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The Official Anti-PMCC 4th Watch Poem

Here is the poem that started it all! The head producer of this project authored this poem as a way to effectively express its thoughts and anger, and was a very therapeutic way to cope and recover from being a 4th Watch victim. It was written a few months after leaving the cult and was eventually published on the web on a primitive webpage. It was the author's desire to one day expand the website into a full blown anti-4th Watch site. Initially, such a project was years away, but an answer to a challenge from a 4th Watch victim as to why their church was a cult resulted in the author writing a report on what made the 4th Watch a cult. The author decided to expand the report to be the official anti-4th Watch report. It was then decided to go ahead and make the official anti-4th Watch website to present this report. The website you see today is the official anti-4th Watch project. What you are about to see is the poem that initiated the project's presence and eventual birth.

There comes a time when every soul must be strong,
To fight for what's right and to fight against wrong.

So I reach out to you, fellow watchers of four,
In my attempt to save souls, I declare war.

Your god is immoral, I want all to know.
Your religion is evil, and this I will show.

An atheist I knew, I always would be,
But a desire to know God still lurked inside me.

My friends who were Christians, helped in my search.
I then found religion, the 4th Watch Church.

What would possess me to enter this place,
For I knew my beliefs they would try to replace.

My life was in torment from emotional strain.
I looked to the Heavens to battle this pain.

You led me to God, and said that he loved me,
I prayed with you there with his spirit above me.

This feeling I yearned for, I had to have then.
You doused me in water, and I felt born again.

Perhaps their lord God was real after all.
I trusted his word should I were to fall.

My mind was so open, my spirit was free.
Everyone there was so kind to me.

Engaged with such love, your church was so nice.
I didn't know then, that love had a price.

At first I felt your love all around.
A group I belonged to, I finally found.

But then you told me the way I should pray.
You told me I needed to follow your way.

To fall on your knees with your sins to confess,
They teach how to worship and how you must dress.

They pushed me to sing, to dance, and to cry,
That for all of my sins, Lord Jesus would die.

You told me the things I needed to do,
And I found that God's love was just for the few.

You showed me that love had to be bought,
From the kindness you gave to God's love that I sought.

They give you their rules after taking the bait.
They taught me to judge, they taught me to hate.

I never accepted the god you taught there,
But you preached all this love, I wanted my share.

But in order to sing your God's holy song,
I had to preach words I knew that were wrong.

My heart broke inside when I found out your goal.
The cost of your kindness was the loss of my soul.

The Gospel's good news, for the souls that it saves,
Disciples of nations, but you really mean slaves.

It became quite apparent, that it was all just a lie,
And this notion of God quickly started to die.

It took me a while to conclude the result,
But I realized I entered a fanatical cult.

They seem so legit with their numbers and size,
Their warm friendly kindness is quite a disguise.

But a cult is a cult, make no mistake.
My money and soul they tried to take.

My dislike for God was evident before,
But after leaving your church, I hated God more.

What could I do, what damage was done?
My war on this church has only begun.

To follow their ways is wrong and immoral.
Religion is always an on-going quarrel.

People don't realize the pain it can cause.
The 4th Watch can't see the blood on their claws.

If you do not believe me, I will tell you a story,
About a young girl who served in God's glory.

She was given a gift to help others in need,
But she felt more obliged to make their souls bleed.

She became a skilled nurse to help others to heal,
But soon after that, made the devil a deal.

She helped persons with love, so I find it quite odd,
That she'd now let them suffer to serve a false god.

So now when they need her, she's preaching her hate.
People are dying, she's not thinking straight.

If hate's what you teach, then love can't be earned.
But this is a lesson that she never learned.

The wicked will grow when the end time is near,
But your religion is all that is wicked my dear.

My heart has been darkened, I admit that is true,
But it was so much more lighter, before I met you.

But if that's not enough, I have one more sad tale,
About a young girl's life who was set up to fail.

Torn between her young heart's desire,
And the god that would put her soul into fire.

Attracted to forces she cannot deny,
She's trying to fight it, I can't understand why.

Christians will try to control your own fate,
They always find ways that allow them to hate.

Convinced that her feelings are an almighty curse,
She gave up her love for a life that's much worse.

She was given a trait that she cannot repel,
But shows love to a god that wants her in Hell.

I refuse to believe that such a good god above,
Would hate one so much for the way she would love.

Why would she suffer and praise the 4th Watch,
When the god that she worships hates her so much?

They believe in a man who has led them astray,
A true cultic leader in every such way.

He has them convinced that he's God's chosen teacher.
They don't understand he's just a false preacher.

This delusional soul had a vision one day,
And thought to himself, I'll be a prophet today!

He prayed to his god to make a quick buck.
He knows men are sheep, he didn't need luck.

For lies and deception was always his niche.
He knew it was easy to make himself rich.

One thing he learned from his selfish career,
Is how to control his people with fear.

Your living apostle is quite a smart man.
He knows how to make a strong business plan.

They call him the "Sent One", from God's holy cloud.
His plan would make any false prophet so proud.

He teaches that Hell is where you will go.
If you want to be saved, just give up your dough.

We rob from our God is what he will say,
If a small ten percent is what we don't pay.

But of course he wants more, ten is just minimal.
You say it's for God, I say it's just criminal.

Your religion's a joke but I don't find it funny.
You make people tithe to steal all their money.

His followers are weak and give in to a lie,
Thinking they'll please their god in the sky.

You believe that your money should go to this leech.
What else would a holy con-artist preach?

Your greedy apostle is nothing but scum.
He says the 4th Watch is when Jesus will come.

But it's not in the Bible or part of God's plan.
This 4th Watch idea just came from a man.

What other rules has he made in his head?
He's distorted the bible, his teachings misled.

Your Living Apostle is a living disgrace,
A bad role model for the whole human race.

Crawl back in the ground from which you came.
You've done nothing in life but frolic in shame.

I promise the world, I will do my part,
To expose the nature of your evil heart.

The pastor is one of the apostle's tools,
Among the worst of religious fools.

He says that God's love is what you must heed,
But inside his heart, evil planted a seed.

Trusting the Bible has beguiled himself,
And now he's a trophy on the apostle's shelf.

You foolishly ate the lies you were fed,
And now you're a slave to God's voice in your head.

You insist that God tells you all that is true.
I wonder if Satan has gotten to you.

His sidekick is one who believes his divinity.
Why not just put his face on the trinity?

But who are you to tell me what's right?
You're a demon of nature, your ideas are a fright.

He teaches to tithe, you'll burn if you won't.
This pastor will make you feel bad if you don't.

He says God will kill you, if by him you come near,
A unique kind of way to show a love that's so dear.

He told me that God wouldn't answer my prayer,
Unless I'm in church or when others are there.

Along with the rules of how you must pray,
The pastor commands you to come every day.

The church is your home, their seats you must fill.
Everyday you must go, even if you are ill.

For God is your healer, just pray while you sneeze,
And maybe he'll cure your religious disease.

You put others in danger because of your lie.
It's actions like this that made me say bye.

You put down my friends, you damn us to hell.
You've hardened your heart, like an angel who fell.

As for people with sin, you will not allow.
I'm sorry that we're just not as holy as thou.

You are more proof of the things that I say,
Religion is garbage to be thrown away.

You tried to tell me the things that are true,
But I'd have to be crazy to listen to you.

Just count all the persons you've sent to their doom.
I sure hope the Devil can make enough room.

You say you save souls, it's the job that you do.
Well my job dear pastor, is to save them from you.

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