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The forum is the actual place where you can post comments. If you wish to engage in debates or start an argument, such as to refute the 4th Watch Apostle, or to start a discussion on evolution, this is the place to do so.

We actually have two different forums that you can use to start a dialogue. We have our main forum on our own site, and a Facebook forum. Which forum you want to use is your choice, but there are reasons to use either one. The main forum that is on our site is ours, so we can allow more behvior than what Facebook allows. Pretty much anything goes on our main forum. Not only that, but you have the capability of using formatting in your text and emoticons. Plus, you stay within the website and the forum itself fits the mood that the webstie projects. But the Facebook forum already has an extremely huge following and is much more familiar to most persons. Facebook however does not allow text formatting or the use of emoticons (without third-party software), and they have stricter rules. Ultimately, it's up to you where you would like to engage in your discussions.

The forum that we use on Facebook is actually Atheist Jesus' Facebook page, so if you debate on Facebook, you will be debating mostly with him. Atheist Jesus is actually the head administrator for both forums though anyway. And just a note, Atheist Jesus' formal name is Joe Masters.

So go ahead and choose where you would like to start a discussion:

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Atheist Jesus, Head Administrator

Please read the regulations and terms of use before participating in any dialogues. The regulations for the on-site forum are listed and explained below. The regulations for Facebook are posted on the info section of the page.

On-Site Active Dialogue Regulations and Terms of Use

Pretty much anything goes here in the PMCC 4th Watch Truth forum. There are just a few regulations that you must adhere and agree to before participating and using the forum. The following are the regulations, and failing to comply with them could result in warnings, deleted posts, and even banned users.

Registration: You'll need to register with the forum before you may use it.

General Posting: You may post a new entry and start a new thread, or reply to an existing entry or thread.

Categorization: The forum has categories and boards within those categories, and subjects within the baords. When you make a post, make sure it is being placed in the appropriate category. It just makes everything nice and organized.

Currently, there are three categories; "PMCC 4th Watch Cult Dialogue", "General/Miscellaneous Superstitious Ideology Dialogue", and "Miscellaneous".

Inside PMCC 4th Watch Cult Dialogue, there are four boards; "Conversations, Discussions, & Debates", "Stories/Testimonies from Ex-Members & Victims", "Questions & Requests for 4th Watchers", and "Miscellaneous".

Inside General/Miscellaneous Superstitious Ideology Dialogue, there are three boards; "Conversations, Discussions, & Debates", "Stories and Testimonies", and "Miscellaneous".

Inside Miscellaneous, there are two boards; "News and Updates", and "Miscellaneous".

Inside each board is where anyone can create new subjects, and in those subjects is where the actual dialogue takes place.

Placement: If you want to start a new topic, you may. But if your post is meant as a response to another, do not create a new entry, instead post it in the appropriate existing thread from which your post was meant to be in response to. We do not want a messy board.

Topics: When somebody makes an entry, that becomes a particular topic for the forum. When persons make posts responding to this topic, it is expected that those posts actually relate somehow to that topic. All posts that respond should stay on topic, that is, should be related to each other in some way. Posting a response that has nothing to do with the topic or other posts adds little value to the dialogue and usually only creates a distraction. This is not allowed. However, it does not mean that the post itself has no value at all. If it does, then just simply make sure to post it in a different thread. If however, the post adds no value at all, and is merely an attempt to advertise something personal, then this is called spamming, which is talked about later. If the post adds no value, but is related, and is only intended to receive an emotional response, then this is called trolling, which is also talked about later.

Content: Pretty much anything goes. You may post whatever you like, with a few exceptions explained in the next regulations.

Media: You can upload any media such as pictures and videos, as long as their legal in the U.S.A. No child porn, copyrighted material, etc., that sort of thing. Oh and yeah, you can post as many pictures of Mohammed as you like.

Language: You may post in whatever language you like, but understand that the majority of those involved in participation are limited to English and Filipino languages. The head administrator and moderator of this forum only speaks English, so if you wish to speak to him directly or for him to understand, you must post in English. Since most everyone involved in this forum speaks English, English is the preferred language. However, it is understood that the majority of the 4th Watch members speak Filipino as their primary language and English might not be spoken or understood as easily by them. You have to decide which is the best language to use.

On one hand, English is more universal, but on the other, most persons here speak Filipino much better than English, and since it is important to speak your best in a debate and argument, using your best language is important. Our advice is to speak in the best language you know if you are speaking to a particular individual or group of individuals that speak the same language. Otherwise, always speak English, especially if it is more important to reach a wider number of participants, and also if you wish to speak to the head administrator. Also know that the head administrator, Atheist Jesus, is the one normally conducting the debates.

Words: Any words you want to use are permissible. Whether they're cuss words, sexual words, or words of blasphemy, you can use them. But in some cases, you'll need to be careful about the words you choose. The next few regulations will cover more specifically on certain types of words.

Sexual Words: You may say any of these words, as they have no negative meaning attached to them. These words would include "penis", "vagina", and "breasts".

Profanity: Again, pretty much anything is allowed. You may cuss and use any words you like. Now, we would like for everyone to argue and debate in a civil and mature manner without having to resort to using swear words, but we understand that sometimes the emotions we are trying to project are best expressed through these kinds of words. Further more, sometimes they are just good to use in order to vent out anger. But still, profanity is often used excessively and for no good reason. Often times, it just makes you look immature and lacking in credibility. If you're going to use such words, use it appropriately for expressive purposes, and not just to sound rude or vulgar. These words would include "shit", "fuck", "tits", "pussy", and "damn".

Name Calling: Name calling is allowed, but again, we would like everyone to argue and debate in a civil and mature manner without having to resort to name calling. But while we discourage this, we also understand that everyone has an opinion and we don't want to prevent anyone from being able to express that opinion. But if you're going to call someone names, we don't want to see anyone just calling each other names and not actually supporting their statements or adding constructively to the forum. Name calling usually just makes you seem immature and just plain makes you look bad. Basically, if you think someone's an idiot, you should try to keep it to yourself, but you may say it if you feel the need to. We would like to note that opinions are important and name calling is not always meant to be used to ridicule others, but simply to state how you feel. For instance, atheists may say all they want that God is evil because that is what they truly believe and is often significant to their cause.

Hate Speech: We do not like hate speech. But once more, we do not want to limit the expressions of those who use the forum. We understand that sometimes, persons just hate certain things or peoples, and we want participants to be able to express such hatred without fear of censorship. But keep in mind that using such language is generally completely unnecessary to begin with and just isn't considered wise to use. It is rarely effective and often times just ends up doing more harm than good, and makes you look like a jerk. There is an exception to this however, and such words may be used if not using them in a hateful manner, and instead using them for some constructive purpose such as for educational reasons. Such words would include "nigger", "fag", and "dyke".

Threats: One thing you definitely may not do is threaten anyone on this forum. Any threats are taken seriously and will be dealt with in an appropriate manner. We allow many questionable behaviors on here, but cannot allow anyone to be threatened. That goes for all parties involved, whether atheist or theist. Although threats are rarely serious, they almost always make you look like an idiot for saying them. Again, do not make threats against anyone. One note to make here, is that Christians often like to tell non-believers that they're going to Hell. While a silly and untrue thing to say, this is not a personal threat because the Christians actually believe this will happen and is not coming from them personally. So, this is allowed. Besides, us atheists find this amusing and the more Christians say it, the worse they look and the more of a kick we get out of debating them.

Capitals: You may use capitals in your words to represent stress or shouting. While we frown upon shouting, we of course understand that sometimes dialogues can get pretty intense and occasional shouting might be found necessary for certain expression. But while this might be the case, we do not want multiple posts with an excessive amount of words in capital letters. It is very annoying as it makes it more difficult to read and gives the impression of the post being too "loud", which persons do not like. If you want to yell, fine, but keep it down.

Excessive/Repeated Postings: This refers to creating several repeated posts in order to emphasize a point or to try and give it special recognition, or simply to annoy the participants of the forum. This kind of behavior will not be allowed. In most cases, posting your comment once is enough. Any more than that and you are just creating a messy thread that is annoying to those who are trying to have a decent dialogue. There are however, some instances when multiple posts are allowed or in which no penalties are warranted. Sometimes, a question or statement is posted in which a response is expected and goes untouched or in which a sufficient response has not been given. In this case, if a decent amount of time has gone by in which a sufficient response should have been given, but has not been, then it is acceptable to be posted again. Additionally, sometimes multiple posts are created accidentally. This is not that uncommon actually. This often happens because the person posts a comment, but does not realize it has already been posted, so they keep trying, only later to find out that they unknowingly posted it several times. In such cases, no penalties will be given. But if this does happen, it will be your responsibility to delete the excessive posts.

Trolling: Trolling means to leave comments which have no constructive value to the topic but are meant with the sole intention to annoy or to create a negative emotional response from certain participants on the forum. Sometimes, there are certain individuals that do not know how to add to the dialogue in a constructive way, so all they can do is resort to this kind of childish behavior. And sometimes, it is used as an actual attack, not as a way to change anyone's minds or to educate anybody.

But as it can be childish, it is quite fun to do sometimes. In fact, we've probably all done it before. That is because sometimes persons are not interested in trying to educate anybody. This could be perhaps because they no longer know how or because they know the party involved will not change their mind. Or sometimes, the actual intent is to emotionally attack the party. While this does not add any constructive value, sometimes producing a negative emotional response is the point of trolling, and it's not meant to add any value. It is difficult to decide whether trolling should be allowed or not, because it does have value for a reason other than constructiveness. Sometimes, persons just need to be put into place.

So, here are our thoughts about trolling. First of all, a trolling post is allowed if it's the first post, because persons are allowed to make any comment they like. However, if a post has been made with the intent on a serious debate, or if such a comment turns into one, then trolling posts are no longer allowed. Such posts interrupt the seriousness and flow of the debate. We do understand though that recognizing a trolling post can be somewhat difficult. Clearly, persons unwittingly post comments that add no value to the dialogue, but are not necessarily trolling posts. A trolling post not only adds no value, but must exhibit the clear intention of annoying individuals or to receive a negative emotional response from them. If this is the case, such posts are not allowed in serious debates.

Just a note on this, is an example of a trolling post, and how confusing it might be. On a forum, while talking about the many immoralities of God, a Christian might come by and simply say that God is love. This could definitely be a trolling post, because the statement offered no explanation and the Christian, as they often do, was only trying to frustrate atheists by stating an obvious falsehood in order to make them angry. But, it is also possible that the Christian was just offering a sincere opinion that God is love, and was not meant to make anyone angry. In this case, such a post would usually be allowed, unless the same person kept coming back and saying such things, and if they didn't offer any explanations to their statements when asked to. If that's the case, then it will most likely be considered trolling. Despite possible un-clarity, sometimes you just "know" when a poster is a troll.

Spamming: Spamming refers to making posts that add nothing to the dialogue, but instead provide a personal achievement for the poster. An obvious example is posting an ad to a product that is being sold. Another example is posting a link to a network marketing website. Another example is someone posting a picture of their penis for the world to see. As spamming does nothing to add to the dialogue, and doesn't even relate to the topic, it serves absolutely no purpose and becomes nothing more than a distraction. For this reason, spamming is not allowed. However, this doesn't mean that you can't post links to websites or advertise something about yourself at all. Just make sure it's relevant to the thread and forum.

Answering: When someone posts a comment which is in the form of a serious question or which requests a response from a named party, it is expected that such comments are answered, and by any individual or party from which the response was expected. Anyone has the right on this board not to answer questions, but by not doing so, it makes you look like you don't understand the material, or that you are a coward and afraid to face the question by ignoring it and in a sense running away from it. Several dodges like this are not allowed. If you want someone to answer your questions, then you must answer others. If you don't know the correct answer or you don't have an answer, then that is okay, but you must acknowledge that and make it known to the forum. It's okay not to know sometimes.

Reasoning: We realize not everyone, especially Christians, are good with arguments and debate. However, it is expected by all that decent reasoning is used in these dialogues. We expect for Christians to use bad rationality and logic...that is what they're best at. However, everyone must adhere to some basic principles of reasoning. Watch your logical fallacies! They not only make you look stupid, but they don't provide real solutions to arguments. In other words, don't use them...unless you are only here on the forum to illustrate how stupid you are and for entertainment purposes. Several misuses of reasoning are not allowed. Here is an example of what to avoid. A 4th Watcher will say that the Bible is the word of God. A free-thinker might ask how they know that the Bible is the word of God. The 4th Watcher will say because God says it is. The free-thinker might ask how they know that God says this. And the 4th Watcher will say because the Bible says it. This is called circular reasoning and is bad logic because you cannot prove something by using a piece of evidence which has to be proven in the first place, and is done so by what it is you're trying to prove.

Agreement: Any user must acknowledge these regulations and agree to these terms of use before using the forum.

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