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This church says that sin will lead you to hell,
A fiery pit where forever you'll dwell.

All sins are the same in God's holy mind,
Whether you rape a small child, or go to church if you're blind.

He'll throw you in fire for showing your doubt,
And this is the love that they talk about.

But God can't forgive us, for some reason why,
So he sends in his son to suffer and die.

When it comes to such logic, there is no defense.
Being a Christian just doesn't make sense.

A wonderful god, and father as such,
That he's willing to kill and hurt us so much.

You believe that God made us to witness his good,
But how can his hatred be misunderstood?

I hate certain gods, but yours is times three.
That's how many gods you claim there to be.

And I hate them all, not only one.
I hate your father, your spirit, and son.

But if you don't believe in the gods that they preach,
Burning in hell is then what they will teach.

And if you are a Christian, you still are not saved.
Salvation must come from a 4th Watch slave.

It's just not enough to believe in their gods.
If you don't hear it from them, your belief's a facade.

They believe that women are second to men.
To obey and submit, I can't comprehend.

I find it outrageous, sick, and absurd,
For a young girl to learn this is part of God's word.

Of course they are wrong to make such a claim.
This is the danger of the old Christian game.

You believe that it's evil for a man to be gay.
You think that the devil makes people this way.

It's sickening to hear all this hatred they shove.
How can such bigots define what is love?

But if your Heaven is real, few thus can win.
Equality is not something this church believes in.

Your religion is stupid, I want all to know.
To Hell is exactly where your beliefs can go.

The words that you speak of are so as cold as ice,
That to earn your God's love, you need to pay such a price.

For the loyal 4th Watchers, the strong, and devout,
Do you really think that this is what God is about?

You hold up your Bible, and love's what you preach.
I bet you never read from the book that you teach.

If you open that book, there are rules on divorce.
You can never remarry, but it's never enforced.

Sex is forbidden 'til you both say I do.
If you are the husband, she's a slave unto you.

If your own brother dies, you must mate with his wife.
If you fail to comply, God will then take your life.

Yet with all of these laws, you uphold only one.
Forget all the others, the gays you must shun!

So for any gay marriage, your god will reject,
Though not one of your marriages is biblically correct.

But that is not all, let me give you some more.
Each page of the Bible adds pain to the sore.

Women in church cannot even speak,
But making a profit requires a Biblical tweak.

Animal cruelty is blessed in your book,
Though some of it's laws you do overlook.

Though it commands not to eat shrimp any day,
That's something you won't hear your cruel pastor say.

‘Cause to follow these laws, their freedoms they'd lose.
So they look through their bibles and they pick and they choose.

They'll take away rights and the love someone shares,
But condemned are the people who take away theirs!

The bible you teach from belongs in the dirt.
Do you ever think about the people you hurt?

You say that we're sinners, that's what you believe.
We're going to Hell unless Christ we receive.

But belief in this church is the one true sin.
Love is not something the 4th Watch believes in.

But no matter your faith, the Bible's just wrong.
Science has proven this fact all along.

You don't need the Bible to do what is good,
And if you follow this book, you just never could.

For nothing's more evil than what it tells you to do,
And when you do something good, it must come from you.

You have to know why you do what you do,
And not just because a book told you to.

It is harmful to live by faith in this way.
You'd believe anything your dumb pastor would say.

But what is accomplished when you follow a lie?
Put down your bible and give logic a try.

You believe without thinking, you don't question why.
You fear you'll find out it's all been a lie.

For what you believe, I will never agree,
No matter how kind you all seemed to be.

Though they show kindness, their hearts are so hollow.
Biblical robots have commands they must follow.

They stick to their program, as computers can't stray.
To be homophobic is just a mouse click away.

Do the 4th Watchers love me, as much as they say?
They only love those who follow their way.

If your church is so kind, then my heart you will touch,
But if I was a woman, you wouldn't love me as much.

You say you must love your neighbor as well,
But if I was a Jew, you'd damn me to hell.

Despite all the love that you claim is your way,
I know you would hate me if I was gay.

And if I was a dog, Heaven can't be my goal,
Because God decided not to give me a soul.

You say that through love, Christ died for my sins,
But if I never knew God, then damnation begins.

And if I am not a part of your cult,
This love that you speak of would come to a halt.

4th Watchers wake up, let's get something straight,
You do not teach love, you only teach hate.

The path to God's love is never this way.
You don't need to suffer, you don't need to pay.

You love your three gods like bees love their honey,
But true love can never be purchased with money.

What does God want he doesn't yet own?
He just wants your love, not to take out a loan.

If you want to show God you have something to give,
His gift can be found in the way that you live.

But you give up your time as a 4th Watch slave,
While your apostle gets rich off the money you save.

A god is more joyful when it's servants are nice,
And that's always worth more than a vain sacrifice.

While it is true that a church needs money to thrive,
Why give to a church that makes people strive?

If you've lacked your tithes at times in the past,
You don't need to cry, you don't need to fast.

I was wrong when I sought your church's advice.
If I only knew then being kind had a price.

I am happy to see that you're losing the fight.
Christian beliefs are simply not right.

You gave me a promise to make my heart full,
But you filled me with lies and Pentecostal bull.

The Jesus you worship I'll never embrace.
I'll tear down his cross, I'll spit in his face.

You won't find the truth in any Bible you see,
Not English, Tagalog, or your flawed NIV.

There's no sense in having a moral debate.
We do not need bigots teaching children to hate.

Remember that God in the stories aren't true.
Just who God is depends upon you.

God is a symbol, that's all he can be.
God is different to you and to me.

You swear on your life that your Bible is true,
But the God that I'd worship is different from you.

I know they seem nice, but you must disbelieve.
If a part of this cult, I beg you to leave.

Fighting against each other, like a fox against the hound,
Your church is built on gossip, and Christ is nowhere to be found.

Consider the truth, my claims aren't a hunch.
Do not turn your back, do not taste the punch.

The God that they worship is evil and cruel.
To spread their agenda, they use hatred as fuel.

This part of my life, I tried to escape,
But memories won't fade of this spiritual rape.

I say to myself, it wasn't my fault.
How could I know I joined such a cult?

Religion is something I truly abhor,
But your little 4th Watch I hate a bit more.

Though when I was in need, you all showed me love.
Perhaps you were angels I prayed for above.

But then you informed me of all I must do,
From church everyday, and giving money to you.

Then were the lies, which made my head ache,
Such as the youth of our Earth, and that evolution was fake.

But my heart hurt much more, when you told me to hate,
That every non-4th Watch member would meet a doomed fate.

Maybe they thought my mind was too frail,
And mistakenly thought that my soul was for sale.

You quote your dead leaders and preach about Paul,
But the Jesus that loved us is ashamed of you all.

And whenever I bowed my head to pray,
I only asked God to take your church away.

I do not believe you all follow these trends.
Some of you I still consider my friends.

If this lyric of mine has hurt in some way,
Ponder more closely at the things that I say.

Thank you for caring, your warmth kept me strong,
But I refuse to follow that which is wrong.

My wish is to let all of the 4th Watchers know,
To remember the truth that you reap what you sew.

You taught about Jesus, who was loving and nice.
I only wish Christians would act like their Christ.

I'll fight for what's right and fight against wrong.
I'll do it in poetry, I'll do it in song.

I'll fight you in protest, with just one result,
The death of religion and the death of your cult.

Dear Jesus Christ, come back for all men,
And save us from haters like the 4th Watch again.

They worship a god who hates us so much.
This is the love of their apostle's 4th Watch.

You can see a special reaction to this poem here.

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