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Summary of the Cultic Features of the PMCC 4th Watch

Here is a summary of all of the cultic features of the PMCC 4th Watch cult. Keep in mind as you look at these that while all of them are cultic features, remember that not all of them are necessarily negative, just characteristic of cults. For instance, there's nothing wrong about having a leader, and there's certainly nothing wrong with a leader being smart and educated; but such features are common for cults and help to identify certain organizations as being cultic.

1. Doctrine

Holy Scripture

The Holy Bible is inerrant and must be taken literally


The 4th Watch deity is supernatural

The 4th Watch deity uses magic

The 4th Watch deity is all-powerful

The 4th Watch deity is perfect

The 4th Watch deity created the universe and all things


They believe that a living apostle is needed to lead the church in order for it to be Biblically true


There is a leader

There is only one leader

The leader is supreme ruler of the cult / Does not share authority

The leader is self-appointed

The leader has no term limits

The leader cannot be removed

The leader is chosen or sent by God

The leader is the sole authority on the word of God

The leader demands complete loyalty from members

The leader requires money for membership

Leadership is often passed within the family


Unquestionable loyalty to the leader is required

Members act as servants to the leader

Members are expected to work for the cult

Members are not paid for their services

Members are required to give money to the leader

Members must dress a certain way

Oneness of Truth

Their church is the only true church

Salvation can only be attained through this church


Salvation can only be attained through this church


Evolution did not happen

Those who believe in evolution are considered evil


There is no meaning in your life without God

The Apocalypse

God will destroy the world

We are in the end times, and the end of the world is coming soon, possibly within our lifetimes

The leader claims this revelation was given to him by God


Tithing is more important than salvation

All money is given to the leader

Tithing makes good things happen

Not tithing makes bad things happen


Certain words must always be said

Certain ideas must be expressed and in a certain order

Prayer must be done very often

Prayer must be in the presence of other members or in a church


Morals were given to persons by God

God makes persons do good things

The Devil makes persons do bad things

Persons can only be good by believing in God and the leader, not by doing good things

Members are to love God more than themselves or friends

Members are to hate themselves as imperfect and as sinners

If you follow the cult, you will be rewarded with heaven after death

If you don't follow the cult, you will be punished with hell after death

Only those in the cult are allowed into Heaven, even if non-members believe in the same things

Actions which are not immoral are considered sinful and wrong

All sins are equally bad

Sin always deserves punishment

Sinning makes you deserve the worst punishment, Hell

A finite sin deserves an infinite punishment

A sin is allowed to be transferred onto someone else to take the punishment instead

Is acceptable for someone to force someone else, even someone who is innocent, to take the punishment for a sin instead of the sinner

Non-Human animal sacrifice is an acceptable way to avoid punishment

Because of one's ancestors, someone deserves Hell just for being born

Forcing your own offspring to be tortured and killed for everyone else is acceptable

It is acceptable to hold all persons to the same standards, even though they differ in ability

A moral god is an unforgiving god

A moral god is an unmerfical god

A moral god can kill you because he created you


Pseudo-scientific methods are used


The Earth is young

Natural disasters are caused by sinning

Natural disasters are caused by homosexuality

Natural disasters are signs of the end times


Illness is caused by sin

God is your healer, not medicine

When sick, going to church and prayer is favored over medicine for healing


Men are head of the household


Sex is considered dirty and sinful

Masturbation is immoral and forbidden


Homosexuality and gay sex are immoral and forbidden

Homosexuals are not allowed as leaders of the cult

Homosexuals are to be punished in Hell


Non-humans have no soul

Non-humans do not survive in the afterlife


The world is not important

Conservative use of resources is not necessary

God will provide an abundance of resources

There is no global warming


Members are discouraged from interacting with non-members
spacer 2. Practice


Recruitment is more important than learning about salvation

Promotional Methods

Street promotion

School promotion

Church invitations

Long visual and audio presentations are given by professional speakers that excel in selling

Surprise recruitment attempts


Promotional Techniques

Miracles are promised

Promoted as the only way

Testimonials from cult members

Words are altered to disguise their meaning


Guilt bombing

Fear bombing

Manufactured friendships



Love bombing

Family orientation




Members are deliberately taught incorrect facts

Members are deliberately lied to

Illogical reasoning is used in the education

Members are psychologically programmed


Preying on the young

Preying on the weak minded



Illogical reasoning

Exploitation of positivism and negativity


History rewrite

False confession



Mind control

Members are to worship everyday or often

Pastors are only allowed to marry within the cult

Non-members are avoided

Non-members are demonized

Group reinforcement


Repetition of all these things

Mind Control

Preying on the young




Trained to believe they are fighting a war for their god




Fear bombing

Members are to worship everyday or often

Group reinforcement

Repetition of all these things


Preying on the young

Preying on the weak minded


Teaching the concept of needing God for morality

Hope depletion

Love bombing

Family orientation


Members are only allowed to marry within the cult

Non-members are avoided

Non-members are demonized

Guilt bombing

Group reinforcement

Repetition of all these things


Preying on the young

Teaching incorrect facts and lying

Members are to dress the same way

Members are pushed to all think alike

Group activities

Family orientation


Guilt bombing


Members are rewarded for expected behavior

Members are punished for non-expected behavior

Peer pressure

Group reinforcement

Repetition of all these things

Devotion and Worship



Speaking in tongues



Rolling on floor

Negative affirmations

Unusually long prayers

Members are expected to go to church or attend a Bible study almost everyday


Bizarre rituals

Holy Communion where they drink the blood and eat the flesh of Jesus


Speaking in tongues

Cult leader claims that he obtained revelations from a deity but does not prove it

Cult leader claims to know valuable information but claims it can only be known or understood by members of the cult

The leader deceives the public and his members.

The cult lies about facts and makes up its own.

Cult members use alternative words when they speak in an attempt to hide their true intentions

Cult members use logical fallacies to trick you into believing what they want you to

Cult leader makes glorious promises that they claim will be fulfilled when you join his cult

The cult accuses members of not being true members if the leader's promises were not fulfilled

spacer 3. Membership

General Membership

Much of the same family

Mostly same race

Mostly same nationality

Sense of superiority


The 4th Watch deity is evil

The 4th Watch deity is hateful

The 4th Watch deity is unfair

The 4th Watch deity is unjust

The 4th Watch deity is unforgiving

The 4th Watch deity is unmerciful

The 4th Watch deity is incompetent


The leader is a scam artist

The leader is greedy

The leader seeks wealth

The leader seeks glory

The leader seeks fame

The leader seeks praise

The leader seeks power

The leader is selfish

The leader has a sense of superiority

The leader gives himself special titles

The leader is a thrill-seeker

The leader is educated

The leader is very charismatic

The leader excels in leading

The leader is persuasive

The leader is good in communication

The leader makes outrageous claims

The leader claims that God talks to him

The leader cannot verify or back up his claims

The leader interprets the Bible any way he wants


Members have low self-esteem

Members are lonely

Members are uneducated

Members are unintelligent

Members are overly superstitious

Members are naive

Members are eccentric

Members make claims, but don't know how to defend them

4. Miscellaneous

Much gossip

And here are the few unbiblical features that this paper discusses:

False prophet

The notion of the 4th Watch

Female teachers

Spherical earth

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