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Chapter 1: Regulations

Section 1: Intro

Section 2: General Regulations








The Nature of Facts, Beliefs, and Opinions






Third Party Resources

Section 3: Terms of Use

User Conduct



Agreement to the Terms of Use

Section 4: Miscellaneous


Chapter 2: Cults

Section 1: What is a Cult

Section 2: Identifying a Cult

Section 3: Legality of Cults

Chapter 3: The PMCC 4th Watch Cult and the Truth Project

Section 1: The PMCC 4th Watch Cult

Section 2: The PMCC 4th Watch Truth Project

Part 2: The PMCC 4th Watch

Chapter 1: Doctrine of the PMCC 4th Watch

Section 1: Basic Beliefs

Section 2: The Holy Bible

Section 3: Deityship

Section 4: Leadership

Section 5: Apostleship

Section 6: Fellowship

Section 7: Oneness of Truth

Section 8: Salvation

Section 9: Creation

Section 10: Metaphysics

Section 11: The Apocalypse

Section 12: The Fourth Watch

Section 13: Tithing

Section 14: Prayer

Section 15: Ethics

Section 16: Science

Section 17: Geology

Section 18: Medicine

Section 19: Females

Section 20: Sexuality

Section 21: Homosexuality

Section 22: Environment

Chapter 2: Practice of the PMCC 4th Watch Cult

Section 1: Promotion

Section 2: Initiation

Section 3: Training

Section 4: Psychological Programming


Mind Control



Programming in Action

Section 5: Devotion

Section 6: Worship

Section 7: Miscellaneous Practices

Holy Communion

Speaking in Tongues

Secrecy, Mystery, and Deception

Chapter 3: Membership of the PMCC 4th Watch Cult

Section 1: Overall Membership

Section 2: God

Section 3: Leadership

The Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol, the Cult Leader

The Head pastor Jonathon Ferriol

Congresswoman Abigail Faye Ferriol

Section 4: The Followers

Section 5: Membership Summary

Chapter 4: Unbiblical Features of the PMCC 4th Watch Cult

Section 1: False Prophet

Section 2: The Fourth Watch

Section 3: Female Equality

Section 4: A Spherical Earth

Chapter 5: Miscellaneousy of the PMCC 4th Watch Cult

Section 1: Gossip

Section 2: Feelings

Section 3: Summary of the Cultic Features of the PMCC 4th Watch

Section 4: Refuting the 4th Watch Apostle

The Apostle's Claims

The Importance of the Bible

Scientific Verification of the Holy Bible and God

Importance of a Teacher

Qualifications of a Teacher

Proving the Apostles' Qualifications

Proving the Apostles are Sent by God

The 4th Watch Apostle

Our Questions to Arsenio Ferriol


Conversing with a 4th Watcher

Section 5: The Word and Surer Word Magazines

Section 6: Maranatha Christian Academy

Section 7: Conclusion on the PMCC 4th Watch Cult

Section 8: PMCC 4th Watch Locations

Part 3: Watchers of the 4th Watch

Chapter 1: About Us

Chapter 2: Personal Experiences with the PMCC 4th Watch Cult

Section 1: Personal Experience 1

Chapter 3: The Official Anti-PMCC 4th Watch Poem

Chapter 4: Miscellaneousy of the Watchers of the 4th Watch

Section 1: Testimonies from Victims

Section 2: Contact Information

Part 4: Miscellaneous

Chapter 1: After Thoughts

Section 1: For Victims

Leaving a Cult

Coping With Detachment


How to Get Involved

Section 2: Religious Alternatives



Chapter 2: Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter 3: Dialogues

Section 1: Inactive Dialogues

Arguments and Remarks


Reaction to the Official 4th Watch Poem

Response to the Official PMCC 4th Watch Poem by Elaine Medina

Our Response

Section 2: Active Dialogues

Active Dialogue Regulations and Terms of Use

The Forum

Quotes from the 4th Watch Cult Members

Quotes from Arsenio Ferriol

Quotes from Jonathon Ferriol

Quotes from Maritess Ferriol

Quotes from Various 4th Watch Cult Members

Chapter 4: News

Chapter 5: Miscellaneous

Section 1: Articles

Section 2: Mail

Hate Mail

Love Mail

Section 3: Resources


Section 4: Friends

Section 5: Credits
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You can go here for the debates that we have with the 4th Watch cult members.

Reaction to the Official 4th Watch Poem

Our head producer of this project showed the official poem to several 4th Watchers way before this project got started. Unknowingly, it was sent to a youth organization made of mostly kids. It was not meant to be shown to kids, but it actually worked out quite well because we actually got our most interesting response. One of the kids sent us a response also in the form of a poem. When everyone else simply responded with anger or threats, or trying to get the sender banned, this person sent a poem of her own, with reason and sincerity in her writing.

We love seeing and sharing responses from 4th Watchers and we believe in having debates and keeping them fair, so we are showing her poem here. Because she was only seventeen at the time and seemed like a nice girl, and because the author did not mean to send it to her in the first place, he played a good sport and asked her permission to show it, and also with her permission, fixed it up just a bit. Don't worry, the original author also provided a response to hers.

Response to the Official PMCC 4th Watch Poem by Elaine Medina

There comes a time when every soul must be strong,
To fight for what's right and to fight against wrong.

So I reach out to Phillip, against watchers of four,
In your attempt to spread truth, you declared war.

The claims you have made, I want you to know,
Are lacking respect, and this I will show.

You posted a poem with your thoughts and opinion...
Well you do have the right to talk about our religion.

You have the right to like and to hate.
You can argue and complain or firmly debate.

You don't like our faith, the church understands.
You dislike our teachings and many commands.

Still I do wonder, if you fight for what's right,
Why make such a poem that isn't polite?

You sent it to children to read just like me.
Did you know that I am a pastor to be?

We're young and naive but we still have a heart.
We won't fight in this war that you wanted to start.

I offer these words to say sorry to you,
A brief explanation I'll give to you too.

I'm sorry your pastor didn't meet expectation,
If he spread the wrong message about our salvation.

Money won't buy salvation, you're right.
And salaries for pastors are no where in sight.

My mom is a pastor, a loving one too.
She puts up with atheists and others like you.

She is humble and kind, I truly feel blessed.
She receives no such salary, but you could care less.

This comes from a girl you know nothing about.
I can't change your mind or remove any doubt.

If you hated your visits in our church over there,
Please don't bring trouble in our group anywhere.

I'll tell you I'm sorry a hundred more times,
For losing your faith, and your thousands of dimes.

So sick and tired you must be of excuses.
I can't heal the wounds, the scars, or the bruises.

"If this lyric of mine has hurt in some way,
Ponder more closely at the things that I say."

That's what was written in the poem that you wrote,
And these next poetic lines I also will quote:

"I do not believe you all follow these trends.
Some of you I still consider my friends."

If this really is true, can't you at least just respect,
The beliefs that we have, and the things you reject?

Do you know his Sent One, or met him in person?
He has no real home, no apartment, no mansion.

Looking back at my poem, I can surely see,
Your poem was written more beautifully.

But that doesn't matter, what does is my point.
I'm sorry for pastors who would disappoint.

I know you're an atheist who fights for what's true.
But know I'm a Christian who fights for what's true too!

We'll see some day in Heaven, if it turns out there is one,
Who comes out this war smiling, and say that they have won.

Truth is hard to know, just what is absolute.
There is nothing but debate, and nothing but refute.

But for every one of us, who feel so happy here,
The loving and the joy we feel, please don't ever tear.

You can go on with your life, and just ignore us too,
And all that I have left to say is, simply...God bless you!

Our Response

Thank you so much for your poem's reply.
The verses you wrote, I must now defy.

You've read all my verse and learned all my views,
And now I look forward to all my reviews.

I hope it's a poem that everyone loves,
And I am so happy you put on the gloves.

If you show it to kids, do not hold me libel.
My poem's not for children, just like the Bible.

Whether it's God or his son, Apollo or Zeus,
Religion is a form of child abuse.

You're young and naive but you still have a heart.
Then why join a cult that tears them apart?

Like deadly poison from a spider's bite,
Your church is a killer of all that is right.

You say you won't fight in this war I begun,
And I won't be caught in the web you have spun.

Though I call war on religion and cults,
I fight only against their evil assaults.

You told me my poem was lacking respect.
Your church is a sin, what did you expect?

Do you really think I'd act all polite,
When you fight for what's wrong and against what is right?

This war has already been fought for a while.
To sit back and do nothing is far from my style.

If you are going to be a pastor one day,
Please pay attention to the words that I say.

You'll never know what real love is,
If you follow the Bible and do what it says.

No need to be sorry for what others have done.
Their pitiful actions cannot be undone.

But you do have the choice in the path you create.
I hope you choose love, and never choose hate.

I know that your pastors never get paid.
This is more proof of the claims I have made.

The greatest scammer your Apostle must be,
To trick all his subjects in working for free.

If he steals all your money, then he's still just a louse.
It makes not a difference the size of his house.

For many cult leaders, sometimes all they want,
Is power and fame, and the thrill of the hunt.

But as you have said, you are only just kids,
Led by a prophet that Jesus forbids.

Your apostle deceives you with his wicked tongue,
But all the more wicked when he preys on the young.

Your mom is a pastor that deals with my kind,
But she'll never be able to brainwash my mind.

I'm sure your mom's humble and gives love to you,
But suppose you were gay, would that love still be true?

Would she stand with her faith and believe you're bizarre?
Or would she be a real mother and love who you are?

It's true I do not know you, but I do now have a clue.
I know that you're a girl and I give my thanks to you.

Women are very special, now and way back then.
What does mommy think about submitting to your men?

And if somehow you manage to resist the lies they tell,
Would mother worship such a god who'd put her child in Hell?

You see I care about you, I only bring you love.
That is why I fight against your evil god above.

Hatred will become you if this evil you can't see.
There's so much hatred in your cult, that's why I had to flee.

I never gave them money, but I gave them so much time.
But any help one gives them should be treated as a crime.

The more I get to know you, I think you're pretty bright,
So I wonder why a girl like you would join the Christian fight.

You say that as a Christian, you fight for what is true,
But science now and never will support your sacred view.

The Bible that you learn from says our earthly home is flat,
But don't you know that science never once supported that?

But when you Christians know you're wrong, as in a case like that,
You reinterpret all you've read to believe a well known fact.

Truth is hard to know, just what is absolute,
And science is the only way to make it resolute.

Theology will never show you anything that's true.
Science is the only thing that'll bring that truth to you.

You asked that God would bless me and you treat this as a prayer.
You blindly put in all your trust to a god who isn't there.

But it's just your way of caring, and know I love you too,
But I will do much better, for what I believe is true.

Do not trust a fairytale, I think that's rather odd.
The love you get will come from me and not a made up god.

If you really do not want me to tear the love you feel,
Then I expect the same from you, so make the gays a deal.

When gay marriage comes along your way I hope you let them wed.
Instead of tearing down their love, please remember what you said.

I wish your cultic group would think, about all the ones they hurt.
Love cannot be earned when dragging morals through the dirt.

Thanks again for writing back, I hope you write back more.
The more I teach you not to hate, the more I win this war.

I will not stop this movement, I'm more than just annoyed,
And I will always stand for truth, even when your cult's destroyed.

You can see the original poem here.

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