even more. They go well together, and the 4th Watch leaders know it.

4th Watcher

One additional technique the cult uses as a way to achieve mind control, is a behavior the 4th Watchers practice, known as fasting. Fasting is depriving your body of food for long periods of time. It is actually another technique along with chanting and singing that makes members more susceptible to suggestion. When the body is deprived of food, the brain shifts into various phases that make it more vulnerable to cultic commands. It is also used as an emotional tool that when persons go hungry, they see it as a symbol of hunger for Christ, which ultimately just makes them more of a puppet of the cult leader.

4th Watchers are expected to fast in certain situations, but all youths within the cult are expected to fast at least one day of every week, while adults are not required to fast in this way. I would suspect it is because mind control is most effective with the children, and since fasting is difficult to do, the cult knows that most adults would not engage in it, where as the children of course could be forced to.

4th Watchers are encouraged to also fast in times of need. When they need something but find it difficult to obtain it, they pray to God, and they feel that in order for God to give them what they want, they need to give something to him. In other words, they need to pay him somehow. That's right. God requires payment, just like he always has. The problem is, because they see themselves as imperfect and bad persons, and since God is already perfect and has everything, they feel that they have nothing to offer. Of course, they can always give money, but this is already a requirement just to get into Heaven, so their money is usually already going into that. Additionally, doing good deeds as a way to pay God are also already seen as something everyone should try to be doing to achieve the perfection of Christ, so that won't help either. So the idea is, instead of giving him something, you will deprive yourself of something instead, and suffer for him as a way to "pay" for your answered prayer. Apparently this is because their caring God enjoys it when persons suffer. And this can be achieved in many ways, such as depriving yourself of sex for a week, making the commitment to not play any video games for a month, or depriving yourself of food for a day.

So let's say a member needs money to buy a ticket to fly somewhere to see their sick mother. You'd think the smart thing to do is to save money for it, but in addition to actually giving more money to the church to achieve a miracle, this member might fast for a few days to further help pay for it. While 4th Watchers do deprive themselves of many things, fasting seems to be the most popular, and that is probably no mistake, as it is encouraged by the cult because it makes its members more susceptible to suggestion and thus mind control is more achievable.

Fasting is a very common behavior among cultic environments. There might be certain situations when fasting might be beneficial to one's health, but if done too much and improperly, it can be dangerous and cause harm to your body. In any case, starving yourself and depriving your body of nutrients should never be done to appease God or to pay for a positive answer to a prayer. Children especially should not fast, as they are the most in need of nutrients and are not as strong as adults to battle against the harm it can bring. Yet, children are more expected to fast than anyone else. Fasting is another reason why the 4th Watch cult is dangerous and is of no environment for children.

4th Watcher

One of the last methods the 4th Watch resorts to is what is known as fear bombing. If they cannot control your mind through hypnosis, they will do it with fear. Cult members who would otherwise refuse to do the will of the cult will be subjected to go through scare tactics. Scare tactics are threats which will hopefully scare members and non-members into abiding by the will of the cult. Such scare tactics might include the idea that God will kill you if you don't obey the 4th Watch, or that he will torture you forever in Hell after you die if you do not give some of your money to the church. All notions of God being loving are thrown out the window here. In a sense, this is the same method that terrorists use to try to get what they want. Cults like the 4th Watch are in a way, psychological terrorists.

As repetition of mind control techniques is helpful to actually achieve mind control, members are aggressively pushed to worship and pray every day and several times a day. This helps to ensure that they remain in an emotional and slightly hypnotic state. This of course, keeps them easier to control their minds.

As with brainwashing, group reinforcement and repetition of all these techniques help mind control to become a real possibility among all 4th Watch cult members. And when this happens, members become not much more than mindless zombies who are controlled by an organization and its leader.


Another programming technique we will discuss is that of dependency. Cults love this one, as it makes their work in obtaining money and power so much more easier. Dependency is the feeling or actual scenario of cult members being fully or largely dependent on the cult or its leader. Members who have been programmed this way feel that they need their cult, as if life without it is unbearable or impossible, or that in truth they actually need the cult to survive.

Achieving dependency is a bit easier than brainwashing and mind control, and if the cult cannot achieve those things with their members, then perhaps the cult can make their members depend on the cult, in which case they will have power over their members, and they will have little choice but to give the cult their money. Dependency is also so important to a cult because it makes leaving it so much more difficult. Cult leaders know that not all members will buy into the church's beliefs and practices, and not all members are prone to most forms of programming. But, if the cult can just make its members dependent, then at least they will stay with the cult as long as possible, giving the cult more chances and opportunities to program them and get money from them. It's really quite sad, because even after someone stops believing in the cult, and even hates it, they often still want to go there. Why? It's no good, so why would anyone want to continue to go ? Well that's because they developed a dependency and this is what makes leaving the cult near impossible for many persons. So how does the 4th Watch cult make its members dependent?

First, it should go without saying that dependency so easily targets the young and weak-minded. For what other groups of persons are most prone to being dependent on others? Just as with mind control, children do not have many choices and are completely dependent on their parents from the start. If their parents are devoted 4th Watch cult members, then guess who will also be 4th Watch cult members. Such children learn not only to be dependent on their parents, but their cult as well. And as they grow, they are taught that the cult means everything to them. When most kids are out of school and doing homework or playing, 4th Watch children are forced to go to their churches, where they are subjected to more cultic programming. Such victims have the most difficult time leaving a cult because they have become so dependent on it their whole lives.

Likewise, anyone who is fragile in their mind, whether it's because they are not that intelligent or wise, or because they are too naive, or even if they are lonely, the cult targets these peoples because they find a group willing to take care of them and provide them with emotional comfort that they so need and seek. This attachment that comes with this naturally begins to take the form of full dependency on the cult.

However, often the first step for any cult attempting to make its members dependent is to brainwash them. Brainwashing gives them the knowledge they need to believe in the 4th Watch and all of its teachings. When a victim is properly brainwashed, it is much easier to make them dependent on the cult for all its knowledge and meaning in one's life.

One of the first things the 4th Watch will teach you is that you need God in your life to be anything meaningful in the world. You need God in order to be a good and moral person. And this god is only found by being a 4th Watcher. Any god outside the 4th Watch church is a fake god. So if you leave, you will no longer be a good person or have meaning in your life, and you will no longer be able to enter Heaven. If a person can be successfully brainwashed to believe this, then having these kinds of beliefs will lead to a life of dependency on the cult.

4th Watcher

One of the main ingredients to dependency is hope depletion. To make cult members dependent, they attempt to take away all of their hope. This is done to make them feel that their lives have no meaning and no hope of salvation or anything fulfilling without their god, without their leader, and without their cult. If the 4th Watch can achieve this with a member, and they often do, then they become very dependent and it becomes difficult to leave the cult.

An extremely effective and powerful technique in order to make persons dependent is to use what is known in the cult world as love bombing. Love bombing refers to the "bombing" of love, or the sudden, abundant attention and signs of kindness and affection to the individual who is targeted for dependency on the cult. Love bombing is often the first technique cult members do to initiate new members or to persons who cult members are trying to recruit. But love bombing helps members to not only join the cult, but to stay in the cult as well, by becoming dependent on not so much the cult itself, but from the supposed love that it gives to you. But eventually, once the love bombing has shown to be effective and the member feels loved and is already dependent on the cult, this love often fades away, and then you get to watch them love bomb someone else.

Love bombing is so effective and powerful because it fulfills a need that so many of us desire, and that is to be loved, and the 4th Watch presents the illusion of being loved through this programming technique. Remember that many 4th Watchers are lonely and feel unaccepted by the outside world, and the cult makes them feel not only as if they are loved, but that they are not alone. When they are love bombed, they feel as if they finally found a home, a place that they are comfortable at, a place where they feel safe. It also makes them feel like family, which brings us to our next topic on dependency.

Family orientation is an extension of the love bombing process. In addition to being shown an abundance of love, the 4th Watch attempts to make you feel as if the cult is your family. While it might seem like a positive gesture, it is nothing of the sort. This is intentional on the part of the cult, as the more you feel like the cult is your family, the closer you become to the cult and the more you will desire to be a member. In addition to love bombing, one of the ways they do this is by referring to every member as "brother" or "sister". When you are inducted into a new group of persons who seem to love you, and when they call you brother or sister, one cannot help but to feel like they are a part of a family, and the truth is, it feels good. It feels good to belong to a family consisting of so many who love you. But this is not an innocent gesture. The 4th Watch wishes to replace any family you might have as your primary family. The cult always comes first. Real family and anyone else come after the cult. All this helps you to rely on the cult.

4th Watcher

Together, love bombing and family orientation help to make you want to see yourself as an attachment of the cult, and this leads to members relying more and more on each other, which, when combined with other techniques, help to make members dependent on the cult. Love and family might seem like two great and innocent concepts, and this is just another reason why the Apostle is so smart. He knows persons want to feel loved and as if they are part of a family, and he also knows that this will help make them dependent on his religion. His victims feel like they're being loved and accepted into a family, they don't know that they're only being programmed. It is a perfect setup. But it is a sad one too.

Conformity also plays a minor role in helping to make members dependent. Conforming to everyone else's ways makes you fit in better, and since your cult is your new family, you will want to be more like your family, and as you become more like your family, you begin to depend on them more and depend on the same things as they do. This is how conformity helps to make you dependent on the cult.

To help secure this dependence, certain practices are encouraged to help make this happen. Among these things are not marrying people who are not members of the cult, as such persons might threaten your dependency on the cult. Think about it. If you marry a spouse outside the cult, he or she might give you a reason not to rely on the cult, and he or she might take you away. This is not good for the cult because now you will not need them as much anymore, so you will not be giving them as much of your money as you had in the past. Therefore, only marriages within the cult are encouraged. In fact, relationships in general are encouraged to stay within the cult, but the leader knows that it is important to collect as many persons as they can to become members, so having relationships with non-4th Watch members are allowed. In general, it is best for members to not be in close interaction with any non-members. This is because the cult only wants you to depend on other 4th Watchers, and if you happen to make friends with other persons, you might learn to depend on them instead; and the 4th Watch can't have that.

And with all of these programming techniques, group reinforcement and repetition as with the other techniques help to create dependency.


The last form of programming we will discuss is called conformity. With conformity, cult members are programmed to believe in the same things and act in the same way, as if they are of one body and mind. With conformity, the cult has an influence in everything you do, from what you think about, what you believe, what knowledge you are taught, how you dress, how you eat, and many other things. Conformity is important to the cult, because not only does it help other techniques of programming, but it makes it easier to program others due to the fact that it is easier to program one collective rather than many individuals. Also, it greatly strengthens the power of the cult.

Imagine a whole army working together who act in unison, as opposed to a group of many persons doing their own thing. With conformity, every sense of individuality is attempted to be stripped away from every member, and you are now one part of one larger collective, similar to the Borg in Star Trek. In fact, not only are you encouraged to think and act the same way, but you are taught that your strength comes from your unity. When other fellow cult members are happy, you're supposed to be happy. When others hurt, you hurt as well. Conformity makes it easier for the cult leader to control his servants. When he achieves conformity among his cult members, they are like bees in a hive protecting the queen.

As with every form of programming we've discussed, conformity is easier to achieve with those who are young and with weak minds. Because such minds are so open to influence, it is more likely that they will mimic all that the cult leader wants them to. This is why it is so important to start this kind of programming when persons are young. Cults know that if they raise a young child from the beginning to believe in their nonsense, then the chances are that they will grow to accept this, along with all of their fellow cult children.

4th Watchers

Of course, the first step to achieving conformity among members is to teach them all of the beliefs and doctrines of the 4th Watch. This includes all of the false and incorrect teachings and all of the lies that they tell, along with using logical fallacies in their teachings. Everyone is taught the exact same thing, and this is the beginning of conformity. Even things which define us as individuals, such as how we feel about God in our hearts, what we believe is the best way to pray, our interests in things like social activities like dancing and singing, and what music we like. Among other things, Christian music is the only music that is encouraged. Dancing is frowned upon. Modeling is sinful. The list goes on. Nobody is to be an individual. Everyone is to be one cultic collective of the leader.

A very effective way of achieving conformity is to force all members to dress the same way. By being required to dress the same way, you are already automatically conforming in some way, and this only helps to make you conform even more. In the 4th Watch church, all members are required to dress in what most might consider "nice, dressy, Sunday clothes, or business casual". They are not assigned specific attire such as uniforms, nor are they required to wear exactly the same thing. If any of these were the case, the cult would probably not have as many members. Still, all members are expected to dress in this "nice, dressy" kind of way. Supposedly, the pastors instruct their members to dress this way because they feel that everyone should dress their "best" for God.

In actuality, there is nothing wrong about dressing nice to social events, and there are certainly situations in which it is most appropriate, but church is not necessarily one of those situations and in the case of the 4th Watch, doing so is nothing more than a conformity technique. And once again, 4th Watch cult members don't even know that they're carrying this out. And besides, given the fact that God is a stereotypical "caveman" male who has no respect at all for females, he'd probably rather prefer that all the females in the church be naked. Just saying.

One of the ways conformity is mostly achieved is through extreme peer pressure. Your cultic peers will always be on your back to conform to the cult, to be like everyone else. When your mentors and friends around you constantly push you to become part of their team, you often cave into their will and unknowingly get sucked into their trap. If you don't give in to their standards and practices, you will be considered to not be a true member and of course threatened with hell and all that good stuff.

To strengthen and enforce conformity among cult members, it is important to engage in group activities. This is also a very effective method in achieving conformity. This way, persons can see what everyone else does and they are made to feel comfortable in the way that they act. Take for instance, acting like you are in some crazy trance, and jumping up and down and crying while you're praying to God. Most persons would consider this to be questionable and abnormal behavior, and a new member might refrain from doing this. But seeing when other persons do this, it begins to seem okay and gradually becomes normal within the cultic family. Of course, you are strongly encouraged and pushed into joining these group activities, otherwise they attempt to make you feel bad or guilty.

4th Watchers

Among all of these techniques, dependency and brainwashing are also very important and effective tools to cause cult members to conform. Dependency makes cult members depend on each other, so conforming to each other becomes natural. Brainwashing forces everyone to think alike by having their individuality erased and made to think of themselves as part of a much larger collective, forcing them to conform with the cult.

Another way to help conform you is to employ a tactic called "guilt bombing". The cult wants you to engage in church activities and to say and do the things they want you to. You are expected to comply. If you do not, then they will do what they can to make you feel guilty for not doing so. Sometimes, all they do is give you disappointed or nasty looks. Sometimes, they will remind you about how sinful your life is and how horrible of a person you are without Jesus, and by not being in accordance to the one true church, you are not with Jesus. If the cult can make you feel guilty, then you will feel bad inside if you don't do what they want. Many do not give into this tactic, but it works well on some.

Conformity is further helped to succeed through reward and punishment. The 4th Watch promises its members that they will be "right with God" if they believe in everything the 4th Watch teaches them and if they partake in the same activities as they do. But if you don't, then God does not love you and you will be tortured forever after you die. The pastors might even tell you that God tells them this directly. Further more, additional punishment is made within the cult itself. Examples might include being denied communion, not being allowed to go on "fun" outings, and being shamed in front of the whole congregation. Further more, it can be made even worse if you are a child and the parents punish you as well. It is not uncommon in cultic organizations where a parent will not let their child eat unless they pray correctly or participate in a church activity. Parents in the 4th Watch are very insisting on their children conforming to the cult.

4th Watchers

Just as dependency and brainwashing also help cult members conform to the cult, it should be no surprise that mind control is also very effective in forcing members to conform. Obviously, by being able to have control over persons' minds, you can make them do whatever you want them to, and the 4th Watch does practice mind control in getting their members to conform.

As is evident in group activities, group reinforcement is key in making 4th Watch members conform with the cult. It is a vital part of conformity, as being around everyone else who you are supposed to be like, helps you to mimic them. And just as well, repetition of all of these techniques will help achieve conformity. The more all of these methods are carried out, the more 4th Watch members will conform.

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