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Salvation means to be saved, and is often the main objective of many religions. Salvation for a religion is like the ultimate prize or reward for being in and following that religion. What salvation saves you from however, depends on the ideology that the religion has adopted. This can vary, but often, it means to be saved from such things as depression or eternal death. Sometimes, salvation can simply mean any sort of religious goal, whether it's to be enlightened or to be one with God. But while this is all true, the most common thought of salvation is the mainstream Christian notion of salvation, which is the saving of souls from being sent to Hell.

Anyone who wishes to understand Christianity should know about this religion's doctrine on salvation. In Christianity, salvation is the saving of souls from damnation, the eternal torture of individuals in a place called Hell. The traditional view of Hell is a pit with a lake of fire in it where individuals are burned forever...supposedly. Of course, some branches within Christianity believe differently. Some branches believe that Hell is actually not a physical place, but a state of mind being without God. But for most of those who believe it's a real place, once you are there, you can never get out. No amount of asking for forgiveness from God will save you. But if you are saved from Hell, or in other words, if you achieved salvation, you instead go to Heaven, a place in the sky where you will have the privilege of praising God forever...supposedly. Again, there's variation within.

So what is the purpose of Hell? Why do persons go there? We will attempt to explain that here by going over and analyzing the whole story behind salvation. But we're warning you, it's not a pretty concept. Christianity, especially in the realm of ethics, hardly makes any sense, and the story of salvation shows what an evil person the Christian god can be. Now, so many Christians you will hear cry out how Jesus died for their sins, and yet, most of these Christians don't even know what that means. You might be surprised at how many Christians say this and yet don't know the whole story or the meaning behind Jesus' death. Of those that have a basic understanding, most are under the impression that the story of salvation and God sending his son to die for us is some noble and romantic love story from God, and they are actually convinced that it shows what a great and good guy he his. But we're not fooled. We know the truth. So, here is the story behind Hell and salvation. And in it; we have identified and explained sixteen scenarios that make God evil on this one concept alone. See for yourself.

Supposedly, God is perfect...he is perfect in every way including morality-wise. He is the most perfect loving and moral being there is. Well, that's what Christianity teaches anyway. He can do no wrong, and everything he does is for a perfect reason. Yet, when he created humans, he made them imperfect. Because he knew that they were not perfect, he gave them certain commands and laws that they were to live by. Any action that goes against God's will or laws is called a sin.

Now sin is usually thought of as a bad thing, and that's the idea...that a sin is some sort of wrong-doing, like murder for instance. But if the Bible is true, then God is a very poor judge of morality, and his rules and guidelines are more often than not, immoral. As an example, you would think that murder would indeed be a sin, yet God commands his people to murder many different persons and peoples. He commands that misbehaving children be put to death for example. An example of what God actually considers to be wrong and therefore sinful would be for a woman to speak in church. Occasionally, God does have a good law, such as not to lie, but for the most part, God can only be described as evil, and his laws and commands immoral. So that's the first thing wrong about God's ethical nature.

Here's a second thing; All sins are just as bad. In God's eyes, no sin is better or worse than another. To God, they are all the same. This is a clear violation of basic morality, but this is the way God sees it. It doesn't matter if you do something as small as lying, or as big as murder. Both sins are equally bad. Because of this, persons who try to be good are brought down to the same level as those who do evil. Because of this, either God is imperfect or he is just pure evil.

Now, when someone does something wrong, they often deserve punishment. This makes sense, but God's views on punishment are very extreme and further shows how unloving he can be. Because a sin is a wrong-doing in God's eyes, sin deserves punishment, and the third thing wrong with God's views on ethics is that sin always deserves pubnishment. It does not matter what sin it is, or who commits it. Every sin must be paid for. There are no exceptions. Despite what many Christians teach, it is clear from the Bible that God is either unwilling to be forgiving and merciful, or that he does not have the ability to be at all. So again, he is either imperfect or unloving. Everytime a sin is committed, someone needs to pay for it and be punished.

So if every sin is the same, and if every sin deserves punishment, then it would make sense for every one of them to bring about the same exact punishment...and it does. And what is this great punishment? It's God's number four reason why he is evil. Every sin, no matter what it is, whether it is lying or murder, both deserve the same exact punishment, and that punishment is often be killed by God himself, and then to be tortured in a pit with a lake of fire, called Hell...for an eternity. This is the punishment for every single sin. When someone commits a sin, no matter what it is, this is what they deserve; the most extreme and worst punishment imaginable. It is amazing, but the littlest of wrong-doings such as telling a fib will earn you a ticket to a place where you will be cooked alive forever. In any case, while punishing persons for their wrong-doings is fine, they do no good if they are not the right kinds of punishments. Punishments need to be appropriate for the sin, and when it comes to God, they never are.

But it's not just about the extreme content of the punishment. We wish to place special emphasis on the fact that this most extreme and horrible punishment lasts forever. This is an important part of the punishment to mention because even though the punishment is harsh, the time you spend receiving it is a big factor in how extreme the punishment actually is. Now, being tortured as punishment is one thing, but being tortured for an eternity is God's fifth reason why he is evil. It is completely unjust to apply an infinite punishment for a finite crime. In other words, no one, no one at one who lives now, no one who has lived in the past, and no one who will live in the future will ever deserve eternal Hell. There is not a single person who deserves Hell. You can think of the worst criminal, the most horrific monsters who have committed the most horrific crimes, and they are all far from deserving hell. Ironically, the person most deserving of Hell is God himself, but even he does not deserve eternal torture.


Now notice that for punishment, we said someone has to pay. For God, it doesn't matter who pays for the sin, just as long as someone's punished for it. This is the sixth thing wrong about God's ethics...that he would actually allow someone else to take the punishment instead so that the person who did the sin is not the one paying forwhat the sinner did wrong. By doing this; the sinner, who has done something wrong according to God, is allowed to go unpunished, and thus true justice is not carried out. This way; a person who is really guilty of a truly bad deed does not learn from their mistakes, and someone else takes extra punishment which is not deserved. But it's not just that. It gets better. God allows someone who commits a sin to force someone to take the punishment instead; somebody who is completely innocent of such a sin. That's right. This all loving and perfect God actually allows for a sinner to force an innocent person to pay for the other persons's sins. So this isn't just a case where a sinner can ask someone else to take their place; God allows sinners to force their punishments on others. So that's number seven. It would be reasonable to believe that a god who hates sin so much and wants to punish sinners with the most extreme type of punishment would value those who are innocent and not allow such evil incidents to occur, yet that is strangely not the case.

And how is this done? In the Old Testament days, a sinner would kill an innocent person and sacrifice it to God. Doing so would place the sins onto the person who was innocent, thus transferring the sins to this person and forcing them to take the punishment instead. This is number eight; the sacrifice; the concept that an innocent person was allowed to be forcibly killed in order to free the real sinner from the burden of punishment and to take it instead. Sacrifices of this kind were performed on non-human animals, and you can't get any more innocent than that. Unfortuantely; God himself required that such sacrifices be done with animals; making him even more evil. Amazingly; even though he hates sin and feels that he must punish those who are guilty, he has absolutely no problem with harming those who have no guilt in them at all.

But this was only a temporary fix. The fact is, God feels that all humans are evil in nature, and ever since the original sin by Adam and Eve, all humans since were born as sinners...not because they committed any sin yet, but they were sinners because of their parents' sins. This means that being brought into the world made you a sinner, and you are guilty just for being born. Imagine that; deserving eternal torture in Hell just for being born. That's the number nine reason why God is evil. But this means that sacrificing an animal to God was only a temporary save for the person who committed sin, because as humans were born sinners, they could not stop sinning, and since their nature was to sin, no matter how many sacrifices they made, ultimately, they were destined for Hell.

So because God saw every human as sinful and therefore was deserving of Hell, and because God would not and/or could not forgive and show mercy to his people, God came up with a crazy idea in the New Testament era on how to fix this problem and save them from eternal damnation...And it's an idea only our Heavenly Father could dream up. What was this crazy yet divine idea? Well as you know, sin always deserves punishment, consisting of eternal torture, and God would allow someone's sins to be forced onto an innocent person instead so that they would take the punishment instead of the actual sinner. So this wonderful and perfectly loving and moral god sent his own son, named Jesus, a completely sinless and innocent person to Earth, and forced him to sacrifice himself in order to take away the sins of others and to be punished for those sins instead, just like how the animals were sacrificed before. That's right. God forced his own son, an innocent person, to be tortured and killed in order to pay for the sins that have been committed by others. Except with God's son, this was considered the ultimate sacrifice. By ultimate sacrifice, we mean that it paid not only for the sins currently being committed, but also every sin that was committed in the past and every sin that will be committed in the future...sins that were often nothing wrong to begin with. And this wonderful plan would of course be number ten on God's list of evil involving salvation.

It is worth mentioning though that despite God's insistance that every sin be paid for and with eternal torture, God did seem to have made an exception for his son. Where everyone else would have to spend an eternity in Hell, Jesus only had to spend three days there. If God stays so perfectly within his own logic, then Jesus should have been committed there forever, but the fact that God allowed an exception shows that he can indeed stray from his "perfect" logic, and therefore should also have been able to do the same for humans. Also, you would think that God would be even more so willing to do that for the humans because Jesus was still God, and therefore could do "no wrong". Because God knew that humans were not perfect, it would be morally fitting and expected that God would cut them a break and hold them to a lower standard, especially since God is the one who made them so imperfect in the first place...But he did no such thing. Both the imperfect humans and the perfect son of God were held to the same exact standards. With that comparison, it is like perhaps expecting both humans and dogs to follow the laws of society exactly the same and to give them both the same kinds of punishments when they don't. Holding a perfect being to a very high standard, but then holding imperfect beings to the same standard is number eleven on the list. This standard of perfection being the basis of whether or not someone goes to Hell is unfair to begin with, but when you consider the fact that persons never asked to be born and thus injected into this evil game implemented by God to begin with, that just makes God more evil. He forces us to play. And in case you didn't know; that's the number twelfth reason why God is evil.

Anyways, sending his own son to be tortured and killed because God can't or won't forgive and show mercy, to a place of eternal torture which he created in the first place? That is the main idea of the story behind salvation. It is very difficult to understand how millions of persons have been convinced that God is perfect, moral, good, and loving, and that sending his son to die for everyone's sins was an act of love and goodness, when it was really just an act of evil. But the idea of salvation is not quite complete. There are four more things that shows that God is evil here.

When God had his own son tortured and killed as a sacrifice, human salvation was not a done deal for everyone. The plan was for everyone who wished to be saved, they would have to actually accept the sacrifice from Jesus, meaning they would have to believe in him in the first place, and to apologize to God for their sins and for the sins of their ancestors. As the Bible says, when Jesus died, God bought every person and they were now his. The acceptance of Jesus Christ's sacrifice and the repentance of their own and ancestors' sins was now the only way to be saved. No one from then on was allowed to transfer their sin onto others. You now had to believe in God in order to avoid Hell. Of course, Christians will say that it is not the disbelief that would send anyone to Hell. It is still their sin that sends them there. Not believing in God just keeps them from being saved. But it's really the same thing, because God set up for humans to fail since they were first created. God knew they would sin and he made it so that they would go to Hell if they sinned, and his ultimate plan was to have his son killed so that they could avoid it, and so in the end, humans would ultimately have to believe in God...and if they don't, then they are still going to Hell. In other words, humans have to believe in God, and he will send them to Hell if they don't. That is the thirteenth reason why God is evil. Plus, regardless of whether or not going to Hell was caused by their own sins; the fact that they were going there for other persons' sins does nothing to help God's moral character. Anyways, add to the fact that humans have no way of knowing whether or not God is real, and that there is no evidence of his existence to show that he is, and you have your fourteenth reason.

Now, it is clear that God is evil for his ethical views regarding salvation. He establishes many sins that are not even wrong in the first place, holds us to an impossible standard which according to him is perfect, and he created a place where persons will be sent to be tortured for an eternity if they sin and thus do not live up to this unreasonable expectation. Then he sacrifices his son, and says that in order to avoid such a punishment, you have to believe in him and accept the sacrifice; in addiiton to worshipping and repenting to him. In other words; not only is God evil for ridiculous sins, holding us to an impossible standard, and then punishing us in the worst possible way for not being able to live up to it, and requiring us to believe in and worship him, but it shows how he is evil for forcing his will upon us. This is the fifteenth reason why God is evil. He forces us to live according to his desire. He does not give us free will or any choice in the matter. If we do not live according to his will, then he will torture us forever. It's as simple as that. That's called force. So it is not just the wrong sins, the unreasonable perfect standards, eternal torture, or being required to believe in and worship him; it's also the fact that he forces his will upon his people.

The next and last reason why God is evil in the story of salvation is this: When Jesus died and everyone was expected to accept his sacrifice and to believe that he was God in order to avoid Hell, that was basically the only requirement you needed to go to Heaven and achieve salvation. According to some Christian religions, you also needed to live a life according to Biblical scripture, but that when you sinned, all you had to do was ask for forgiveness, and Jesus' sacrifice would have you covered. This means that every person, no matter who you are or what you do, can get into Heaven, just as long as you believe in God. It doesn't matter if you steal, rape, or long as you ask for forgiveness, you won't have to be punished for your crimes because Jesus was already punished for you. Because of this, any person is allowed to do whatever they want and no one is required to be held accountable for their actions. It is a complete debauchery of morality. It is absolutely unimaginable that a perfectly moral being would allow a rapist and murderer into Heaven only because they believed in God and asked for forgiveness, and yet someone who lived a near perfect moral life would go to Hell only because they did not believe in God. That is number sixteen.

So there you have it. That is basically the complete story behind salvation and is what every Christian, and to be honest, what every person should know about God sending Jesus to die for everyone's sins. It reveals that God is not good and loving, and the story of Jesus' sacrifice was not a story of love, but a story of evil. We have revealed sixteen reasons why the story of salvation shows God to be evil, and that is sixteen reasons as to why Christian salvation is a cultic joke. Unfortunately, Christians are not taught about salvation this way. They are trained to see this as the greatest love story every told. It takes a tremendous amount of brain programming to convince someone that the story on salvation actually shows God to be good and loving. As easy as it is for a reasonable person to see the story of salvation for what it really is, a brainwashed individual will swear that it is the perfect example of God's love, even though it is the perfect example of his evil.

Here is a recap of all sixteen scenarios that make God evil regarding the concept of salvation.

1.) spacer Most of what God considers sinful are not actually wrong, and yet most of his commands are.
2.) spacer All sins are treated the same; none are better or worse than others.
3.) spacer Sin always deserves punishment; there is no forgiveness or mercy.
4.) spacer The punishment for sin is extremely cruel; not appropriate for any sin at all.
5.) spacer Punishment is eternal; Infinite punishment for finite sins.
6.) spacer God allows anyone to pay for somebody's sins.
7.) spacer God allows sinners to force others to pay for their sins.
8.) spacer Transferring sin requires sacrifice; killing the person that you're transferring the sin to.
9.) spacer Persons are guilty of sin because of the sins of their ancestors; persons deserve Hell just for being born.
10.) spacer God had his own son tortured and killed to save sinners from an inappropriate punishment that God never had to give them in the first place.
11.) spacer God holds imperfect persons to a perfect standard; his own standard which is not perfect, but immoral.
12.) spacer Persons never ask to be born to attempt to live up to God's perfect standard; He forces us to play his game of evil.
13.) spacer God will send you to Hell for not believing in him.
14.) spacer God will send persons to Hell for not believing in him, even though he provides no way to actually know him.
15.) spacer God forces his will upon his people. If they do not do what he wants, they go to Hell.
16.) spacer Simply believing in God lets you get away with sins that are truly wrong, while good persons who don't believe in God go to Hell.

So from our understanding about Christians, especially cultic Christianity, the Christian definition of love is:

Creating a place of eternal torture where you will send persons to because they refuse to follow your will, such as to kill gay persons, and because of the wrong-doings that your ancestors have done...then murdering and torturing your own son so that you won't have to send them long as they believe in you and this ridiculous logic.

Their idea of love is like this:

A rapist is about to rape a woman, but says to the woman "I love you so much that I'm going to kill my son so that I won't have to rape you.". Then the rapist kills his own son and asks her if she accepts his sacrifice. If she does, he won't rape her. If she doesn't, then she gets raped. According to Christians, that's true love!

So in any case; burning in Hell forever? Whether God is evil or not, that's some scary stuff, so why wouldn't you want ot be saved? Well of course anyone would want to be saved from that. The problem is, every religion has their own idea of a bad place you go to when you die, and in reality, no such places exist. Sometimes salvation can have a real good purpose, but you know you are probably part of a cultic organization when salvation saves you from some form of torture and when the organization teaches that there is only one way, their way, to achieve it. Cults usually focus on this punishment to induce fear among its members, so that they will continue to give them money in order to avoid that eternal punishment. And of course, because their way is the only way, they're the only ones who can take the money and save you.

The 4th Watch cult believes in everything we just talked about regarding salvation, though of course, they're among the fools who believe that the story of salvation somehow shows that God is good, and this is a very significant piece of evidence that shows they are a cult. For if you can read this story on salvation and actually believe that it makes sense, and still be convinced in the end that it only shows how God is loving and good, then you truly are a brainwashed individual. It really takes cultic practices and cultic environments to be able to make someone think this way. If anyone knows this story, the whole story as presented here in this piece, and still thinks that God is good and that salvation makes sense, then it is safe to say that even if they are not in a cult, they have been subjected to cultic influences that have zombified their brains.

The 4th Watch celebrates this sacrifice and the resurrection of Jesus on the day that most religions celebrate Easter, though the 4th Watch prefers calling the holiday "Resurrection Sunday", perhaps because Easter pertains more to the Pagan aspects of the holiday. The Philippines is known for having several persons on Easter reenacting the crucifixion of Christ, litterally. Such persons are really tortured by being whipped, and actually crucified, complete with being nailed to a cross. The one exception is that they are not allowed to die. This kind of behavior is absolutely cultic, dangerous, and just plain stupid. It is a perfect example of the unbelievable things that superstition can cause you to do. As far as we know, the 4th Watch does not officially endorse this practice, but being based in the Philippines, and understanding their Pentecostal background, and given what we know about their beliefs and practices, we wouldn't be surprised if several 4th Watch cult members would engage in such behavior. We would like confirmation that the 4th Watch does not endorse this practice, but we will not be satisfied with any statement other than that they condemn it.

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