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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PMCC 4th Watch?
The Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) is a Pentecostal Christian religion, cult, and hate organization founded in the Philippines by its leader Arsenio Ferriol. The 4th Watch is also known as a charismatic church and prosperity church. It is this religious cult that is the focus of this project.

This project is dedicated to teaching all about them. A good way to start learning is by going here.

Is the PMCC 4th Watch a cult? What makes it cultic?
Yes, the PMCC 4th Watch church is a cult. As a cult, the church practices highly unusual behaviors and is potentially dangerous to its members and others. Unfortunately, the church has long successfully disguised itself as a legitimate or mainstream religion. It has most of the classic signs of cultic environments, including the cult leader who warns you must pay him money to go to Heaven and avoid Hell, and carrying out various forms of psychological programming, including brainwashing, mind control, dependency, and conformity. Most persons do not realize they are entering or getting involved in a cult when they visit the 4th Watch, and many members never make the connection. This is the organization that the Truth Project focuses on. If you wish to learn more about cults, go here.

Are they unbiblical?
Yes and no. First of all, being unbiblical is not definitive of being a cult, but the 4th Watch does go against the Bible in many ways even though they do advertise themselves as a fundamentalist religion that believes in following the Bible 100%. This is not necessarily a bad thing. The Bible is a web of fiction and immorality anyway, so there is very little value in teaching from it. In fact, because the Bible is so full of incorrect information and immorality, being unbiblical is usually a good thing, and we would encourage anybody in most cases to do things that are not according to the Bible. So just because the 4th Watch does something unbiblical, that does not mean that they are doing something wrong. In fact, by being unbiblical, they are probably doing certain things that are difficult as that can be to imagine.

So yes, the 4th Watch is unbiblical in the sense that they do go against the Bible, but no, in the sense that they do claim to follow the Bible exactly, and let's face it, not a single fundamentalist religion goes by the Bible completely. we're not sure if we'd call the 4th Watch unbiblical or not simply because like every fundamentalist church, they go against a few Biblical teachings. In fact, they're probably close to the Bible enough and immoral enough to be considered at least for the most part, Biblical. But we're not sure that's a label anyone would want.

You can learn a little bit more about their unbiblical practices by going here.

What does the PMCC 4th Watch cult believe?
The Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) is a Pentecostal Christian religion, cult, and hate organization founded in the Philippines by its leader Arsenio Ferriol. The 4th Watch is also known as a charismatic church and prosperity church. It is this religious cult that is the focus of this project.

The PMCC 4th Watch is a religious cult that believes in and worships a deity. Such religious beliefs and practices are based on the Christian religion, which states that God is the creator of all things and that he sent his son Jesus to die for everyone's sins so that they may go to Heaven.

Pentecostalism is a denomination of Christianity that emphasizes a direct personal experience of God through baptism in the Holy Spirit. Pentecostals are already known for their unusual behavior and separation from mainstream Christianity. Such examples would include their speaking in tongues and the majority rejecting of the Trinity concept. As with all cults, the PMCC 4th Watch portrays highly unusual and potentially dangerous behavior. It is not surprising that a Pentecostal church would also be a cult.

4th Watch cult members believe that their leader was sent by God to be the sole authority on Christianity and that he received a special revelation from God as to about the time when the second coming of Christ will be. While disguised as an organization of love, the 4th Watch is a hate organization, which celebrates and promotes God's damnation of homosexuals, heathens, and atheists.

Pentecostal churches are also what are known as Charismatic churches, though not all Charismatic churches are Pentecostal. The PMCC 4th Watch is a Charismatic church that believes its followers can receive gifts from the Holy Spirit through baptism. Such gifts include the ability to speak in tongues, also known as glossolalia, interpretation of tongues, prophecy, healing, and recognition of spirits. Of course, none of these gifts are ever actually received.

The 4th Watch is also a prosperity church, which teaches tithing as an obligation, and preaches that tithing bring awards while not tithing brings punishment. Above all things, the 4th Watch is known for its overly aggressive enforcement of giving tithes, which is giving money to the church. Tithing is preached more than any other aspect of the religion, including salvation.

These are the basic beliefs of the 4th Watch church. To go into far greater detail of all that they believe, you must go here.

Is the PMCC 4th Watch cult illegal?
This is sort of a complicated question. First of all, it's going to depend on the nation where the cults reside, but many civilized nations share similar attitudes regarding the legality of cults.

In most nations, including the U.S.A. and Philippines, cults are not illegal. However, due to the nature of cults, it is quite characteristic of cults to engage in illegal activity, so while cults might not be illegal, the cultic activities of many such organizations are. So while cults in general are not illegal, certain cults might be. In other words, if such cults promote and/or engage in illegal behavior, then those cults may be considered illegal too.

As an example, it is our opinion that the PMCC 4th Watch cult engages in illegal activity and should be considered an illegal cult. The last time we checked, scamming persons out of their money was illegal in most nations. The leader of the 4th Watch cult makes the claim that God appointed him as the leader of the "end times" and he promises everyone that they will go to Heaven if they give him money. It should be considered fraud because he makes such claims without proving them. It is an illegal scam and therefore an illegal cult.

Unfortunately, even though this is the case, most nations do not recognize these kinds of organizations as illegal. There seems to be some sort of loophole that if you call a scam a religion, your organization is protected from criminal prosecution, and is often even given special privileges. Religious leaders know this and can therefore get away with certain criminal behaviors.

As an example, there is little doubt in our minds that the PMCC 4th Watch engages in illegal activity and should be classified as an illegal organization, but because it is also classified as a religion, regardless whether or not it is a cult, it appears that the government allows such illegal activity to continue. The 4th Watch "church" even gets tax deductions. So not only are they protected from criminal prosecution, but are given tax benefits, even though they engage in criminal behavior, all because they call their cult a religion.

We have more to say about the legality of cults. Please go here to read more about this issue.

Who is the cult leader of the PMCC 4th Watch?
The cult leader of the 4th Watch is a man named Arsenio T. Ferriol, a native of the Philippines and fundamentalist Pentecostal Christian. In this particular cult, the official title of this leadership is called the Apostle, though his official title is "The Living Apostle". This apostle, Arsenio Ferriol, fits just about every characteristic of a typical cult leader.

Arsenio Ferriol as the Living Apostle is the supreme ruler of the entire cult. There is no one above him and he does not have to answer to anyone. Arsenio is self-appointed and not elected. He will remain as cult leader of the church until he steps down or until he dies, as he has no term limit and cannot be removed from his position as apostle for any reason. He is a dictator and has the final say on everything within the cult.

In addition to this, Arsenio Ferriol is the one who established the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) religion, and thus, is the founder of this particular cult. It is our belief that Arsenio Ferriol is a scam artist and con-man, preying off the minds of the weak. He is both greedy and power-hungry. He lives a wealthy lifestyle while demanding payments from his followers in order to "allow" them into Heaven, while refusing to pay those who work for his cult. The main objective of his religion is not to teach others about God, but to gain money and power.

Like most cult leaders, Arsenio Ferriol makes a whole bunch of outrageous claims that are obviously of a cultic nature and not at all true. He states that the church of Christ cannot be without a living apostle, and that God has appointed him as the Apostle of the Christian religion, being the next in line to take over the original Christian church since the times of the last apostles in the Bible. Arsenio Ferriol claims that he is the one true teacher, sent by God to establish the one true church. Arsenio says that God has also appointed him as the only one with the gift of understanding the Bible in the way God intended it to be understood. The apostle of the 4th Watch says that he is the sole authority on the teachings of the Bible, and it is only through his teachings of the 4th Watch, that persons can achieve salvation. Basically, he is the Pentecostal version of the Pope. And according to the apostle, even if you believe in exactly the same things as the 4th Watch does, but are not a 4th Watch member, you cannot be saved unless you receive the teachings from him or from another 4th Watcher.

This is only a tiny bit of what there is to know about this horrible man, but these are the basics. We advise you to learn all you can about him and you can start doing that by clicking here. His son is also just as bad and will no doubt take over when his father dies. After you read about the current leader, read about his son.

Where is the PMCC 4th Watch cult located?
The 4th Watch is one of the larger cults that exist in today's world. While they are still small in size, they are large for a cult and do not have only one church in one location, but several churches located in various parts of the world, including Asia, Europe, North America, and even the Middle East, though they are most highly concentrated in the Philippines, as they originated in that country. You can go to this page to see more specified locations. If one of their cultic churches are near your area, you might want to see what you can do to get involved.

What is the PMCC 4th Watch Truth Project?
The PMCC 4th Watch Truth Project is here to expose the truth about the PMCC 4th Watch cult, and was established to inform and warn the public about its highly unusual and potentially dangerous beliefs, practices, and members.

Inside the project, you will mainly find information on the PMCC 4th Watch, as that is the religion that this project is centered on. However, you will also find information on cults and religion in general, not just pertaining to the 4th Watch. What this means is that even if you have no interest in the 4th Watch, you can still learn a great deal concerning religion and cults.

You can learn more here.

Who runs the PMCC 4th Watch Truth Project?
We are known as the "Watchers of the 4th Watch". We are the ones responsible for the "4th Watch Truth Project". Our group is made of victims, ex-members, and concerned citizens of the PMCC 4th watch cult, and such persons and experts of cults and religion in general.

We made the PMCC 4th watch Truth Project to expose the truth about the PMCC 4th Watch cult, and established it to inform and warn the public about its highly unusual and potentially dangerous beliefs, practices, and members. As Watchers of the 4th Watch, this project will help us keep an eye on the 4th Watch and it will make it easier for others to do the same.

Please visit here to learn more about us.

Are you anti-Christian?
The head producer of this project is anti-Christianity, not necessarily anti-Christian, though there are plenty of persons who he is against, this anti attitude is not just towards Christianity, but most religions, including the other Judeo religions like Judaism and Islam. But not every member of this project is against those things. In fact, several persons involved in this project are still Christians in one form or another, but they are definitely anti-4th Watch.

Why should I read this? Why should I care?
Because cults can be dangerous and the 4th Watch is a potentially dangerous cult. You are under no obligation to read or to get involved, but we hope you do. It can help you and those you love.

How can we protect ourselves and our children?
Well for starters, do NOT visit a church that is named "Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch), or abbreviated as "PMCC 4th Watch" or simply "4th Watch". You should also read this project in order to educate yourselves. To have a better understanding about what you can do to protect yourselves from cults in general, please visit here.

I was a victim, how do get involved with your project?
We welcome your willingness to help. You can send us a testimony of your experience as a 4th Watch victim, visit our billboard to engage in discussions, leave a message on our guestweb, submit articles to us, and contact us with any new information you learn about the 4th Watch. You can click here to go to our contact page.

What is atheism?
Atheism is simply the belief that there are no deities. It is a rational alternative to having a religion. You can read more about atheism by clicking here.

What is Humanism?
Humanism is an ideology that rejects the belief in a deity, superstition and the supernatural, while promoting love, peace, and morality towards all peoples. Humanism can be a simple ideology or religion, depending on how you apply it to your life. You can read more about Humanism by clicking here.

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