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Here you can learn about anything new going on in the world of the 4th Watch cult. It is important that we keep an eye on them and monitor their continuous cultic behavior. Here you can learn about the news concerning the PMCC 4th Watch and see the updates on this website, including what new content on the site has been added, deleted, or modified, as well as changes to the site itself.

November 4, 2014: HAPI - New Affiliate
We are affiliated with a new Humanist association known as "Humanist Alliance Philippines International (HAPI)". Please take a moment to look at their website.

November 4, 2014: Four New Pieces of Hatemail Added
Of course, we got a decent share of hatemail too.

November 4, 2014: Three New Pieces of Lovemail Added
It's that time again. Fortunately, we got a pretty decent amount of supportive mail.

December 17, 2013: A Lot of Hate Mail
We took a little longer break than usual, and when we came back, we had quite a bit of hate mail waiting for us. But we have to say that we were more entertained than usual. Read it, and you'll see what we're talking about! In this one round alone, we have two lovely threats on our lives, more talk about the end of the world, sex talk about the cult leader, a letter explaining to us that the United States of America is not a real country, and an email from a 4th Watcher who didn't realize that we were an anti-4th Watch site. LOL. Of course, the threats aren't anything new, but two in one round is a nice treat. Hysterically, we actually get quite a few persons who confuse us for an actual site for the 4th Watch church. They'll ask us questions about things like what God wants, where the nearest church is for them to attend, how to register for the cult's school, etc. This usually happens about once every time we do an update, and it always gives us chuckles. Normally, we don't post them since they're pretty irrelevant, but this time we did since it resulted in a mini debate. Enjoy them! One of the hate mails actually came earlier this February, but for whatever reason, we didn't respond to it until after we did the last update. This is a good one. You can see this particular one here.

May 31, 2013: Regarding the Alternative Site for Christians
A little while back, we mentioned that we were excited to make an alternative site of this project for Christians. The idea is to show them how bad the 4th Watch church is so that they will leave or stay away from them, without offending their Christian beliefs. Most of us of the Watchers of the 4th Watch are atheists, and we actually prefer for everyone to not be a Christian of any kind. However, we maintain that we would rather have persons be certain kinds of Christians other than of cultic ones like the PMCC 4th Watch, and we feel that it might be more effective in keeping persons away from the 4th Watch if we have a way to focus on just that, and not including atheism in it. We were believing that this new site would happen sooner than later, but we must now say that it has been delayed. We still want to do it, and we maintain that it will happen, but the problem is that many of us just don't have the time right now in order to do it. It will happen, but we're just not sure when; hopefully within a couple of years.

May 29, 2013: Finally Added New Information About the Maranatha Christian Academy
We have been wanting to add more information about the PMCC 4th Watch school known as "National Christian Life College", or more popularly the "Maranatha Christian Academy", but previously we didn't have that much information to provide to you. We have since talked to some of the students of the school, and thus we have learned quite a bit more that we are now sharing here. We want to thank the students who talked with us, and who gave us information about the school. Click here to read about the PMCC 4th Watch school.

May 27, 2013: Fixed Some Errors in the Salvation Article
We noticed that there were some errors our popular Salvation article. They were only trivial errors, and they had nothing to do with the truth of the 4th Watch, but there were quite a few, and they were annoying, so we made sure to fix them. Basically, the numbers of the reasons for what makes God evil were numbered incorrectly and scattered about. This is a result of us making so many adjustments to the article, particularly as we continue to add reasons for why God is evil, and as we make them clearer. Fortunately, it has been all cleaned up now. So enjoy it.

May 25, 2013: Added Another Personal Experience

May 24, 2013: Added Some More Testimonies

May 23, 2013: More Love Mail

May 23, 2013: More Hate Mail

May 20, 2013: The Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society has a new look. Check it out.

Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society

November 24, 2012: Arsenio Ferriol Possibly Announces Specific Date of the End Times
We have heard from one of our visitors that the Apostle Arsenio Ferriol (cult leader) of the 4th Watch has announced an actual date of the rapture/end of the world; supposedly in the year 2024. We cannot yet confirm if this is true at this time, but we are looking into it. This is possibly big news; because if he truly set a date; then this means that once the date passes; it will be easier to point this guy out as a fraud. One of the things that kept Arsenio "smart" was that he preached the end times without actually giving a date; thus being able to con many persons but not get caught. This will be a huge mistake on his part, but at least the world will have a better understanding that he is a fake. On the other hand; if he's really going to go through with this; then perhaps he's not a liar after all. Perhaps he really is crazy. Then again; he'll be so old by then that maybe he wouldn't care anymore. In any case; we're not yet sure if he set a date, but it's definitely worth getting more information on.

November 24, 2012: We updated our hate mail once again.

April 30, 2012: We updated our hate mail and love mail.

December 6, 2011: LOL. Additional Reason Why God is Evil Added to the Salvation Article

November 29, 2011: Big News! Alternative Site for Christians!
Okay; one of the things that has bothered us since not too long after the website went up, is the atheistic tone of the project. It's not because we dislike this tone; most of the contributors to the project, as well as the head producer, are atheists, and the information given that concerns atheism is very important. The problem is that the main focus of the project was to be about the PMCC 4th Watch being a dangerous cult. Because most persons who are in the position to even consider going to the cult are Christians, the atheism aspect of the site could prove to be a distraction, as most Christians who are looking for a legitimate church will not care for what he have to say to about the matter if we are godless to begin with. The truth is; we care more about persons not belonging to the 4th watch cult, or any cult, than being Christians. Now; we have made it clear that the project's focus is on the cult. It was never meant to be a site that promoted atheism. Unfortunately; the original and main message might still get lost with the way the site is right now. However; all of the information that we have presented to the public in the project is too valuable to get rid of. Everything will stay the way it is. So; we have decided to make an alternative site to this one; one that focuses less on the atheistic characteristics. This way; if you want someone you know to not join the 4th Watch cult, but you don't want to show them a site promoting atheism, you will now have a site that you can send them to that focuses just on the 4th Watch being a dangerous cult. We feel that this will help with the distraction. This idea came to us after reading an email that supported us for the project on going against the cult, but was against the atheism because it was indeed a distraction for Christians. This extension of the site might not be up for a few months, but we definitely do want it to happen, so expect it in the near future!

November 28, 2011: Modified the Salvation Article Again
The article on salvation is one of our most popular articles. We've modified it again. This time we clarified one of the reasons that makes God evil, and we added a new one. There are now fifteen reasons that make God evil regarding the concept of salvation. We also added a list that recaps every reason after the main part of the article. Click here to see it.

November 28, 2011: New Testimonies
We are proud to announce that we also have some new testimonies to present to everyone. The more that we get; the more that the public realizes how bad this cult is. Go here to see them.

November 27, 2011: New Love Mail
We are happy to say that we also received some love mail. And these are very good too! Go here to check those out!

November 26, 2011: New Hate Mail
Well of course we received a lot of hate mail while we were away, and we've put them all up for everyone to see, along with our responses of course. Go here to see them! They're good!

November 20, 2011: We're back!
We took a a rather lengthy break from updates due to personal issues and busy shcedules, but we are back updating the site and answering emails. Expect quite a few updates in the next few days.

June 15, 2011: Addition to the Salvation Article
We just added a little bit of writing to the salvation article.

June 15, 2011: Added a New Love Mail

May 26, 2011: New Hatemail!
And this one's a good one. Click here to see it.

May 25, 2011: Updated Our Debate with Crazy 4th Watcher

May 22, 2011: Love Mail, Testimony, and Personal Experience Added
We have a love mail and testimony from an ex-4th Watcher. We thank this person who shared them with us. We also added a new personal experience from a previous ex-4th Watcher who emailed us.

May 20, 2011: May 21st Apocalypse believers; Even the 4th Watch thinks you're crazy. What does that tell you?!

May 19, 2011: Another Hate Mail
We have another hate email to add. We particularly like this one, as it perfectly demonstrates the extent of 4th Watch intelligence.

May 14, 2011: RH Bill protesters; Even the 4th Watch is against you! What does that tell you?

May 12, 2011: Another Love Mail!
We have another supportive email that we can add to our love mail area. Thank you.

May 9, 2011: We have teamed up with the Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society!

Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society

The Watchers of the 4th Watch, creators of the PMCC 4th Watch Truth Project, has teamed up with PATAS, the Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society, to help with the spread of atheism in the Philippines, and to help Filipinos live life without superstition and religion. It is unfortunate that we must state with disappointment that the Philippines is plagued with religious stupidity, dominated by Christian and Muslim fundamentalists and radicals. The Philippines is the birth place of the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) cult. There has been a recent surge of "prophets" and "apostles" rising in the Philippines, and the leader of the PMCC 4th Watch cult is one of these many false teachers. As such, there have been several cults that have sprung up in this otherwise mostly beautiful country. The time has come for this religious plague to end, and for atheism to make its way to the Filipino people. Now is the time for Filipinos to stand up and make their voices heard! If you are an atheist or agnostic in the Philippines, you are not alone. Join us, and let's do the best we can to liberate our country from the poisons of religious teachings, and to restore reason to all who live here.

May 8, 2011: Refuting the 4th Watch Apostle has been retouched.
We wrote a very informative article addressing Arsenio's apostleship in his PMCC 4th Watch cult. The article explains why he is not a true apostle, and how to refute his bogus claims. We retouched the article, though most of the information hasn't changed much; it has mainly been re-organized. It is a very important article for all 4th Watchers to read, and anyone who has ever been approached by one of these cult persons.

May 6, 2011: Our First Debate is Online
Our first debate is now being posted on our website. It is a debate currently in progress, and not finished, but we've been involved in this debate for a while now, so we decided to start posting it. The debate is about the PMCC 4th Watch not being a true Biblical church, but a cult. It is being conducted by a 4th Watcher named Roland Laynesa and our own head producer Atheist Jesus. You can check out the debate here.

May 5, 2011: More Strong Hate Mail
4th Watchers really want us to burn in hell.

May 2, 2011: New Hate Mail
We added a new hate mail from someone saying we haven't any love mail, a few days after we actually received our first love mail.

May 2, 2011: New Testimony
We added a new testimony from an ex-4th Watcher's email that he sent us. You can see it here.

May 2, 2011: We received our first love mail!
A very supportive email was sent to us by a Christian who is an ex-member of the 4th Watch cult. This is the very first supportive email that we get to put in our love mail area. We actually do get a lot of support for our project, but those who are angry with an organization are more inclined to write them than those who are happy. You can see our first love mail here.

Apr 29, 2011: Added a New Email response
With recent information about the environment and the 4th Watch cult leader concerning his wealth, we have emailed this information to a 4th Watcher who has criticized us for the material that we have on the 4th Watch that addresses such issues. You can see this response here.

Apr 28, 2011: Added Information to the Environment Article
We always knew that the 4th Watch teaches not to take care of the world, but we have now watched a sermon given by sub-cult leader Jonathon Ferriol who proves what we've been saying with extremely disgusting, dangerous, and immoral words about our beloved planet. It is clear that the 4th Watch hates our planet and that the environment is nothing worth "investing in". You can see the environment article here.

Apr 28, 2011: Major Revisions to Deityship and Leadership Articles
In an attempt to clean up the information we were presenting in these articles, and to overall present them in a better way, while adding new information as well, we rewrote most of the articles of the following: Deityship, Leadership, God, the Deity, and Arsenio T. Ferriol, Apostle.

Apr 27, 2011: Revisions to Several Articles
We made some minor revisions to the information presented in the following articles: The Holy Bible, Promotion, Initiation, and Devotion and Worship.

Apr 24, 2011: Happy Zombie Jesus Day Everyone!
Today, Christians from all over the flat Earth celebrate the day when Jesus came back as a zombie looking for brains to eat...and he's been eating the brains of Christians ever since. Click here to see the craziness that they celebrate.

Apr 21, 2011: Information on the 4th Watch Magazine Added
As we are the ultimate source for knowledge on the 4th Watch, we wanted to add information on their official magazine, titled "The Word".

Apr 20, 2011: Salvation Piece in Time For Easter!
We just realized that our piece on Salvation was finished just in time for Easter.

Apr 19, 2011: The updates are complete!
As mentioned, we've been very busy working on many updates and they are finally done. For nearly the past two weeks, we have been modifying parts of the site, adding new information, and just overall making huge improvements. Much of what we've done is added new information about the 4th Watch, but ever since we launched it back in Febrauary, there have been several things about the project that we wanted to change. Shortly after releasing a project, you often see things that you can improve on, and that is what happened here; but we decided to leave everything the way it was because it would take a lot of time to change, and it wasn't completely necessary.

However, it really started to bother us, and so we started out small with the color headers, but then just went ahead and made every change that we wanted to. There were some aspects of the 4th Watch that we wanted to talk about but didn't originally include, such as what they believe about the end of the world, but we also found it was somewhat difficult to find information quickly, so we improved the layout of the links and changed the format in which certain passages are displayed. We also made many little changes. Right now, everything is done and it looks great! It is easier to find information, it is easier to read, new information has been added, and many little things have greatly added to the finished product. It was a lot of work, but it was well worth it!

You can see every modification we've made here. Remember that we have been updating the site for the past two weeks, so even though we have not posted any updates since the 9th, several updates have been taking effect since then, and you can see when they all took place.

Apr 19, 2011: Information about the Maranatha Christian Academy has been added.
The 4th Watch established a Christian school in the Philippines, but we never had any information on it before. We now have a piece on it. We will add more information about it as we learn more.

Apr 18, 2011: We updated the cultic feature summary list.
With all of the extra information that we added, we updated the summary list of all known cultic features of the 4th Watch.

Apr 18, 2011: Modified the Unbiblical Aspect of the Fourth Watch
We made a few modifications to the Unbiblical 4th Watch aspect of the cult after writing our piece on the dedicated notions of the Fourth Watch and the Apocalypse.

Apr 18, 2011: Information about the Fourth Watch has been added.
This is something we should have created a piece for since the release of this project, as the fourth watch is the main focal point of the 4th Watch doctrine. After all, it's part of their name. But at the time, we just didn't have enough information about the meaning behind this fourth watch of theirs. We had ideas, but we don't want to display any information here that isn't factual. Understanding the meaning behind the fourth watch was something we had been trying to ask 4th Watchers for a long time, but as we mentioned, most members of the 4th Watch cult do not like to answer questions about their cultic teachings. But since the launch of this project, we finally got their attention. Talking to and debating with 4th Watchers has given us the information we needed to write about it, so we finally were able to.

Apr 18, 2011: Information about the Apocalypse been added.
One of the main focal points of the 4th Watch is their cultic belief about the Apocalypse. They just love talking about the "End Times". In fact, their name is based off of this concept. Because of this, and because the end of world teachings are so prominent in cults, we always thought it would be a good idea to write a piece on that. In it, we give a good overall explanation of the Apocalypse and what it means to be living in the End Times.

Apr 18, 2011: Major Modification of the Navigation Interface
We noticed that it was somewhat difficult to find the information we were looking for when going to the site, and information which we found was common information that persons wanted to read took some digging to find their links. So we re-did the layout of the links on the interface of the site. As an example, we are often referring persons to look at all of the cultic features of the 4th Watch which we have identified, and we have a special page that lists them all as a summary, because we want both 4th Watchers and non-4th Watchers to know what makes them a cult without having to read very in-depth articles. However, this link was not as easy to find as it should be if it's so common. So we took out a rarely used button and put a button for this on the interface.

Apr 18, 2011: We cleaned up some of the ways our information was displayed.
We saw that a few things were too complex and some were just not effective with the site, so we made some changes in this area too. As an example, we found that splitting up the FAQ into three parts and including one general FAQ only caused confusion and clutter, so we got rid of all the FAQs, leaving just one general FAQ.

Apr 17, 2011: New Quote Area
A popular feature of this project is our use of quotes from 4th Watchers to support the points and claims we make. But some of the things they say are so entertaining, that we thought it might be a nice idea to just place every quote we use from them in this project, in one place. So we did that, and we like it! Plus, using our new passage layout system, the quotes are easy to read and it gives you a better idea as to who's speaking it. Check out their entertaining quotes here. You won't be disappointed!

Apr 16, 2011: Added a new piece on their cultic ritual, the Holy Communion.
The Holy Communion is a common ritual among the whole of Christianity, not just cults, but that doesn't mean that this bizarre ritual is not cultic. It is in fact, a pretty creepy concept. In any case, this answers the question about the 4th Watch cult concerning if they drink blood and eat human flesh or not. If you want to find out whether or not they do, go here.

Apr 16, 2011: Added a new piece that is characteristic among cults called "Secrecy, Mystery, and Deception".
The 4th Watch cult is like any other cult that practices the arts involving secrecy, mystery, lying, trickery, and overall immoral shadiness. More reasons why they are a cult! You can read this piece here.

Apr 16, 2011: Added Information to Humanism
We added some additional information about Humanism.

Apr 16, 2011: Added a new piece on Apostleship to their doctrines.
In the beginning, we weren't that interested in their unbiblical concept that an apostle is needed in a true Christian church, because we were adressing more of their cultic issues, but because apostleship is unique and fundamental to the 4th Watch church, their cult leader calling himself the Living Apostle sent by God, and since we wish to be the ultimate source for 4th Watch knowledge, we created a new piece on their beliefs concerning the necessity apostleship.

Apr 15, 2011: Added a new piece on the Oneness of Truth to their doctrines.
We have mentioned before how the 4th Watch cult leader Arsenio Ferriol teaches that he is the one true Christian leader, and that salavation is achieved only by being a member of his church, so at first we didn't see a reason to dedicate a piece to it, but because this oneness of truth idea is so common in cults, we decided it was a good idea to do just that.

Apr 15, 2011: Added a new piece on salvation to their doctrines.
Our article on salvation actually came about from writing about the oneness of truth. The original purpose was to write about how the 4th Watch cult believes that salvation can be achieved only through their church alone, but we decided to write more about their beliefs on what salvation actually means. We had already touched on this subject in the Ethics article, but after finishing this writing on salvation, we decided it definitely needed its own article.

The article that we wrote is actually a pretty important one for all Christians. Salvation is the main goal of all Christians, and yet, so many are confused by what salvation means and what it entails. All too often, Christians blab about how Jesus died for all our sins, and yet they never even actually know what that means. For the Christians that do know, they actually think of this concept as proof of God's love, when it is clearly proof of his evil. Thus, this piece is for both Christians who are ignorant, and brainwashed. The article lays out plainly for everyone to see what salvation is and how it works. It also shows why God is evil and not loving like how most Christians see it as. In fact, we provide fourteen reasons concerning salvation alone as to why God is evil. It is an interesting and must read.

Apr 15, 2011: Added Some Hatemail
We added a couple of hatemails in this huge wave of updates as well. Apparently, the 4th Watch is praying that our souls immediately be in Hell. :)

Apr 14, 2011: Added new material to Identifying a Cult.
Persons calling all religions cults prompted us to write a good piece about doing so. The cult has a special meaning that should be applied correctly. While all religions seem to portray cultic features, some do more than others, and a church like the PMCC 4th Watch is a cult. You can take a look at this new material here.

Apr 13, 2011: Added new material to the Cult Leader piece.
We've been getting emails from angry 4th Watchers about how their leader doesn't live in a mansion or live a life of luxury. We felt it was important to address that, which you can read here. We also added some material on what possibilities there are for why Arsenio Ferriol is doing what he's doing. We believe he is a scam-artist. But could it be something else? Is he mentally ill? Is he really just so superstitious that he actually believes in the falsehoods that he teaches? We talk about that here.

Apr 12, 2011: New Material on Refuting the Apostle
During our current debate with a 4th Watcher, we've been presented with a lot of material to work with refuting the 4th Watch apostle on whether or not an apostle is needed according to the Bible. This 4th Watcher has provided more verses that they use from the Bible to support their belief, which we of course refute. You can check this piece out by going here.

Apr 12, 2011: Darkened Table Headers
Just something small, but we darkened the headers of all the navigation tables on the site to make it easier to read. It looks better.

Apr 11, 2011: Added new information on tithing.
We recently viewed a sermon given by sub-cult leader Jonathon Ferriol which of course included about ten to fifteen minutes of him preaching about giving money to the church. We added some information from that sermon.

Apr 11, 2011: Added Some New Arguments and Remarks
We added a few new arguments and remarks from 4th Watchers that we commented on.

Apr 10, 2011: We have an awesome new way to display special passages.
One update that we are especially proud of is our new layout method for displaying special passages, including quotes from both 4th Watchers and us, texts from publications such as documents and websites, and verses from the Bible. Such information is contained within its own bubble and when coming from a person or the Bible, an icon is displayed to let you know who or what the passage is coming from. It makes everything easier to read and is overall just more fun. See what we're talking about here.

Apr 9, 2011: A Huge Wave of Updates is Coming!
We have been so busy working on many valuable updates to the project, including more information on Arsenio Ferriol, lies of the 4th Watch, as well as changes to the look of the site. Expect a notification of all of these updates in about a week, probably some time on April 17th.

Apr 8, 2011: New Information about Arsenio Ferriol
We've been talking to a 4th Watcher for the past month and we've learned a few details about his beginnings as a cult leader. You can see this piece here. We are also going to be adding a new section to their beliefs soon.

Apr 6, 2011: Heart-breaking Testimony
As our project has just been launched, we have been waiting for and attempting to retrieve testimonies from victims of the PMCC 4th Watch cult. These testimonies are important because they further show how real persons are affected by the cult. The testimonies we had in the beginning were only from persons involved in the project. Well we received our first testimony concerning a victim today, but it is not quite what we expected. We expected for persons who were once members of the cult to make a statement about how they were victimized, but the testimony we received surprised us. Apparently, the testimony did not come from a 4th Watcher, but by a friend on his behalf. It seems his friend's parents are 4th Watchers, and because he dislikes the cult, he is subjected to physical abuse by his parents when trying to force their cultic beleifs on him. He is not allowed to visit our site, so that is why his friend did instead.

Here is the testimony we received:

My friend's parents are members of the 4th watch and they literally HURT him to convince him anything about the church. Like he complains to me about how he busted his lip today after expressing his thoughts against the church and his mom slapped him and punched him in the face.

He said they're forbidden to go to this site and are always monitored about it. So he can't submit his testimonies. as a concerned friend, I thought it would be right to do it for him.

This is truly heart-breaking and we hope to keep in contact with this person so that we might be able to help in any way we can. We fear that this will not be the only email we receive that describes child abuse from parents who are members of the PMCC 4th Watch cult. But if anyone ever wonders why we are committed to this project, this is the reason. We want to thank this individual for his concern for his friend, and for submitting this testimony. We have to stand up to the cult and not let them ruin anymore lives.

Apr 4, 2011: Debate Update
As mentioned earlier, we began a debate with a 4th Watch cult member, and we would just like to inform you all how it's going. As expected, the person we are debating has not offered any successful arguments to show that his church is the true church, as everything he has said has been very easily refuted. His logic is way out there and his mentality is a clear sign that he has been programmed by the cult. But in any case, it has been very entertaining for us. We promise you will enjoy reading it when we post it later. Atheist Jesus has done a great job against the cult member, though debating such individuals is not really much of a challenge to begin with.

Here is a teaser just to show you what we're talking about. This is an example from the debate, modified for simplicity, of this guy's inability to understand logic:

4th Watcher: "You violated the debate rules."

Freethinker: "No I didn't."

4th Watcher: "Yes you did and I will not tolerate those who violate the rules. You are incapable."

Freethinker: "I don't believe I broke any rules, but if I did, I need to act rude."

4th Watcher: "Thank you for admitting you broke the rules."

Freethinker: "I didn't admit to that."

4th Watcher: "You apologized if you broke the rules, that means you broke the rules because you apologized."

Freethinker: "I said if I broke the rules."

4th Watcher: "Saying "if" means you actually did it, so you admitted to breaking the rules."

Freethinker: "No, that's not what it means. Again, no need to act rude."

4th Watcher: "You just admitted again to breaking the rules."

Freethinker: "And how did I do that?"

4th Watcher: "You told me not to act rude if you broke the rules. So you're saying that I will act rude if you broke the rules. Since I acted rude, it means that you broke the rules."

Freethinker: "You acted rude towards me not because I broke the rules, but because you believed I did."

4th Watcher: "Like I said, you admit that you broke the rules."

Lol! You can't make this stuff up folks. Unfortunately, 4th Watchers, as well as many other cult members and Christians, are trained not to think, and instead are programmed by their religious affiliation to abandon all logic and rationality. There is no doubt that this particular individual has been victimized. It is entertaining, but it depresses us that a life has been wasted...and there are many more lives just like this one inside the PMCC 4th Watch cult that are losing their ability to think just like this guy. This is why we are doing expose the truth behind the 4th Watch.

We will be posting the full debate in the future, and you can see how this particular example played out.

Mar 30, 2011: New Color Headers
We've realized for a while that distinguishing the headers of the project from the project's main text was a bit difficult. We actually we're thinking of changing the color of all headers on the project for quite some time now, and we finally went ahead and did it. What an improvement! It is much easier on the eyes to read and just looks nicer too.

Mar 28, 2011: 4th Watcher Debate Begins
We have just started the online debate. Our opponent's name is Roland Laynesa. He will be up against Atheist Jesus. Roland's objective is to prove to us that the PMCC 4th Watch is a "true church according to the Bible". He wants us to prove that his church is a cult of Christianity. We will post the debate when it is completed.

Mar 22, 2011: New Debate Happening Soon
A 4th Watcher who claims that the cult "cured" him of his homosexuality wants to have an online debate with us to "prove" our assertions. We will post when it's happening.

Mar 23, 2011: We added a couple new hate mails.

Mar 22, 2011: Our new forums are up!
Our forum is back! And we now actually have two forums. We have one main forum on our actual site, and a Facebook forum. This gives us many more options than what we had before. Our original Facebook forum getting taken down was a very good thing, because now we have something so much better! We guess the 4th Watchers didn't pray hard enough. Either that or...God isn't real! Go here to visit the forum page.

Mar 21, 2011: We also added today some information to the "refuting the Apostle" area.
We uncovered a new Bible verse that the 4th Watch uses to justify the idea that persons can only learn the gospel from apostles or persons sent by God. Of course, it does nothing of the sort. It only shows how cult leaders like to stretch the truth to make others follow them.

Mar 21, 2011: We revamped the piece on cults.
We did this in order to clarify and expand on the definition of cults and cultic features.

Mar 18, 2011: Our forum was removed by Facebook.
Yes, Facebook took down our forum. That's okay. We knew that would happen. We're actually surprised it lasted as long as it did. It certainly took the 4th Watchers a long time to finally accomplish that. That page could have been taken down the very same day it was put up, yet it lasted about three weeks! It's all good because we knew this would happen and the forum we had was just a temporary one. We liked Facebook because it was so familiar to so many persons and we know that the 4th Watch has a heavy following on it. But like we said, we knew the forum would be temporary. The best thing that the Facebook forum did was spread the word about our Truth Project. It helped get a lot of attention. But now that it's gone and served its purpose, we are already working on getting a new one going. We will most likely have a forum on the actual site and maybe still use Facebook for an additional forum. We'll see. Expect a new forum very soon!

Mar 11, 2011: Horrible tragedy in Japan fuels the 4th Watch's superstition.
Today Japan suffered a horrible tragedy. An immense earthquake and tsunami devastated lives and property, as well as damaging nuclear power plants, causing even more trouble for this unfortunate people. Our hearts go out to them and we hope they are able to cope and recover after this horrible event.

As soon as we heard about it, we knew it wouldn't be long before 4th Watchers and other radical religionists would start blaming this tragedy on the gays and would call it a sign of the "end times". And we were right. Within minutes, there were several posts made by 4th Watchers about how the end times are near. When are they going to learn?

Mar 6, 2011: We added some additional regulations for the forum.

Mar 6, 2011: We added new and updated information about the legality of cults.
We've been thinking a lot lately about the legal status of cults and if they should actually be considered illegal or protected in a free society. Our thoughts are that while many nations do not consider cults to be illegal, many cults do engage in illegal behavior, and therefore those particular cults should be. We do not want to make any organization illegal simply for being cultic, but the reality is, most cults these days do engage in illegal activity and such cults should be considered illegal. You can read this in full detail here.

Mar 4, 2011: We added some hate mail.
We were going to accumulate a few more emails before we added them to the site, but we've gotten some good ones already and our responses are pretty good too and worth reading, so we decided to put them up now.

Mar 4, 2011: We received our first threat!
It's a mild one, but nice. You can read it in our hate mail area here.

Mar 1, 2011: We added some information on the 4th Watch cult congresswoman Abigail Ferriol of the Philippines House of Representatives.

Feb 27, 2011: The 4th Watch finished their 18th U.S. District convention.
In typical cultic fasion, the PMCC 4th Watch held one of their annual "conventions" where the cult leaders try to gather as many of their mindless followers as possible to reinforce their programming, complete with professional speakers, lies, false testimonies, various psychological attacks, and the cult master himself, their "Living Apostle", a.k.a. cult leader.

Cult leader Arsenio Ferriol was the speaker for the last night of the convention and he talked for several hours. He spent time talking about the reasoning behind the 4th Watch, which no reasonable person would buy into, but which his flock ate right up. After hours of reinforced programming, he then spent close to half an hour relaying to his sheep as to why he is the one true apostle of the "end times". Then at the very end, in the attempt to win more slaves, and staying true to his cultic character, he made the promise of God's healing power to those who were with ailment. He told everyone there how God was healing persons right then and there, and to raise their voice and speak how God has healed them. This is a cultic technique called "false testimony" in which persons are tricked into giving a testimony that isn't real. In this case, they are testifying to God's healing. This reinforces the idea into their head, which makes them believe what they are saying, and it also provides credibility to those hearing the testimony, which reinforces their delusional beliefs as well. For those that were not immediately fooled by this and who were not healed, Arsenio conveniently responded by saying that sometimes God heals 'later'. Of course.

Feb 22, 2011: The official website for the PMCC 4th Watch Truth Project is launched!

Feb 6, 2011: Added a special piece for victims in the report.

Jan 31, 2010: The official report for the PMCC 4th Watch Truth Project is released.

Aug 1, 2009: The official anti-4th Watch poem is finished and published.

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