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Part 2: The PMCC 4th Watch

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Chapter 3: Membership of the PMCC 4th Watch Cult

Okay, so we have talked about the doctrine of the 4th Watch cult and its cultic practices. Now we can start to discuss on a more personal level about the actual membership of the cult. Who are its members? More importantly, who exactly is their cult leader? So let's discuss the personalities and nature of the persons who actually call themselves 4th Watchers.

Section 1: Overall Membership

First let's talk about the general membership of the cult. Some things that are common among members inside of cults are being mostly comprised of the same family, as well as the same race or nationality. They also often have attitudes of superiority over others.

4th Watchers

One thing that we have mentioned is that the 4th Watch cult is largely comprised of family members, especially within the leadership. So what is wrong with that? Why is having an organization being mostly family a cultic feature? Well, there is nothing at all wrong or dangerous about an organization consisting of mostly family members; but there are two points to make about this. One, while it is not a direct definitive characteristic of a cult, it is definitely very common among such organizations. If you discover a cult, chances are it is made of mostly members within the same family. Two, the main reason why this is a common scenario, is because cults often make such outlandish claims, that most persons don't believe them and thus do not support them. This leaves mostly just family members who attempt to be supportive. Thus, cults often develop mostly out of family members. We don't believe that the majorty of the 4th Watch membership is all of the same family, but a large portion of the membership does consist of large collectives of individuals within the same family, especially the Ferriols and Medinas.

Moving along; In addition to being part of the same family, it isn't uncommon for cults to be comprised of one type of race or nationality. The 4th Watch cult originated in the Philippines, so it is only natural that its members would mostly consist of Filipinos. Further more, there is nothing wrong or cultic about an organization consisting of members being the same race or nationality, nor is there anything wrong with being Filipino; But again, just like we've explained before with cults comprising of family members, there are some things that you have to consider pertaining to this kind of an organization.

First of all, this concept of cults consisting of mostly the same race or nationality is just very common and typical among cults. Two, this is often because, as explained previously, cults usually are comprised of mostly family members, thus the cult will mostly be of one race or nationality. This is the case for the 4th Watch. Three, cults are commonly hate groups, and hate groups often focus on the hatred of a particular race or nationality, while feeling that their own race or nationality is superior, thus obviously making the cult mostly consist of one race or nationality. It is agreed that the 4th Watch is a hate group, but not for nationality or racial reasons. The 4th Watch teaches hatred and intolerance of other peoples such as homosexuals, atheists, and even non-4th Watchers. So, while they are identified as a hate group, this is not one of the reasons why their particular cult is mostly Filipino.

Members of cults also generally have attitudes of superiority over others who are not in the cult. It's amazing how many cult members feel that they know all of the answers and receive the only true teachings of the Bible. The 4th Watchers have their leader after all, and he can do no wrong when it comes to holy leadership. All of these persons feel that they are going to Heaven when they die, because they believe in Jesus Christ and follow the teachings of their leader. Everybody else, of course, is going to Hell. This includes all Christians too, unless they are members of the 4th Watch. Remember that they believe that the 4th Watch is the one and only true church, so anyone not a member is destined for Hell. This makes them better than everyone else and you can see this when you talk to them.

Section 2: God, the Deity

anti-religious picture

For whatever reason, usually because of controlling leaders, cults seem to embrace the oddest choices of deities to be the focus of their worship. Cults often worship gods who are evil, hateful, unfair, unjust, unforgiving, unmerciful, and incompetent. This is cultic in itself, but despite how obvious these characteristics are in such beings, cults will believe in the opposite to be true, and they will do the best job they can in obviously desperate fashion to defend their gods with the most ridiculous of excuses. For instance; in Christianity, God had his son murdered in order to not send less than perfect persons to a place where they would be tortured eternally, a place that God created in the first place. Not only does this scenario not make any sense, but it clearly shows that this god is evil; yet, so many Christians somehow see this as an act of the greatest love possible. One of their excuses is that we of course deserve to go to Hell because we are sinners, so God, with all of his love, took action to prevent that from happening. Apparently, murdering his son doesn't register as evil on their morality scale; But in any case, this is how cults think.

As mentioned, the 4th Watch believes in and worships God, the Christian deity of the Holy Bible. The Bible clearly portrays God as evil, hateful, unfair, unjust, unforgiving, unmerciful, and incompetent. This is undeniable for any rational person. God hates just about every person and type of person there is, but he most especially hates non-humans, females, homosexuals, atheists, heathens, scientists, and children. He commands his followers to kill, and he himself kills anyone for committing the smallest of immoralities and things which are not immoral at all, but this especially goes for all of these specific peoples. The fact that 4th Watchers believe that such a god is an all-loving, moral, and perfect being is evidence that such individuals have clearly been brainwashed and programmed to think that way.

This piece was to inform you about God personally. To learn more about the role of God, you can go here.

Section 3: Leadership

Arsenio T. Ferriol, the Apostle (the Cult Leader)

Arsenio Ferriol

Okay, so we have talked about leadership within the 4th Watch cult, but what kind of person actually makes a cult leader?

First off, you can bet that almost all cult leaders are not really anything that they say they are, but are scam-artists. Most of these cult leaders are very greedy, seeking money and riches. They also seek self-glory and fame, while enjoying praise from their members, and seek power as well. These are all characteristics that show such leaders to be selfish. Cult leaders usually do not feel remorse for their victims because the leaders often have a sense of superiority over anyone else-that they are worth more than others, and they feel that somehow everyone owes them something. They often give themselves special titles such as "The Chosen One" to glorify themselves and make themselves appear more special and important than they really are. Many cult leaders live a life of luxury while their followers live in poor conditions. Sometimes, they do what they do for the mere thrill and fun of it. Using religion is an easy way to scam money off of naive and superstitious persons, and to obtain power, and achieve glory.As most cult leaders are scam-artists, it's not surprising that they are quite often very educated and smart. In addition to this, cult leaders are known for being very charismatic and persuasive, gifted with skills of communication; portraying an outstanding ability to lead others. Also, almost an official requirement of cult leaders is their training in and use of psychological programming such as the brainwashing and mind control of individuals which they use to take "ownership" of their members. But perhaps the most known characteristics of cult leaders are their outrageous and bogus claims that they make. Such claims often include the likes of being the second coming of Christ, the messiah, an angel, or that they were sent by God to lead everyone in the "end times".

It is our belief that the leader of the PMCC 4th Watch cult is a scam-artist. We have several reasons as to why we believe this, which we will explain in greater detail later on. In any case, it is evident to us that the leader of the 4th Watch is greedy, interested in wealth, seeking glorification and fame, while taking pleasure in being praised by his members, and enjoying the power he receives. It is clear to us with all of these characteristics that he is a selfish man. He feels no remorse for his cultic behavior as his sense of superiority over his members is also evident, and it is possible that he feels as if he is worth more than them, and that they owe him something. The 4th Watch leader also loves to give himself glorious titles which he embraces to project the idea that he is special and important. He is able to live a life of luxury while many of his members live in poverty. We also believe he does what he does for the thrill scamming others brings. He uses religion to obtain his selfish fortunes because he knows it is easy to scam the overly naive and superstitious out of their money. As the leader is most likely a scam-artist, it is not surprising that he is also most likely educated. The PMCC 4th Watch leader runs a very successful business, managing to convince thousands of persons to give him their money in order to go to Heaven, so he's obviously a smart man. The 4th Watch Apostle is known for being charismatic, which is characteristic of cult leaders. He is persuasive and gifted with a skill for communication which he uses to lead others quite effectively in order to excel his cultic business. The 4th Watch engages in psychological programming, a prominent feature of the cult, initiated by the cult leader. The cult attempts to make use and master all four methods of programming, including brainwashing, mind control, dependency, and conformity; But probably the most noticable part about the 4th Watch cult leader is the ridiculous claims that he has made about himself and his beliefs. We will go into more about his cultic claims later, but such claims include that God talks to him, and that God has sent him to be the supreme ruler of all Christians.

The PMCC 4th Watch cult leader's name is Arsenio Ferriol, a native of the Philippines, and fundamentalist Pentecostal Christian. Arsenio Ferriol is the inventor of the PMCC 4th Watch religion, and founder of the PMCC 4th Watch cult. We have read that his Christian background originated in the Church of the Foursquare Gospel, commonly known as the Foursquare Church. However, we cannot yet confirm this. This particular church is based in North America and not the Philippines, so we're not sure what connection Arsenio Ferriol would have with this particular church, though they do have a small presence in the Philippines too, so any connection is possible; we just can't confirm any origin with this church at this time. In any case though, Arsenio Ferriol came from a fundamentalist Pentecostal Christian background, eventually clearing the way for him to invent his own religion.

Here is a snippet from the Southbay website talking about the leader:

table section spacer table section
spacer Through God's wisdom and grace, He raised up a man to lead His church in the End Time. Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol is that man. Under his wise leadership the church is now a force to reckon with in all of its locations throughout the globe. Steadily and surely, the church has been expanding, both geographically and in the number of its faithful believers. He has exemplified a life of holiness and service and has been the living example for thousands of people who have decided to dedicate their lives to become missionaries. spacer
table section spacer table section

Arsenio Ferriol

We do not have all of the details of how this man began his journey into the cultic world, but we have learned much since releasing this project from 4th Watchers who have shared some of their knowledge with us. One day, "as the legend goes", Arsenio Ferriol decided to meditate, and then saw God in a vision; Not very original, but it's been working for cult leaders for thousands of years. Of course, with just about every cultic nut, God appointed him to be an apostle, to be the one true teacher of all Christians, and sent him to lead the one and only true Christian church, making him the sole authority on Christian teachings, obviously. But apparently, Mr. Ferriol did not want this responsibility, and refused to follow God's command; And so because of Arsenio's defiance, God caused him to get into a terrible car accident. It was only then when Arsenio Ferriol accepted God's calling. What a lovely story. We have to start calling publishers to add a new book in the Bible. Right after "The Book of Revelation of St. John the Divine", we could have the next book be titled "Scamming the Innocent by Arsenio Ferriol the Scam-Artist Apostle".

The information about his origins with God comes from a 4th Watcher, and from his own words, says:

table section spacer table section
spacer Our leader after Jesus, Arseniol T. Ferriol, was called like how some of the apostles in the bible were called. One example being apostle Paul. (Acts 9) . He (Apostle Paul) was called through a vision and called through the voice of Jesus. The same thing happened to the apostle in the 4th watch. He wasn't elected, he didn't self-claim,

in fact he denied it the first time. He was afraid people wouldn't believe him, after he denied he was an apostle, he got in a terrible car accident so serious people were certain that he died. Luckly, he was found alive in the vehicle, and completely covered in scrapes scratched wounds etc. In the hospital bed he asked for God's forgiveness, then when we healed, the started to the the gospel.

a similar thing happened to Jonah in the bible. He ran away from his calling, then got in a terrible accident. But when he asked for forgiveness, he was released from his consequence, and started to preach about God's words.
table section spacer table section

We thank the 4th Watcher who provided that information.

The Philippines is notorious for spawning many similar cult leaders, and Arsenio Ferriol is really just another false prophet among many in the Philippines. In fact, fellow cult leaders could be where he got the idea to start his scamming business. This could also be why so many other cult members hate him, as he is taking away from their potential profits. The Philippines is a beautiful country; it is unfortunate that it has been uglied by the likes of these disgusting criminals. In any case, Arsenio T. Ferriol certainly isn't the last person who will claim to be "chosen" by God as his one true prophet. This will be happening for hundreds of years until Christianity finally dies.

Here is what the 4th Watch website has to say about their beloved apostle:

table section spacer table section
spacer The Pentecostal Missionary CHURCH of CHRIST (4TH Watch) begun when Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol, then a pastor, received God's special calling in his life to be an apostle of Jesus Christ.

God has never failed to demonstrate to him that he has been called to be an apostle. In 1972, the Pentecostal Missionary CHURCH of CHRIST (4TH Watch) was founded and registered in the Philippines. From a handful of faithful believers under his anointed leadership, the PMCC (4th Watch) grew and increased both in stature and membership in the Philippines and across the globe.

As an apostle of Jesus Christ, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol received a revelation that clearly defines where we are now in God's timetable prior to the second coming of Christ on earth. This is the doctrine that clearly sets apart the PMCC (4th Watch) from the rest of today's backslidden faith of many Protestant groups. But this is not the only defining mark of the church. Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol has also espoused the significance of the perfection of the saints, the complete operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the church, the work of global evangelization as well as other essential doctrines and practices of the early apostolic church.
table section spacer table section

And from their Southbay Website:

table section spacer table section
spacer The Pentecostal Missionary CHURCH of CHRIST (4th Watch) begun in 1972 in the Philippines when God called Arsenio T. Ferriol as an apostle in our time. Armed with a divine revelation, an apostolic authority and an unbreakable spirit, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol preached the true gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ accompanied with signs and wonders. Eventually, through God's empowering grace upon him, our brother was able to build and establish vibrant churches all over the nation's capital in Manila and throughout the rest of the Philippine archipelago. spacer
table section spacer table section

Now, we get a lot of complaints from 4th Watchers that everything that we say is a lie and/or is just our opinion. Thus, we wish to stress right here that we are not saying that we know all of the facts surrounding this man; But let us also make it clear that everything that we say about him is not without good reason, and nothing we say is a lie. Everything mentioned in this project comes from personal experiences and known facts regarding Arsenio Ferriol and his church. If there is anything on here that is false, then any 4th Watcher may help us correct our error; But anyone who reads this project should know and understand as to why we believe what we believe about Arsenio Ferriol, and how we came to believe it.

As if you haven't figured it out by now, we believe that Arsenio Ferriol is a scam-artist and nothing more. He is certainly no apostle of Jesus. But are there other possibilities? Why do we believe this?

Well, we certainly don't believe that Arsenio is an apostle because we already know in the first place that there is no god, and we know that the Bible is not true. Therefore, we also know that there is no way that God could have appointed Arsenio to be an apostle. God would have to be real in the first place. Since he's not, this event could never have happened. This leaves us with only three other real possibilities, and we will explain why we favor one over the other.

The first possibility is that he is literally sick. Arsenio could be suffering from a number of mental illnesses and disorders that cause him to actually believe what he says. If this is the case, then he is not really a scam-artist or necessarily a bad guy, it's just that he's sick and can't help it. However, he is still a dangerous person and cannot be allowed to do what he is doing. So in this case, he wouldn't belong in jail, but in a mental institution. But if he's sick, what could possibly be wrong with him? There are a number of possibilities.

The first that comes to mind is some form of psychosis, in which he is highly delusional, experiencing delusions that actually make him believe that he is an apostle of Jesus Christ, and that he sees and talks to God. There are literally thousands of mentally ill persons out there who experience this very thing. Such an illness could be brought about by brain damage, drug-abuse, or it could simply be genetic.

There is also another possibility in regards to mental disorders. Cults have been known to harbor leaders who suffer from a condition known as pseudologia fantastica, or mythomania, but most persons would recognize it by its most common label - pathological lying. This is a real mental condition where an individual sees it necessary to make up their own reality and thus lie about it. And the more that they lie, the more that they might actually start to believe in the lies that they tell, and they forget that they were lies to begin with. Now if this is the case, we believe that he should still be held accountable for the harm that he has done, but his punishment should be much less severe, and he should receive treatment for his condition, and be monitored of course.

The second possibility after being sick, is that he is simply overly superstitious, and it is this extreme belief in superstition that is creating this imaginary world of his. Now, this might sound like a mental illness and should be lumped in with the first possibility, but superstition is not a mental disorder that is involuntarily causing him to do what he is doing. While superstition can be more difficult to control for some, it is controllable. Persons who live superstitiously are allowing themselves to be superstitious, and they make the choice to do whatever their superstitions dictate to them. Sometimes, such superstitious persons are controlled by the fear that they experience due to the paranoia brought about by the extreme superstition that they practice in their lives. Extreme superstition can be brought about by a mental illness, but this is a by-product of the disease and not necessarily a direct result of the disease itself.

But if Arsenio Ferriol's actions are based on overly superstitious behavior, then he needs to pay the price for his immoral and irresponsible actions. Superstition is not an acceptable way of life. Others can be harmed for your superstitious beliefs. However, he wouldn't intentionally be causing the harm that he's causing, so his punishment could be less severe, but he would need to be punished, and punished good. We have to send a message to everyone that extreme superstition is not acceptable in today's society. It is unhealthy and dangerous.

The third possibility is simply that he is a scam-artist. He is using God as a tool to scam the public. This means that he is an evil and immoral man, using persons for his own benefit, not caring about anyone who he hurts or the lives that he ruins. There are just some persons out there who are not sick or superstitious, just evil. And if this is the case, he needs to be locked up in jail for a very long time.

Cult Leader Arsenio Ferriol of the PMCC 4th Watch

It should be no secret that we believe in the third possibility, that Arsenio Ferriol is an evil scam-artist. So what causes us to believe this and not the others?

Well first of all, Arsenio Ferriol is a very successful cult leader. Considering that he has managed to convince thousands of persons into believing that he is this anointed leader sent by God, and how much control he has over these servants of his, to actually give him their money, and with the many parts of the globe that he has penetrated with his religion, it is unlikely that these are the achievements of a mentally ill person. No, it shows that he's smart and mentally sound. Now, it can also be said that perhaps a huge reason for his success is because of his son, the head sub-cult leader Jonathan Ferriol; But Arsenio had much success even before his son, and who do you believe taught Jonathon to become the cult leader that he is today?

Second of all, his immoral behavior in the form of greed and overall selfishness is very evident, which signifies that he is indeed doing what he does for less than noble purposes. For one, he preaches up the ass about tithing and giving him exchange for salvation no less, while living a care-free life off of everyone else's money. Also, he just absolutely loves to give himself glorious titles and displays his face on large posters and such, in ways that make him look like an idol to be worshipped, and this just shows how prideful he is. All of this shows that he has the goal of obtaining wealth, power, and fame. Therefore, he is more than likely not mentally ill and his actions are not a result of being overly superstitious.

Now we mentioned how brain damage can cause such mental disorders. Arsenio did experience a car accident that apparently injured him severely, so it is possible that he could be suffering from some sort of brain damage. But, it is also true that he claimed to have talked to God before the accident, when he told Arsenio that he would be the apostle of all Christians. It wasn't until after the accident that he started his cultic ministry; but becuase of this visitation from God before the accident, it does not seem to be the case that a damaged brain would be the cause. It is possible that he was superstitious and then brain damage could have mixed in, and created an overly superstitious mentally ill cult leader, but that just isn't likely; But then again, this story about God talking to him before he had the accident could also be a false story, in which case he really could be mentally ill, but given the other evidence, being a scam-artist is still the most likely possibility.

Again, we do not have proof of all these things, only supporting evidence, and that is why we present this information as belief and not fact. But you have to understand that beliefs must still be based on supporting evidence. If they're not, then they're based on faith, which is unreliable and unreasonable. The stronger the evidence, the stronger the belief. The evidence that we have for this issue obviously suggests our stated belief.

Arsenio Ferriol and Jonathon Ferriol

Now, we also need to make a comment on Arsenio concerning his wealth. We do not know how much money he has, only that he has a lot. This money of course comes from his victims. But we keep getting emails and comments telling us that he doesn't live in a mansion. We never said he that does. We don't know how fancy his house or car is, we just know that he is wealthy and his wealth has come from the members who have been victimized in his cult. However, one of our members from Korea went to the Philippines while a member of the cult, and she did tell us that she saw a large house and fancy cars belonging to him. Since we can't confirm this, we can't say that this is the case. But due to her assertion and from knowing what we know about him, it is reasonable to believe that he is in fact rich, living in a mansion and driving a fancy car.

But whether Arsenio Ferriol is rich or not, that's not really what gets to us...being wealthy isn't a crime. But, it's mainly how he acquired that wealth. And of course, the more money that he has, the more evil he is because of the way that he got it. His wealth is the result of decades of scams and fraudulent activity. Further more, he demands money from his members, while not even paying those who are employed by him. Ever since he started his career as a scam-artist thirty years ago, he has not had to make an honest living at all. Instead, he just took money from others. We really don't care if he has a mansion or not. Besides, as we have said before, it's not just the money. Arsenio Ferriol does what he does for the glory he obtains, and the praise that he receives.

If you need any evidence for his desire of praise and glory, and his sense of superiority over others, then just look at the titles he gives himself. The 4th Watch leader loves giving himself titles to glorify himself and make him appear more valuable than others. Of course, his official title of the church is "Apostle"; but he is very commonly called "the Living Apostle; He also enjoys being called "the Sent One", or God's Sent One. His followers also love referring to their leader as "the Goodman of the House". We guess it helps him to get laid.

Current Known Titles for Cult Leader Arsenio Ferriol:
  • The Apostle
  • The Living Apostle
  • The Sent One
  • God's Sent One
  • His Sent One
  • Goodman of the House
God's Sent One? Give us a break; He's a cult leader.

On that note; it is sometimes difficult within cults to distinguish the god that they supposedly worship from their cult leader. Cult leaders often times do claim to be God, Jesus, or some divine representative such as an angel. Even if this is not the case, one of the main goals of cult leaders is self glorification and praise. Members of cults sometimes glorify and praise their leader so much, that it can make you wonder who's really being worshipped; God or the cult leader? The 4th Watch cult strongly and consistently insist that they worship only God, that Arsenio is merely his messenger; but they glorify their apostle so much, and give him so much praise, that this distinction often times begins to blur.

Take a look at the following from one of their websites:

table section spacer table section
spacer Medicine is bitter and taking it is hard for a child, and especially for a parent. When we were children, we too abhorred taking our medicine, they were bitter and they made us feel sleepy. But despite how we protested against taking our medicine, our parents still made us take them. Why? Because they were good for us.

Christ did the same thing when He came to us in the form of man. He was here to heal us of our ignorance so we will know the truth which is needed in receiving the right faith.

And the word of God which is brought by His living apostle is the prescription remedy for our wrong faith.

Sometimes, however, the words of God become bitter. Not because they are bitter in themselves but because we do not readily accept them as the truth that Doctor Jesus prescribes, the words of God become hard for us to believe.

Despite this, God's teachings through His apostle continue. Like a loving parent, He continues to teach us even though we might not like what we are getting at first, because He knows what is best for us.
table section spacer table section

We believe that last paragraph that the unclearly defined pronoun "He" refers to God and not the apostle, but you can see how they merge him and God together in a way that blurs the distinction between them, making it seem like the apostle is just as important as God, and making it almost appear as if such teachings and "love" are coming from the apostle directly.

And let's look at some of the praise coming from the leader's followers:

table section spacer table section spacer
spacer Praise the Lord for our Apostle Arsenio and to all our ministers who gave up their self ambitions and dreams to follow and respond to God's calling in their lives. spacer Cult Member
table section spacer table section

table section spacer table section spacer
spacer a very happy birthday to our beloved Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol!!!what would our life be if not for u'r ministry that led us to be a part of His true church.truly u'r birth was a manifestation of God's enduring love,thru you we obtain the gift of being in the true church and received true salvation.PTL!!! spacer Cult Member
table section spacer table section

table section spacer table section spacer
spacer As believers in the true church of the Lord, we have a leader whose life and ministry is worthy of our celebration and emulation. He is our shepherd, our leader, our brother, our apostle... spacer Cult Member
table section spacer table section

table section spacer table section spacer
spacer Happy Birthday to our dearly beloved apostle, Arsenio T. Ferriol. I am thankful to God that he has sent a wise and patient 'goodman of the house' as foretold in the Holy Bible. His birth and ministry is a manifistation of God's promise for His people in the end time. spacer Cult Member
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spacer We are thankful to God for He has called a true living apostle in our time that we might share in his ministry... spacer Cult Member
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spacer [Our] Apostle is the the greatest blessing that God has given us in the end time. we love you Apostle and Its through God's grace that i become part of your ministry.. spacer Cult Member
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spacer I am thankful to God that he has sent a wise and patient 'goodman of the house' as foretold in the Holy Bible. spacer Cult Member
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spacer His birth and ministry is a manifestation of God's promise for his people in the end time. spacer Cult Member
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Talk like this helps the cult leader to excel to new heights in respect and power.

Simply, Arsenio is a scam-artist. He is greedy, and uses the church to obtain wealth, glory, fame, praise, and power-which shows he is selfish, caring very little about his members and especially those who do not give him any money. He feels himself to be superior to and more important than others, giving himself special titles, while able to live a life of luxury while his followers often live in poor conditions. All of this is evident, obvious, and clear. If you want to get a better idea of these characteristics involving this man, or if you need more evidence, just look at what an ex-4th Watcher wrote to us:

If you want to get a better idea of Arsenio's greed and selfishness, or if you need more evidence, just look at what an ex-4th Watcher wrote to us:

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spacer I'm and ex 4th watcher, I was true believer at one stage preaching in public, leading the youth group and all that. Until I attended the 21st "International" convention, I must admit at first, it was great meeting new people from other countries, after a few days I noticed some strange things. When I was their I witnessed cruelty towards the construction workers building the ATF complex [Arsenio T. Ferriol Complex], they are not paid, they slept on the floor, on card board sheets as beds, when I would walk past the area they were in their was horrible smells. I asked a 4th Watch Pastor about it, and they told me, Oh they work for God, and are willing too, so they are brainwashed to believe their hard work will be rewarded in Heaven.

I also remember while at convention, Mr. Ferriol would sit on a gold throne with his wife, His bishops who I think a couple of them are his brothers, also site on smaller gold thrones beside him, and even his son! Jonothan Ferriol, sits on one of these Thrones. While the followers sit on hard wooden seats, and on concrete slabs in the stands.

On the last day of the convention there was a ceremony, and we were gathered on to many buses to drive us to Luneta Park, from their we had to walk in the heat to the stadium, wait for about an hour, for Mr. Ferriol to enter, and enter he did, inside a whit luxury Lexus SUV, with himself dressed in his white suit, and his wife also dressed in white. When that happened two Pastors from another church, saw this and shook their heads in disbelief, when Mr. Ferriol walked on stage a huge roar from the followers irrupted. He is kind of a Rock Star. Also at the Convention we slept on nice suites but hard beds, we got up early for practise one morning, and we were standing out the back of the ATF arena, and I believe I saw the bishops arriving, in luxury SVU's with security guards by their side, I didnt see Mr. Ferriol, but I wouldnt be surprised if he was staying in a luxury suite, specially made for him, because while I was attending seminars, learning on how to debate the opposition and win. Mr. Ferriol, would be looking up at the crowd with binoculars, when he would get up, he would have doors opened for him always.
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Pathetic. We thank the ex-4th Watcher who wrote this to us.

Arsenio Ferriol

We do not exactly know the extent of this man's education, though we would imagine he's a pretty smart guy. His cult is after all, a business, and he has put together a very effective business plan that basically states: Convince the weak-minded that there is a god who made Arsenio the apostle and the only one who can teach about God, and convince them that they must pay him 10% of all their income to be allowed into Heaven, with more miracles being performed by God for more money. This is to be done without ever paying any of his employees, so he can make more money and use it to buy expensive things, and then to build more churches to make more money. And you have to give him credit. It works. Look at all of the persons he's fooled into following his plan. They're all making him rich and he loves it.

We would also gather that he is well educated from the fact that he is greatly skilled in the art of controlling his people by programming, using methods such as brainwashing and mind control. We have seen such methods in action and they're quite effective. He is a very charismatic man, and that would indeed fit the typical profile of a cult leader. Charisma helps to persuade others by appearing to be kind and wise, even if that is not the case in reality, which it's not. It just helps to gain their trust so that he can control them.

Now, what kind of cult leader would the Arsenio Ferriol be without his typical cultic claims? Like most cult leaders, Arsenio makes a whole bunch of outrageous claims that are obviously of a cultic nature and not at all true. All claims are ridiculous and unverifiable.

The first claim of course, is that God talks to him. Apparently, the Apostle can have conversations with the Lord just as anyone converses in everyday life. The second claim is how he received the apostleship. He states that the true church of Christ cannot be without a living apostle to lead it, and that God has appointed him as an apostle, the Apostle of the Christian religion, being the next in line to take over the original Christian church since the times of the last apostles in the Bible. Arsenio Ferriol is the only true Christian teacher of the only one true Christian church.

Arsenio Ferriol claims that he is the one true teacher, sent by God to establish the one true church. Arsenio says that God has also appointed him as the only one with the gift of understanding the Bible in the way that God intended it to be understood. The apostle of the 4th Watch says that he is the sole authority on the teachings of the Bible, and it is only through his teachings of the 4th Watch, that persons can achieve salvation. Even if you believe in exactly the same things as the 4th Watch does, but are not a 4th Watch member, you cannot be saved unless you receive the teachings from him or from another 4th Watcher.

Arsenio has also made the bogus claim typical among cult leaders, in that we are now nearing the "end times" and that Christ will be returning shortly. In fact, he has gone even further and divided our history into four periods of time called "watches". He says that Christ is scheduled to return in the 4th Watch, and of course, we're in the 4th Watch now. Scary. This only demonstrates Arsenio's genius, as it allows him to look like a prophet without actually prophesying.

Many of the claims that this cult leader makes have already been discussed in more detail in the doctrine area of this paper. Such claims include that a living apostle is necessary in the true church of God, that God chose him to be the one and only true leader of the Christian church, that the more money you give to him, the more miracles will happen in your life, that homosexuals deserve to burn in Hell forever, and that earthquakes and all natural disasters are caused by sin. If all of this does not sound like a cult leader, then what is a cult leader?

From the cult leader's mouth:

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spacer Faith without work is dead. But even if people has work if they are not it the true faith their work is still in vain. For a work to be acceptable before God, the person needs to be in the true faith. spacer Arsenio Ferriol
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And here's another quote from his majesty that is worth reading:

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spacer God has given gifts to the church...namely, firstly...Apostle. spacer Arsenio Ferriol
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That's right, Mr. Ferriol thinks he's literally God's gift to women...and men. Who other than a cult leader would call himself a gift from God? The 4th Watch servants need to wake up. They are in a cult and Arsenio Ferriol is nothing but a cult leader.

But this obvious truth does not stop his followers. Here are some quotes from his cult members:

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spacer It is not enough that we believe what we are taught, we must also believe who teaches it... spacer Cult Member
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spacer This is the original doctrine according to the truth of the bible concerning being a born? again as not all believers are born again,only those who accept the gospel preached by the sent one of God,the Apostles were born again by his gospel(spirit as the word of God)and baptism(water)and were born again and the Apostle stands us our Father in faith that through him we were born again 1Corinthian 4:14-15 and automatically become an adopted sons of God spacer Cult Member
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But if Arsenio Ferriol really is the apostle that was sent by God to lead the Christian religion, and if he really was given all of this power and responsibility, and if bold claims such as salvation being achieved only through him were true, then along with all of the demands made to his followers, his apostleship should be seriously questioned and verified as true. Do you believe that he has ever been able to prove his apostleship or backup his claims? No, he has not. And let's face it. He never will.

If Arsenio really is the apostle sent by God, then surely he should be able to verify all of his outrageous and ridiculous claims, and they should be verified if anyone is to follow him. In addition to this, the very existence of God himself should be verified as well. Since the Living Apostle is the sole leader in the Christian religion and since it was God himself who gave him this leadership, then surely the apostle must be able to convince others, including the whole world, of his true apostleship and that God exists in the first place. Yet not surprisingly, to this day, Arsenio Ferriol has not produced any evidence at all nor has he done anything to verify that he is the one true living apostle. The only way he has been able to convince anyone of anything is through trickery and the programming of those with weak minds to begin with.

The same is true for any leader, cultic or not, or any believer in God. If the apostle was so powerful and so close to God, you'd think that the apostle would have the power to do all this with actual scientific evidence. Or, perhaps God is not so powerful after all. Whatever the case might be, the apostle has no such evidence, and this either suggests he is no apostle at all, or that God is lacking in such powers, which would make him not really worth worshipping anyways.

We have a special piece dedicated to debunking the apostle's claims and refuting him as "the one true apostle of the one true church". You can see that here.

When you consider the facts, Arsenio Ferriol is an evil man. We like to call him Arsehole Ferriol. If he wasn't evil, he wouldn't go around pretending to be God's favorite prophet, stealing everyone's money and tricking them into working for him to help him steal even more money. Our belief is that he cares nothing for his people or the victims he preys upon. His only goal is to glorify himself and to make as much money as he can before he dies, and to then pass on the family business to his son. If only we could make persons understand more about him, we could literally save lives. We tried to obtain any records pertaining to any criminal background he might have, but doing so in the Philippines has proven to be difficult. But if it was up to us, scamming hundreds of persons out of their money is definitely cause for a criminal record...and jail.

This piece was to inform you about Arsenio Ferriol personally. To learn more about the role of Arsenio Ferriol, you can go here.

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